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Long strange trip (Amazon series)

Posted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 11:30 am
by sage-borodin
Long strange trip 4 hour Amazon film, it's free to watch with Amazon prime, it's actually really good. Did they section this out into a Grateful dead series? Because that's what it looks like, it's a 4 hour film, but Amazon sliced it into a series, regardless it's really good.

Re: Long strange trip (Amazon series)

Posted: Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:21 am
by sage-borodin
One of the "episodes" detailing the fans as well as Jerry puts an interesting perspective on things which I had not had before. As a fan I almost feel guilty, because as a fan I contributed to putting Jerry into that situation, he worked himself to death, and took on a lot of responsibility for not just the dead but for the entire following and movement, he was forced into a the role of a leader and almost forced into the position of some type of God figure. I understood all this before, however after watching a segment of this film relating to this topic I feel I have a better perspective on the situation. I really wanted to tell trixie garcia sorry, because from her perspective, and having to deal with all that was projected onto her father, a good deal was unfair, and not necessarily at the fault of Jerry himself.

Regardless, the film, the series, what ever you want to call it is amazing. Psychedelics and the psychedelic experience are themes through the entire film, there's even a section where shamanism is briefly compared to the experience of a live dead show.

I had honestly thought that there would not be anything new in this film, and the majority of it was familiar, but it was presented in a way as to offer different or perhaps more in depth perspectives.

I'm glad that owsley Stanley, the bear, was included, however this is the area in which I wish they would have gone into greater detail, the significance of his role as an LSD chemist was gone over fairly quickly, they did detail "the wall of sound" as well as the microphones Stanley designed.

I'm glad that they outlined Robert Hunter and Barlow as lyricists. Hunter is amazing, his lyrics are timeless, and seem to be written in such as way as to become personally meaningful on a very deep level to any individual who hears them, it becomes a personal connection for those individuals, it's as if the song was theirs in a certain way.

They did not talk about Neal cassady enough, though Kerouac and the beats were mentioned. Ken kesey and the pranksters were mentioned, as were the deads role in the early acid test events, though I don't think it was covered strongly enough.

All and all its a great film, I could discuss the dead for hours, but I won't. Any way, I highly recommend this film.