"Mushroom Run" Part 7

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"Mushroom Run" Part 7

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Nate, "O.k. my lover."

Sky, "Ugh, you're so dirty. Whatever am I going to do with you?"

They take items out and Nate pulls up to a vacuum machine in a gas station lot. The car is cleaned pretty thoroughly. As Sky is going over the back window with a squeegee, a teenaged boy walks from the store packing a pack of Camels.

Sky, "Hey bro', could you spare a few of those?"

Teen, "A few?"

Nate, "Most people don't ask for a few. What do you want cigarettes for anyways?"

Sky, "I just have a taste."

Nate, "Do you like kind buds?"

Teen, "Yeah, sure."

Nate, "I'll give you a dime bag of the kindest you've ever smoked for five cigarettes."

Teen, "O.k."

Nate takes the envelope from his pocket. He takes a

small bud out.

Nate, "One for me to smoke. Hey handsome, before I give this

fine young lad the last of our nuggets, do you want a piece?"

Sky, "Yeah, sure."

Nate removes another small bud.

Nate, "Here you go. That's pretty fair for five cigarettes."

Teen, "Yeah. Thanks. Hey, you know they got cameras

over here."

Nate, "Oh, no shit. Good eye. Hear that?"

Sky, "What's that?"

Nate, "There are cameras which just recorded my transaction for your cigarettes. I'm keepin' two. Let's split, lover."

The teen looks on with a non-hostile frown. Nate and Sky get in the car and drive off.

Driving on the road yet again.

Nate, "You think he thought we were gay?"

Sky, "I do believe so. Fill some nug into the end of my cigarette?"

Nate does this and also with his own. They smoke pot with the filters on and then finish them as cigarettes.

They pull up to Penelope's place. They go inside. Inside the house, Nate grabs his bags and Sky's. He exits to put them in the car. Sky writes Penelope a note and leaves this on her bed. Nate returns with a bottle of Bully Hill wine.

Sky, "Don't leave her that. She doesn't like wine. She's a beer and whiskey girl. Seriously, she doesn't dig wine. Save it for someone else."

Nate, "Alllrrright. Well, we've got everything. Hmm. Let me take a quick shower."

Sky, "Good idea."

Nate goes in. Sky pops on Franklin's Tower by the Dead. By the time it's over Nate is out.

Sky, "That was fast."

Nate, "Yeah, I caught your vibe. I want to get moving as soon as possible, too."

Sky Goes into the shower.

Nate calls Dane again with the calling card.

Nate, "Hey bro', we're leaving Florida. There's a friend in Atlanta, Georgia who's going to help us with cash. I'll talk to you when I'm back in Buffalo."

Nate makes himself a fat sandwich. Eats it. Makes

another. Sky comes from the bathroom hair up in a bun.

Nate, "Here: eat."

Sky, "Thanks. I'll eat in the car."

Nate, "Did you leave her a note?"

Sky, "Yeah. I said we thank you, you're great. The

key's under the doormat."

Nate looks around the house a last time. They leave the house, Sky putting the key under the matt. They hop in the car and Nate drives away.

Nate drives onto a North Florida highway.

Nate, "Have you called Gwen?"

Sky, "No."

Nate, "Do we know where she lives? Is she going to be

in town?"

Sky, "I have her address. Umm.. we'll see – if she's

there. She will be. I can feel it."

Nate, "Sky, this is screwy."

They pull over at a gas station and fill up. Sky comes back from paying with two chocolate bars. They pull off, then Nate notices something.

Nate, "What?"

Nate pulls closer. There are big signs saying: "Tax Free Reefer"

Sky, "Must mean something else. Let's get pictures."

Nate, "Yeah."

They get out and take seven pictures: two of Nate below the sign, two of Sky, and three of the sign itself. They laugh, get in their car and drive off. Sky drives.

It gets dark while Sky is driving on the highway.

The Rolling Stones play on the radio. Nate picks up

his other cigarette off the dash and lights it. As he

finishes it, they pass a gas station on the other side of the divided highway.

Sky, "We need gas." He pulls around at the next U-turn cut.

Nate, "Oh, I forgot to tell you, I have about four dry

ounces of mushrooms in my sleeping bag."

Sky, "Oh, shit."

They pull up to the pumps. They pass a father and son with crew cuts who are in a shiny white pickup truck. They look at Sky and Nate with evil eyes.

Sky pumps; Nate sits in the passengers' seat. He observes that the "rednecks" don't take their eyes off of Sky except to look at him. Sky returns to the car with a large coffee.

