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The Rules

Post by cowfodder » Mon Oct 10, 2011 3:17 pm

Here's a quick reference of posting guidelines for our forums:

These forums are for the discussion of plant-based entheogens.

1. A good rule of thumb is: if your post has to do with a material or activity which would be illegal where you live, the post shoud be worded either in the distant-past-tense, or else should be discussed in a clearly hypothetical context.

2. This site is for the discussion of plant-derived entheogenic substances only.

3. Do NOT ask anyone how you, personally, should use a plant or substance, do NOT ask for recommendations on which plant or substance you should use. We cannot provide you with usage advice. You CAN, however, ask and talk about how plant entheogens are used in general, and you CAN ask which plant entheogens others have found useful or rewarding.

4. There is no discussion of synthetic entheogenic compounds.

5. Discussion relating to cannabis is not permitted.

6. Admissions of criminal activity, declarations of intent to commit a crime, or descriptions of recent criminal activity are expressly forbidden.

7. We're here to discuss entheogen theory -- try to keep posts 'timeless and impersonal'.

8. Do not mention or link to specific sources unless in the Vendor's Forum.

9. Do not make direct references to psychoactivity within the Vendor's Forum.

10. Do not use this site to arrange transaction of any material. If you're a vendor or a customer, you may discuss products and services in the Vendor's Forum, but please conduct business at your respective websites.

11. Keep your posts on-topic, and try to keep the flames in the Pit.

12. All new members must have a minimum of 10 posts before they are granted access to the entire forum. This includes certain subforums, the ability to set an avatar, and the ability to PM other members.

13. You must be at least 18 years of age to access the eNet forums. Persons under the age of 18 will be asked to leave until they are of age.
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