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Post by oahspe » Tue Sep 18, 2007 5:02 pm

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Post by kedabra » Tue Sep 18, 2007 5:05 pm

this site seems to be advocating various puritanical defences against supernatural sexual assault by incubus /succubus type night spirits. what i was suggesting was that its pretty amazing fun to "get down" with these beings, at least in the psilocybin space, if indeed these are the same entities. a friend of mine described his experience of them on shrooms as "something was trying to hump me".

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Post by oahspe » Thu Sep 20, 2007 4:54 pm

"people talking about the warty green witch and the "youre never going back" thing just reminded me of something that used to happen when i was a kid. i used to meet a hooded green witch, who used to paralyze me, and then take me away from the world, and i couldnt remember what happened after she took me. i also used to hear a strange word, like "wuzuwuzuwuzuwuzuwuzuw" that used to hypnotize me, and it felt like i had a metal cauliflower inside my head, i could bite on it and taste it....kind of reminds me of Salvia now." - kedabra

you posted this in the thread entitled: "Bye, bye Salvia. Hello DMT"... lol! Did this happen as/before you were falling asleep? That would scare the shit out of me! Aside from the experience that I related to you, I am always being chased in my dreams, or out of the blue multiple entities will appear and block the entrance to a cave/alleyway/door etc. I always wake up whenever they touch me or I touch them.

One practice I have found to be helpful is not taking these things too seriously. Also considering that there is enough room in my being to include all entities I may meet or experience, including myself. ( is an informative site which deals with this) The Tibetan book of the dead says somewhere that after death many processions of wrathful/peaceful deities will arise and dissipate if you recognize them for what they are: constructions of the mind. All deities and entities are one in the all.

Also relevant to this discussion, I think, would be the magical/animist practice of communicating with specific spirits & creating servitors/thought-forms. By that paradigm of thought, it would be the responsibility of the respective individual as to what entities they attract or create...

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Post by -SB- » Fri Sep 21, 2007 12:50 am

Bah...all I ever got was an opened eye visual of a gnome winking at me.

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Post by Michaelindigo » Sat Apr 22, 2017 11:06 am

I have been taking 2 grams of little golden teachers via lemontek once a month for a few months now. The first time I tried this method I took 3.3 grams, which was the most intense experience I've ever known. Now, I don't want to get into that at this moment. Like clockwork I always see the cephalopod and insectoids. At one time I seen a Mantid being that appeared somewhat humanoid. It was holding a placard that contained a language which resembled ancient cuneiform. All other times though these entities appear as non humanoid. I usually see cephalopod type creatures with several layers of teeth that rotate very fast. The colors are shimmering metallic hybrid colors. The forms are very intricate, and overwhelming for absorption. I have seen the mechanical legs of insects up close, down to the details of the hairs. In this hyperspacial realm it appears that insects and cephalopods dwell here. In fact, that is all I can really see. I've been scanned before. I also blasted into a digital city where the entities were humanoid and they were pulling things from their mouths, and these objects became things that fortified the city. This continual replication kept occurring and then I lost connection with the realm. I opened a visionary window and willed a re-connection, and at this moment there was a creature much like the sentinels in the matrix movie. This creature had a proboscis that was vibrating fast like a jackhammer. It felt like this entity was probing my 3rd eye. At that point I opened up my eyes and decided to go do something else. My lemontek experiences are very similar in those respects. I will also sometimes see very beast like horned entities, and faces that appear as fierce, or sometimes smiles that seem like evil grimaces. When I first feel the trip coming on I hear noises that remind me of electronic music. The sounds are like high pitched whistles that seem to come to a pinpoint, and then rapidly glitch out. Actual sounds around me will also slow down when this happens. I also see tentacles coming from the moon when I take mushrooms. The last 5 times I have seen tentacles come from the moon. These tentacles move and brush across the Earth's surface like probes.