Nate, "Hey man, did you see the rednecks."

Sky, "Yeah."

Nate, "They didn't take their eyes off of you the whole time you pumped and paid, except to glare at me."

Two black men pull up next to the station wagon in a nice white, 1960s Chevy Impala. One gets out; the windows of their car are down.

Sky, "Hey, that's a sweet car. What year?"

Black Man, "It's a '68."

Sky, "It's amazing how well southern cars hold up."

Black man, "Where you'all from?"

Sky, "New York."

Second Guy in the Car: "Those crackers are lookin' at us funny."

Sky, "They've been looking funny at us, too."

Black man, "Don't pay 'em any mind. Or wait, let's

freak 'em out. I can't call my girl's house after 9 o'clock. You call for me. Those crackers are gonna wonder why some black man just pulled up and gave a Yankee hippie brother his cell phone to use."

Sky, "O.k."

Sky is handed the phone.

Sky, "What's the number?"

Black man, "555-2463. Ask for Janice."

Sky, "Hello, is Janice in? This is Sky."

Sky puts his hand over the mouth piece.

Sky, "Where does she work?"

Black man, "At a law firm."

Sky, "I work with Janice. I forgot some papers today and was wondering if she had copies… Thank you. …Hello, Janice? …It's Sky. …Yes, my name is Sky. …Here's someone who would like to speak with you."

Sky hands over the phone.

Nate notices, as do all four men, how intently the rednecks stare.

Black man: "Hi baby. That was Sky, he's a hippie from New York. Let me tell you about it… we pulled into this gas station.."

Sky, "Well guys, we're going to hit the road. Peace."

Nate, "Peace."

Black man, "Peace."

Second Guy in the Car: "Peace."

Sky drives out of the parking lot and looks at the "rednecks" a last time. He turns right, goes down to the next U-turn cut and pulls onto the Northbound highway.

Inside the car,

Sky, "That was amusing."

Nate, "Yeah, fuckin' hilarious anticipating the end

scene of Easy Rider."

They are in the car on a highway passing through Atlanta. There are Churches and tall buildings, some under construction. There are hills.

Nate, "Ahh, hills."

They bring the car into a commercial district of North Atlanta.

Sky, "Well, this is North Atlanta. She lives nearby.

Let' stop at the Waffle Shop and get directions to her


Nate, "Great, I need to pee."

Inside the Waffle Shop. Nate goes to pee. He has his knapsack on. When he re-enters the sitting area, he sees Sky at a table with some older folks of the hippie persuasion. He sits down.

Older man: "..so you turn right at the giant rooster and head straight until you see Excelsior Apartments on the left. It'll be a small sign. It's about a quarter mile after the second bridge you'll pass."

Sky, "Thank you. Good night."

Nate, "Thanks."

Sky pulls into a closed grocery store lot and up to some phones.

Sky, "I'm going to try calling her."

He gets out and does this. Nate stretches beside the car. A police car drives past. Then another one. Sky puts down the phone.

Nate, "No answer?"

Sky, "Nope. We'll try her house. Maybe we'll just have to wait until morning."

They get in the car and come to Excelsior Apartments. They turn right and ride around.

Nate, "These look nice. What does she do?"

Sky, "She's an investor for a major company; I forget the name."

They drive more.

Sky, "342. This should be it." Sky parks and gets out. He climbs stairs and returns.

Sky, "She didn't answer. But don't worry. I'm sure she's just sleeping. Let's just park and get some rest."

Nate, "Hope you can sleep around the roars of my belly."

Sky, "You're right. Penelope's spoiled our stomach space. There was a Dominos out on the main road back there. You up for some dumpster diving?"

Nate, "It beats eating at a homeless shelter."

Sky gives a wry, self loving grin.

They pull out of Excelsior Apartments onto the main highway.

Sky, "Hmmm, there's an all night diner right next to the Dominos."

Nate, "I want pizza."

Sky, "Me too."

Sky pulls up to the dumpster. He gets out and climbs in. Nate sits with the passenger door open, his legs on the ground. Sky comes back triumphant with two pizza boxes.

Sky, "This one's a full pizza, but it's got sausage on it. The other is cheese, but there are only three slices.."

Nate, "One piece will hold me till morning."

They eat their pizza.

Sky, "Hmmm, I think we should take the sausage with us."

Nate, "Do you know how bad you'll feel if you eat pork?"

Sky, "I can pick it off."

Nate, "Still, the grease, the residue of dead pig in

your bod."

Sky, "You're right."

