Checkmate, GoDaddy

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Checkmate, GoDaddy

Post by JasonHerbalExt » Tue Jan 13, 2015 9:32 pm

Google has finally launched a domain-name shop, providing a clean and simple management interface that will put it in direct competition with market leader GoDaddy.

Called Google Domains, the service emerged from testing today – and allows anyone in the United States (international expansion coming soon) to register domain names under 80 or so gTLDs from dot-academy to dot-ventures. Domains cost between $12 to $30 to register, and $12 a year to renew.

Notable by their absence are top-level domains that Google itself owns, such as .google. The ad giant was the second largest applicant for new gTLDs, paying $185,000 each for 101 different dot-things ranging from .ads to .zip and pretty much everything in between.

Instead, the gTLDs today listed in Google's domain store are owned by other registries – for example, .builders is owned by Donuts. The shop may well expand one day to include Google's own new top-level domains.
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