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Post by sage-borodin » Tue May 09, 2017 9:03 am

I once experienced "shamanic initiation" through DMT
*note: the dose range in this report is highly inflated, there is no reason to ever dose this high*

the first time I used N,N-dimethyltryptamine I smoked 200mgs of translucent yellow crystals on top of a small amount of high-grade cannabis, I consumed it in a single inhalation. I held the hit in less than 5 seconds when the rush began, "I don't believe it!" I kept repeating in my head, "this is impossible".... my surroundings began to quiver and slither apart, faster than anything I had ever seen everything began moving away from everything else in a mash of brilliant color geometric form, and speed, before fully shattering the "reality" in my visual and mental field, it came on like a freight train, I remember thinking "oh fuck! Get this stuff out of me!" And frantically trying to exhale. It was pure terror, I thought "now you have done it! You killed yourself!" After brief mourning at the life I had just departed from I began to pay attention to the present, I remember feeling like I was at the bottom of a foggy mountain with dirt roads, the clouds felt like a domed ceiling, everything was wet, misty, cloudy and rainy, I was overcome with an intense feeling of panic and deja-vu, I felt like a lost child, everything I knew about who I was or my life or earth seemed like a distant dream, like I dissolved out of existence, I interpreted this as dying, I knew that I was dead, and I was emotionally overwhelmed while confronting the event of my death, just like sand slipping through finger cracks I tried to hold onto this all as my entire identity as a human was dissolved, I remembered my name, the earth, my family, who I was, being a human, and life, but like grabbing at smoke, it was futile, all of this slipped away and nearly faded entirely out of my memory, impossible to cling to all this, I had to let it go...I kept thinking "what the fuck was life?" ...I could not tell if I was breathing or not, I would take air in, but couldn't feel it, I began taking in panicked deep breaths, thinking that none of the oxygen was entering my system, then noticed a pain in my chest, a giant mantis like being had its claws in my chest! It proceeded to tear open my chest and stomach removing all my organs and insides, I was about to go into shock when I saw a bright green light flash over my shoulder, it nearly hit me, it then became a beautiful fractal-geometric object, morphing and color changing, at times it was metallic at other times it was a beautiful jewel, and all the while to look into it was to view endless geometric fractal patterns, moving, morphing, and changing color. The mantis then put this object in my torn up body, he began to make billions of these objects, each one unique and radiating beautiful colored light, and the mantoid filled my body with them, billions of them, becoming small as atoms to construct the new insides of my mangled corpse, then I was sealed up and propelled into an orange light where I was resurrected, my conscious-being (soul) was becoming reunited with the physical world ...then I felt as if I was being pushed head first through a thick gelatinous membrane, violent gesticulations of the membrane surrounding me were forcing me through this thing...I was being born...slowly I began to recognize my surroundings, my face still covered in tears, I looked up and saw the branches of a tree in the yard all slither in sinister fashion in from all directions to take place and solidify as the tree in the distance, the world began to slither back into place, most things moved in an elegant liquid serpentine slithering motion, or like the dancing movements of a flame, as the world constructed itself back into the familiar, so did my conscious state and memory, I was still disoriented, and fairly traumatized, I thought I had been gone for millennia, "how long was I gone I asked?"...."about 20 minutes" was the answer ....those who were there said in reality I curled up into a ball and began to cry for 20 minutes, I was wondering why my face was wet, because it felt like I had actually just been through being born, I was still covered in tears...any way the immense deep spiritual and psychological implications of this experience left me for ever transformed, reborn as a new person entirely, it was the single most meaningful thing that has ever happened to me, and changed me in many significant ways, all for the better.

-ibex jol torn-crow
I have shared this report online before, on another site, however, I have been phasing out my digital interactions of this sort, they were being used as tools by my stalkers to spy on me, as well as by other parties with negative intentions for many of the same reasons.

I am reminded of the structure of an atom as a metaphor, you have a positive (and neutral) proton and neutron nucleus, which is orbited by negatively charged elementary particles called electrons, when you become a positive core the negative will be attracted to, and orbit you, it's a perfect metaphor for my situation, a positive core surrounded by the negative...