Sky gets out and hurls the pizza box back to the

dumpster. He gets in the car and pulls out onto the

road, then turns tightly into the parking lot of the


Nate, "What are you doing."

Sky, "Hold on."

Sky gets out and goes in. He returns with a wrapped

item and large drink.

Sky, "One piece isn't enough; you need this."

Nate, "Thanks."

It is a bagel with crème cheese. The drink is


From inside the car Sky sees the sign for

Excelsior Apartments. He turns the car into the complex.

He parks in front of Gwen's apartment. He burps. Nate drinks loganberry. They recline in their seats and doze off.

With early morning sunlight beaming down onto them, Sky's eyes flash open. Gwen is approaching from fifteen feet. She opens the door of the car and lays her arms around Sky.

Gwen, "I looked out my window this morning and saw this strange car with someone in it who looked like my friend Sky. Haha. Hello darlin'."

Gwen looks to Nate. His eyes are open. He looks very


Gwen, "Well, come on up. You, too, Long John Silver."

Sky, "This is my good friend Nate. Nate, this is Gwen. I've known her since high school; we met in the lunch line."

Nate waves.

They walk up the steps to Gwen's apartment. A dog of

mixed mastiff lineage greets them halfway. Nate pets him.

Gwen, "That's Jim."

Her apartment is clean, bright, on the third story, with a balcony.

Gwen, "So, I'm working this deal with this major

computer programming company. We're trying to bring

400,000 jobs to Jamaica. The programmers in Jamaica

will be updating files for AT&T. After a week of

negotiations, the chief man in charge, the president

of this computer company walks into my boss's office

and tells him outright this deal will fly if Gwen

Pressing is in charge. But he won't do business with

anyone else. Pretty impressive, huh."

Sky, "Gwen, you're amazing."

Gwen goes into her kitchen and starts scrambling eggs.

She purrs looking at Sky. Nate turns his head toward her, expression unreadable. She toasts bread, butters it and pours orange juice.

Gwen, "Nate, go have a seat."

Nate walks over to the couch and sits.

Gwen, "Who wants salsa on their eggs."

Nate, "I would."

Gwen, "So you do talk about food, anyways.. hee hee."

Sky looks at Nate and smiles.

Gwen brings into the sitting room two plates and hands

one to each.

Nate, "I would be interested in talking about this deal you've arranged. When will the stocks go public? How much per share?"

Gwen: "They should go public in December; they'll be around $25 a share to start."

Gwen brings three glasses of orange juice balanced on

her plate of food. She hands these outs, sits and starts to eat, but then looks at her dog. She sets down her plate and goes back to the kitchen to open a can of food for him. Then she returns and eats. Sky is eating slowly for a change.

Gwen, "We expect the shares will double within three months."

Nate expresses a tired expression and looks at his plate. He scoops some eggs and salsa onto a piece of toast and eats it.

Nate, "I'll buy forty or fifty shares."

Gwen, "O.k., I'll let you know."

Gwen sets down her plate and puts on a CD. Phish plays

"Bouncing 'Round The Room."

Gwen, "So, what are you doing for money, Sky?"

Sky, "Well, we came south three weeks ago to pick

mushrooms. It's been a pretty successful harvest. We

have about ten pounds."

Gwen, "Oh my god, you have mushrooms! I love you guys!

Holy shit, I've got to go to work. Let me eat one."

Nate, "O.k."

Gwen, "A big one."

Nate has finished his food. He takes the plate to the sink and looks at Gwen and Sky.

Gwen, "I want to trip hard with you tonight."

Nate jaunts outside, into the car. He pulls a plastic bag of dried mushrooms from his sleeping bag and tucks it back together. He puts the mushroom bag into his knapsack. As he does this, he hears Phish playing

"Bouncing 'Round The Room." Nate stands up and looks around at the apartments. The sun is shining beautifully. His view is through a superimposed salt water reef. Translucent fish fly, coral seems to grow

on the buildings. Things shimmer.

Phish: "..I see them through a crystal haze and hear

them bouncing 'round the room, the never ending coral

maze [HEREUPON Nate sees a maze of coral in the

distant buildings] – the crystal haze and hear them

bouncing 'round the room; the never ending coral maze.

Then before and now once more I'm bouncing round the

room. Then that time/a lifetime bouncing 'round the


Back inside Gwen's apartment…

Gwen, "If I trip on one mushroom now I'll still be

able to trip later today with you two?"

Sky, "You'll just have to eat a little more."

