Thinking about changing the world in small ways

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Niedkern Knight
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Thinking about changing the world in small ways

Post by Niedkern Knight » Fri Dec 07, 2012 1:24 am

I had an idea, and I wanted to know what you guys think and if anyone would be interested in participating. The idea is to post the inspirational poetry on here in public spaces all over the areas you live. Just print up a few copies and post them to bulletin boards light poles and whatnot all over town or whenever you pass by some place that could use a little wisdom. I feel that there is to much great poetry here being wasted in an echo chamber like environment, and that expressing this wisdom would do wonders to heal ourselves and others. After all writing the message is only half the battle of creation, the other is giving it to the world.
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Re: Thinking about changing the world in small ways

Post by Metanoian » Sat Jan 05, 2013 2:25 am

I'm a quote master. I have an uncanny ability to memorize things I read. I take it upon myself to write poetry and lyrics all over public places. Even taped some stuff to light poles, yeah. :D Might seem crazy, but I know someone read it, and maybe even was inspired by it, or it brightened their day in some small way.

I've been doing this since high school actually. I used to fill the blackboard with poetry or a short story when the teacher was out of the room. I wrote something in every stall in every public bathroom. Every bus or train. Dive bar. You name it. It's a fun little pass time, but beware, it becomes addictive. You'll find yourself not just wanting but NEEDING to write things for others to see. Almost been arrested for vandalism on a few occasions when I was younger. :) Never got into street art or graffiti, but I had a couple skateboarder friends that used to do that a lot. They'd skate all over the place, even down the highway to get under overpasses to spray paint.
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Re: Thinking about changing the world in small ways

Post by minderbinder » Sat Jan 05, 2013 3:26 pm

sounds intriguing, but i wouldn't want to get caught with that - it would be someho embarrassing :)

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but in here
for those with eyes to see

would fit to the "general confusion psycho guerilla phantasy" i have for years now. like in Illuminatus, adding little surreal kicks to prohibition signs and the like :D

but in the end, probably no one will care ... or will anyone? hmm. might be fun anyway
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