Salvia a cure for lovesickness?

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Salvia a cure for lovesickness?

Post by unsigned_char72 » Tue Nov 01, 2016 6:13 am

Salvia never stops to surprise me! I've found anecdotal evidence that Salvia can cure lovesickness.

In brief the story is: SWIM has a male friend who recently got lovesick because of the unrequited love for a woman he is crazy of.

Unfortunately in the past days the sickness has degenerated into obsession, intrusive thoughts, depression and loss of appetite.

In trying to get relief from psychological pain, SWIM's friend asked to do some Salvia (he's an occasional Salvia user and he already knows it's not an escape drug). Nonetheless, he went into 4 or 5 Salvia sessions over the time of two days with SWIM as sitter (for the records: 1x plain leaves vaped).

On the end of the third session, the subject reported that the pain associated to lovesickness has gone away almost completely. He said like "a weight has been lifted from my hearth". No more pain, no obsessive thinking, and everything lowered down to a baseline (the subject reported he still feel love for the woman, but not as crazy as before).

Now all this is very interesting! Is this only an anecdote? Or that can be turned into a real remedy for lovesicks?

I have a theory regarding the mechanism of action:

Generally speaking, love can be considered a form of addiction, so the cure is expected to be due to the anti-addictive properties of Salvinorin-A (scientifically proven only on rats).

More specifically: consider the role of vasopressin, love and KOR, kappa opiod receptors. It seems that vasopressin acts as a "attachment hormone" in love relationships (study on animals). Vasopressin is also modulated by KOR, so Salvinorin-A, which is a strong KOR agonist, would decrease vasopressin levels making "attachment" go away. I like to think it can "regulate" it, making it reach normal levels. (And btw, you can check Salvinorin-A is actually lowering vasopressin from its diuretic effects).

If this is true (it seems reasonable to me), I wonder if the "cure" is once-for-all, or if Salvinorin needs to be administered constantly.

Also there is another aspect that needs to be investigated: vasopressin acts like that only on males, so the cure is possibly ineffective in females.

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Re: Salvia a cure for lovesickness?

Post by peoploid » Tue Nov 01, 2016 1:02 pm

In my opinion, the only way for salvia to stop lovesickness is if the 'eureka' moment experiences while under salvia can supersede the ongoing pangs of love. (Could be the makings of a good country/western song).
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Re: Salvia a cure for lovesickness?

Post by Metanoian » Wed Nov 02, 2016 11:18 pm

Makes total sense to me! :) It crushes addiction so effectively, and love is an addiction whether we want to admit it or not. It would help lift that depression and emptiness from being away from your lover.

Good medicine :)
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