Nate has a Cheshire grin on his face. He sits on the

chair Gwen sat on to eat and pulls out his mushrooms.

He opens the bag and holds it out a little for her to

look at. He selects one, then another. He offers them.

She takes them. He offers her the whole bag.

Gwen, "They're so beautiful. This one is nice." She

mouths it somewhat suggestively looking directly at


Gwen to Nate: "Thank you."

Nate raises his eyebrows. He is perhaps mock

breathless as he says-- "Enjoy."

Nate turns to Sky and smiles a bright eyed grin.

Gwen finishes the stem of the mushroom, drinks the rest of her orange juice and focuses on them.

Gwen, "O.k., I've got to go to work. I'll be back by

between 5:45 and 6:30. Traffic, you know. Help yourselves to

anything around. Besides that computer I have a lap

top in my bedroom. There's some pot and a pipe in that

wooden box on the shelf. Leave me just enough for two

bowls. Ta ta."

And she leaves. Then she returns and looks at Nate. He

looks back at her.

Gwen, "Your nose has been blown." She looks vaguely

at Sky.

Gwen, "See ya."

She leaves again.

Nate, "Does my nose look broken to you?"

Sky, "No. I don't think that's what she meant."

There is silence.

Sky, "I think she meant all you know is blown – your

nose/knows – broken or has been reshaped - by meeting


Nate, "Oh. That seems kind of weird to me."

Sky, "She is different. But I respect her a lot; more

than I do most people."

Nate gets up and puts on a Dick's Picks Grateful Dead

CD. He walks around the room. Ripple plays. He looks

at art objects an at books.

Nate, "She has some nice books here." He leafs through


Sky, "What does she read?"

Nate: "I don't know… There are a lot of philosophy

books. Some nice art books. This one is. Some specific

to certain living artists. Nice books of gardens, a

phat dog book."

Nate goes onto the porch. He sits cross legged and

meditates. His thoughts are swirling in richly detailed imaginations -

thinking of Sky and seeing him red, sunburned. He

imagines a pool of water falling onto his friend, pools collect around the water-colors-impressionist vision of Sky. Clay pots spin up from the floor as though spun on a potters' wheel. Fish leap out of the pots into which water has collected and as these fish fly over Sky, they drop ribbons over him. On each ribbon is a Message.

Nate pictures his father baking bread, his mother holding a young plant. He pictures Jim the Mushroom Magician older, but eating honey from a jar with a long spoon. He pictures Justin dead on a table of

cocaine, his eyes rolled back and blood dripping from his nose. He pictures a lake. Then he pictures Theresa floating above the ground in a forest; whichever way she looks, the objects in her field of vision start to glow. Theresa has blue and green ribbons in her hair.

He pictures Gwen with green and blue ribbons in her hair, but the image distorts. Next he sees Gwen on a dock on the ocean. There are small green dots, vertically arranged in threes floating in the air. Close ups of the green dots reveal them to be buzzing slightly; one, then another, spirals out into a hundred dollar bill and back into a green

dot. The full form of Gwen is seen again. She is on the dock; the angle expands to show more of the the water; there is a mountain in the ocean. Nate sees a maze of translucent columnar cacti, beyond them is a hut with a porch; the man on it wears a red t-shirt; his face

cannot be made out clearly but his hair and facial shape can. Nate sees a blue sky with white clouds and the golden stencilings of rotating mushrooms; his gaze falls to a pool of water in a stream – he is alone in it, then an orb figure, glowing, much like a tinkerbell appears behind him. The tinkerbell is enveloped in orbs which are also mosaics of discrete film pictures. Through the holograph mosaic she is searching for a suitable female mate with whom Nate can bond as One. This One will be one with whom he is particularly suited to worship Life. He knows prescience is in play. Then, in a descent from rapture, he sees the tarpaper of Gwen's balcony. Gwen. Gwen? No, obviously not. But something about Gwen all the same.

Nate rolls his head twice, gets up and goes inside.

Sky is on the couch sipping a glass of red wine.

Nate, "Wine?"

Sky, "Mmm-hmm."

Nate takes out his notebook and sits next to Sky; he begins writing.

A minute passes.

Nate, "What kind of pot does she have?"

Sky, "Total dirt-weed shwag. Stuff you won't smoke."

Nate gets up to look; as he crumples some of the compressed brown crap in his fingers Sky speaks, "I took two bowls worth and flushed it down the toilet; just so she might notice some gone and not be offended."

Nate, "Hmm. Yick."

Nate sits back down and writes more.

