Why is San Pedro legal and Peyote Illegal?

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Re: Why is San Pedro legal and Peyote Illegal?

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Rumpelforeskin wrote:
Sat Oct 22, 2016 10:48 pm
san pedro sucks you have to eat a thousand pounds of it and it tastes so bad it's questionable whether eating it is worth the trouble
Hahahahahha! You suck dude no offense. I ate it too the first couple times I got it and I also suck. I checked out the guide on Third Wave and they were saying you can eat it even though someone on Bluelight said it won't hit you like a brew will and good luck getting a full experience basically. I never ate enough at once for that anyways but I didn't mind the taste.

Also I recently saw someone describing a juice method where you soak it in juice for twelve to twenty four hours. I am gonna try his way but there has to be other ways to juice it too. Also powder methods.

And of course making tea as they have done tradtionally for how many centuries now?

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