Anyone from the old Edot forums still around?

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Re: Anyone from the old Edot forums still around?

Post by peoploid » Wed Oct 28, 2020 5:15 pm

^^ Well put together video dealing with the "wheel" phenomenon as it relates to salvia divinorum. It has some really nice artwork including one or two images from salvia droid.

The presenter goes a little bit into brain structures. He also delves into Buddhism which I also found interesting. I agree with his idea about how important 'movement' is in salvia trips and how it might relate with Buddhist philosophy, but, in my opinion, the wheel is a phenomenon that is more profound than what religion can explain.

I believe that the wheel contains information that is very difficult to extract from our salvia trip memories. It seems to open up a world of inter-dimension-ality that our meager brains try to understand using anthropomorphic explanations. For me, the wheel was a precursor to a kind of leveling-up where I would enter a salvia themed, parallel world where a kind of salvia geometry and pre-configured, embedded salvia mythology operated.

Near the end of his presentation, he gives an account from someone who had a near death experience. This person wasn't a user of hallucinogens, but his experience is VERY similar to a classic salvia extract trip. This alone is worth a viewing of the video.

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