What does lady salvia look like! ?

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Re: What does lady salvia look like! ? -

Post by PsycheSoldier » Sat May 24, 2008 9:13 pm

Haha I'm glad you like it... I wasn't so happy about it at the time.

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Re: What does lady salvia look like! ? -

Post by theshiftyshaman » Thu Mar 05, 2009 8:03 am

i never see her but she is always there. she is very shy but slightly sinister because we are not used to her world and sometimes she likes to use this against us

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Re: What does lady salvia look like! ? -

Post by Ascended » Thu Mar 05, 2009 6:43 pm

Sally is however she wishes to present herself to you. She can manifest in a myriad of forms and likenesses. The way I had seen her, was as if she was composed entirely of very healing-looking green leaves with vines and with a beautiful shine to her equally as stunning green face. She has a wonderful calm smile. She mostly showed me her upper half manifested form. She is so beautiful. I love her wisdom.
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Re: What does lady salvia look like! ? -

Post by salvialover24 » Mon Mar 09, 2009 1:05 pm

The "feminine" presence is one of the most strange aspect of my experience with the divinorum. It is rarely visual. Just a strong feeling that "she" is there. I have no ideas who she is. I thought, in the beginning, that she could be a memory of my (late) mother, and it is easy, out of the experience to think it is just that kind of hallucination, but during the experience, I always remember to know her very well, and to have always know her, and that she is decidedly not my earthly mother. She does have some motherlike quality, though, like she could be a sort of "universal mother". In some rare experience, she presented herself as the creator and destroyer of realities. In more numerous experiences, she presented herself as the spirit of the plant salvia, or even as the plant itself. Once she told me that animals were just vegetal's pets. In general she communicates without language, and she provides me some suggestions, like "smoke more", "smoke less", "don't repeat what I will tell you", "smoke only the leaves", etc. In one experience, I felt like she was literally the mother of God, and that salvia divinorum was a trick she invented to make it possible for her son to find himself when he lost himself too much deeply in his own creation (!). If I smoke too much extracts, she can appear and stay mute, or even not appear at all. In the best case she delegates her power to some less imposing entities. In some more rare experience she has no gender.
I must precise that I have never had any hallucinations with any entheogens. This is in contrast with my nocturnal dreams (colorful, senseful, very realist and vivid). Once, I take psylocibe mushrooms. Usually I got an interesting consciousness alteration, but never the shadow of a visual hallucination, except for some slight space undulations. Then, by error, I took some salvia. Immediately after, she appeared. I complained about the lack of hallucination. She told me I was "too mature for that" (sic). I still complained, and with a sort of sigh she told me: "do you really want to see what are typical psylocibe hallucinations?". I said yes, and during 20 seconds I did have very nice and funny hallucinations. Then she asked me "do you want to see the kind of hallucinations *I* can provide". I said yes, and ... gosh, that was impressive, but truly indescribable. Like I got all possible hallucinations in an instant. Then she resumes her peaceful and less spectacular teaching.
In one trip, she appeared to be rather angry at me, and during a second I see her as an ugly, yet a bit comical, old witch. Sometimes she *is* the rotating vortex, but mostly she seems independent of the vortex, so that sometimes you can go through, and find yourself on the "other side" even when she thinks you are not ready (moral: go up incrementally). I like her very much. She seems to be extremely kind and thoughtful. And I feel a lot of times she is the one making me (us) forget some metaphysical keys, because, she told me once, the rest of my life could be rather boring if I do remember such keys. She does not like extracts, but she can also (paradoxically) suggest I take them, after taking leaves.
When I am in pain or sad, due to life circumstances, she has a kind of way to go "through me", and I feel like a kind of "divine quality love". Sorry if this seems preposterous. Don't infer I do "believe in her". I am just referring to report of experiences. With our without entheogens, personal experiences prove nothing.
But I surely appreciate her a lot.
The other very strange effect I can live with salvia, (and not with any other entheogen) is the "copy effect" or "The Max effect". But this is out-of-thread. See the thread "The Max effect".

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Re: What does lady salvia look like! ? -

Post by piondeer » Mon May 30, 2011 3:48 pm

SWIM's version looked a lot like the Sun-Maid raisins lady. Same red and yellow colors. She might have even had that sun design behind her. SWIM's not sure if she had a bonnet but she definitely didn't have any grapes. SWIM thinks this comes from his love of Sun-Maid raisins as a kid. He was always eating them straight out of the box before he could even walk. He's sure that lady on the box made a big impression on him. He must have associated it with comfort and pleasure and now it's his icon for those warm feelings.


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Re: What does lady salvia look like! ? -

Post by Jupe » Mon May 30, 2011 11:57 pm

I've never met her....

I really like this story by Kathleen (McKenna) Harrison


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Re: What does lady salvia look like! ? -

Post by metamorph » Tue May 31, 2011 12:24 am

SWIM only has vague memories of the Salvia entity. She is very tall and slim, almost stretching off into infinity. Long, leafy, viney limbs. Mostly green, some orange; pastel desaturated colors dominate. You can't see her face, perhaps she doesn't have one, at least not one that can be remembered. She is a familiar and reassuring presense, there to embrace you in the Salvia realm, but sometimes she scolds, she can be merciless. She can sometimes be seen growing out of a corner of a room, up to the ceiling and spreading out like ivy. These are only vague impressions. But two things SWIM knows is this - the Salvia entity is definitely female, and she is a living, plantlike being.

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Re: What does lady salvia look like! ? -

Post by hekura » Wed Jun 29, 2011 9:03 pm

This is still a good thread.

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Re: What does lady salvia look like! ? -

Post by deezer » Thu Jun 30, 2011 4:39 am

my avatar when i saw it online reminded me of her.....allthough i didnt actually see her face and ever since have just heard her voice

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Re: What does lady salvia look like! ? -

Post by Fourthbracelet » Thu Jun 30, 2011 11:47 am

When I first smoked a 13X extract of salvia I had never heard of the female entity connected to salvia. The trip was very dreamlike, I would say it was exactly like a non-lucid dream except that I was moving around my room and could see my room and knew I was there even though the images of reality I saw were largely overpowered by the not strictly visual impressions in my mind's eye. A large part of this trip involved an impression that I was in a large room like a gymnasium while a woman rather tersely yelled orders to me over the speaker and her orders seemed to have some measure of direct control over my actions. I later read about the female presence often noticed on salvia trips and my source also mentioned that she is sometimes angry and bossy as she was with me. I didnt get the impression that she was malevolent but simply irritated with me and kinda rude. I did not see her at all as my only contact with her was her voice giving orders over the PA. I haven't done it again because it wasn't fun, just neutral, and the lack of lucidity I experienced seems potentially dangerous.

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