Finding Ovids? Psilocybe ovideocystadiada

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Finding Ovids? Psilocybe ovideocystadiada

Post by Glen@edot » Fri May 10, 2019 10:34 pm

308F62AA-AE19-462E-A50A-47F919FDBA2E.png (1.36MiB)Viewed 2828 times
308F62AA-AE19-462E-A50A-47F919FDBA2E.png (1.36MiB)Viewed 2828 times
Has anyone ever found Ovids? If so what do you think about this ID? They were found in dyed conifer mulch on Long Island NY. They were first noticed about 1 week ago but I was helping someone else out with an ID based on pictures and was not sure of the species. I’m quite sure of the Genus Psilocybe. I have experience with IDing and finding/fruiting a number of species ( Ps. azeurescens, Ps. Caerulescens, Ps. Cubensis, Ps. Cyanescens, Ps. Galindoii(Mexicana?), Ps. tampanensis (Mexicana?), Ps. weillii (Caerulescens?), maybe some others e.g. Pans, Gyms. But the first pic was a week ago. I told them to spore print them and I thought they were Ovids, but they did not do it. So then today they go back and find what you see in the later pics. I have not seen spores yet but I am still going with the Ovid ID... it matched all the major characters and without microscope work I think it’s a good ID. Any opinions or suggestions? I obviously recommended against injesting it at this point as I have not even seen the spores yet.
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