USA Mushroom Crop Hits $1 Billion

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USA Mushroom Crop Hits $1 Billion -

Post by Stephen L. Peele » Thu Sep 08, 2011 4:28 pm

U.S.A. Mushroom Crop Sales Top The $ONE Billion Mark!
The annual U.S. Mushroom Report for the 2010-2011 period was released by the National Agricultural Statistics Service, under the U.S. Department of
Agriculture on August 19, 2011. The total 862 pounds of mushrooms produced were sold for just over $1 Billion. The number of growers dropped 35 from the last period, now total only 282. This means the $1 Billion was split between 282 growers! This should make anyone who knows how to grow mushrooms (this gives you a big jump on others who want to get in on this but know nothing about growing mushrooms), think about joining the Independent Mushroom Growers Network (IMGN)....and get their share of this $1 Billion. Many IMGN Members have started their own mushroom business, and there are a lot of family owned mushroom businesses. If anyone needs more information on IMGN, just email me at [][/url] or [][/url] or visit or the “Catalog” on our Main Menu page at The IMGN was created by FMRC back in 1983 to help people expand their mushroom cultivating knowledge and to prepare them for going into the business of mushroom cultivation. Today, the IMGN has over 7,000 Members worldwide. Check it out. Your free choice of $200.00 worth of free Mushroom Spores from the world’s largest bank of its type since 1972, puts you even with your investment right off the start…with all the other free benefits you get, you will be most pleased. It could be something that really will “Mushroom”. Taken from #92 Oct 2011 TMC not yet published. slp/fmrc
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