"Ancient Wisdom"

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"Ancient Wisdom"

Post by minderbinder » Thu Mar 03, 2016 1:07 pm

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UuHrm2 ... qjuYuLBPjp

sorry if this is the wrong forum, then just delete or move it to a more fitting place!

i found this very surprising by trying to watch through the hole series i just discovered, something like the twilight zone, but i had never heard of before.
as i am pretty light headed at this moment i began to suspect this play might have been based on wasson and others - wasn't it around the '50/'60s these people were around. maybe one can enlighten this to an ignorant late born european :)
my english isn't good enough to read between the lines or get the spirit each time, but i wondered if it was all just played or if he really took those mushrooms. in the end, can't it be people didn't think of serving so drastic a fake in 1961? you never know ... :)

edit: oh, just realized i didn't tell you what this is all about, broain, it's an episode of "one step beyond" from around +/- '61, and it's called "the sacred mushroom"
Bhagwan told me not to worry. If i do it'll make me sorry. Alright.

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