Back to insectoid encounters in hyperspace , like I.said, I interpret this event as "shamanic initiation", let me elaborate:
Shamanic abilities are generally brought on by a personal crisis, such as illness or sudden shock. Where this is not naturally forthcoming, initiations designed to produce the effects of such a state are used to bring about re-birth as a shaman. The shaman sees through everything, dies and is reborn, suffers the pangs of the world, and sees into its darkest corners. The near-death of initiation is common to shamans the world over and a metaphor for their experiences. Afterwards, they are never the same; everything has changed for them. They have known total knowledge and, to a degree according to their skills and strengths, have permanent access to it from that moment on.
( -shamanism bible; Mathews)
Further example:
The actual initiation can be equally excruciating. Most initiations in most cultures involve a symbolic death and rebirth: the candidate 'dies' to his old identity and is reborn to a new one. Shamanic initiates often experience this resurrection in gruesome ways. When the rai (spirits) make a shaman in western australia, they take him to their home.
'There they cut him up and hang up his insides...his body is dead, but his soul remains there, and on the order of the rai to look steadily at the part hanging up, he recognizes [his organs]. His body is put over a hot earth-oven, with magic cooking stones in it, and covered with paper-bark. The perspiration streams down. The rai replace his insides and close up the flesh. He is told that he can henceforth travel in the air like a bird or under the ground like a goanna...
Stories of disembowelment, dismemberment, and reassembly ( usually with magic stones or crystals inserted into the shamans frame) are best understood in this light.

-Hidden Wisdom: A Guide to the Western Inner Traditions
By Richard Smoley, Jay Kinney; page 161
The initiation is understood as a process of death and rebirth: “first, torture at the hands of demons or spirits, who play the role of masters of initiation; second, ritual death, experienced by the patient as a descent to hill or an ascent to heaven; third, resurrection to a new mode of being – the mode of ‘consecrated man,’ that is, a man who can personally communicate with gods, demons and spirits. For initiatory death is always followed by a resurrection; that is, in terms of psychopathological experience, the crisis is resolved and the sickness cured. The shaman’s integration of a new personality is in large part dependent on his being cured

-Written by Mircea Eliade, the entry for Shamanism in vol. 19 of Man, Myth and Magic
In Shamanic cultures, the shaman plays a priest like role; however, there is an essential difference between the two, as Joseph Campbell describes:

The priest is the socially initiated, ceremonially inducted member of a recognized religious organization, where he holds a certain rank and functions as the tenant of an office that was held by others before him, while the shaman is one who, as a consequence of a personal psychological crisis, has gained a certain power of his own.
A shaman may be initiated via a serious illness, by being struck by lightning, or by a near-death experience (e.g. the shaman Black Elk), and there usually is a set of cultural imagery expected to be experienced during shamanic initiation regardless of method.

According to Mircea Eliade, such imagery often includes being transported to the spirit world and interacting with beings inhabiting it, meeting a spiritual guide, being devoured by some being and emerging transformed, and/or being "dismantled" and "reassembled" again, often with implanted amulets such as magical crystals. The imagery of initiation generally speaks of transformation and granting powers, and often entails themes of death and rebirth.
*in reference to Siberian shamanic initiation*
Often these initiations by either another shaman or the spirits involved a traumatic visionary death and rebirth experience. Sometimes this included a journey to the underworld, meetings with deities and the would-be shaman’s body being dismembered and then put together again. ... -shamanism

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Re: insectoid entities

Post by sage-borodin » Tue May 09, 2017 9:08 am

kedrabra posted:

"Meister Eckart saw Hell, you know what he said? The only thing that burns in Hell is the part of you that won't let go of your life; your memories, your attachments. They burn 'em all away. But they're not punishing you, he said. They're freeing your soul, if you're frightened of dying and holding on, you'll see devils tearing your life away. But if you've made your peace then the devils are really angels freeing you from the earth. It's just a matter of how you look at it. As long as you are afraid of death, the evil demons will torment you, but when you let go and aren't afraid anymore, you'll find those demons to be angels."
-Louis, 'Jacobs Ladder'
This is amazing, thank you for posting it.

It's perfect advice for when one finds suffering in the depths of a DMT flash...

I find that piece of text to be incredibly psychedelic, particularly in relation to difficult DMT experiences.

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Post by Plutarchalitea » Sat Mar 28, 2020 1:03 pm

None that I can recall even on high doses with loss of conscious control, temporary blackouts, and deep shamanic trance I didn't try to enter where I entered a waking dream state and was incapacitated during the dream on the floor.

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