After a little bit, he goes over to the computer which is on a desk

in the small room/hall adjoining Gwen's balcony. Sky is reading a book, The Diaries of a Geisha. Time passes marked by Nate's keyboard strokes.

Gwen opens the door and comes in brightly.

Gwen, "Miss me?"

Sky, "I couldn't find a moment's contentment."

Nate, who has been so far looking at something on the

screen looks up and waves to Gwen.

Gwen, "Gods above, but today was fun. I actually saw

visions and glowing colors. I kept picturing my

co-workers as different cartoon animals, but the

cartoons were very intricate – from gothic foxes and

wolves to X-men style and some dopey, sneezey and doc

shit around the fuddy duddy dudes who are too shy to

talk to me about anything but work. I got lost

whenever I started doing paper work. But that was fun,


Gwen has gone to the fridge and pulled out margarita

mix. She makes herself a tall glass, not skimping on

the tequila.

Gwen, "What have you guys done?"

Sky, "Rested, read, listened to music, smoked. Nate's

been writing a lot in a notebook, and he's been on the

computer for the last two hours. It's been nice to

have a day to just rest."

Gwen, "You been downloading lots of porn, Nate?"

Nate, "Mmmm, I haven't gotten to that yet."

Gwen, "Seriously, what have you been reading online?"

Nate, "Philosophy, history, a few opinion forums."

Gwen, "I have lots of philosophy and history books."

Nate, "I know, I've looked through them."

Gwen, "But the internet allows for quicker cross referencing."

Nate, "Yeah."

Gwen, "What kind of histories?"

Nate, "Mostly I was looking through different

philosophy texts, cross referencing, but as far as

histories go, I was into German occult – the Thules,

Teutons, Rosicrucians. But of course each reference

leads me to branch out into myriad directions of

culture and philosophy. I was just researching for

comparative background resonance."

Gwen, "Don't go off into myriads of resonance with me,

I need something I can focus on a bit. Who's the

coolest German mystic?"

Nate, "Oh I couldn't say. I don't know much about

German mysticism. I was researching the Thule and

Teuton cults because I thought they were self

aggrandizing and wrong headed. They drew from a lot

from other good mysticism which we're more familiar

with – Zen, Hindu, Sufi, Chi Gung, Christian, a lot of European Folk. But they used these powers towards maximizing their own power

for evil, to dominate and subdue others. They didn't

support diversity nor dissent. They were the forerunners of the

Nazis. They may have had their own peculiar dark magic

which gave them special powers. I'm not sure what

those might have been. This research just started from

a tangent. If you go chasing rabbits, then you ought

to know.. "

Gwen, "Where the beef is. Rabbit is stringy, tasteless

shit; give me the beef, Nate."

Nate, "Umm, the Rosicrucians are a German Christian

cult interested in the evolution of people through

dialogues with transcendent God. They're big on

mind/body healing of all people. I'm actually good

friends with a German Count who is Rosicrucian. He's

a great fellow. How about a French mystic? Have you

heard of the noosphere?"

Gwen, "Yeah, the web of thoughts which surrounds the

earth; communication clouds? A little. Who invented


Nate, "Well, Gaia, the spirit of earth invented it.

The noosphere is a big part of the goal of evolution,

which is to spread Consciousness into all matter,

throughout the Universe. We're just the beginning. And

we're not slaves to it, but hopefully willing

participants. God is as joyful as they who comprise

him or her. Most transhumanists are pretty happy, fun

loving people. But, uhhh, the man who first called it

the noosphere and set down the basis for the theory of

this collective conscious was a Jesuit priest named

Peirre Teilhard de Chardin. He is greatly referenced."

Sky, "That reminds me of what Bob was saying in the

restaurant. This brother from Tallahassee, Bob, met us

at a bar, fed us, invited us to an incredibly awesome

party, took us good places to pick, picked with us and

gave us all he gathered. He had this great rap about

how the psilocybin molecule is such an excellent

catalyst of collective consciousness. Because of the

immense information it makes available, one can tap

into Other mind and kind of summon Gaia to interact

with you, forming tighter knit communities who wish to

steward the earth."

Gwen, "Oh, come on Sky, we've always known that.

You're a Hindu for Christ's sake. Of course we're

swimming in a sea of consciousness. Christ used the

metaphor of the fish. There are intelligent thought

patterns in waves all over. The internet and

satellites are probably just making the frequencies

stronger. I read people's thoughts a mile away. Other

people's thoughts shape our reality as much as our own

do any day, whether we realize it or not. I mean, I

know psilocybin does amazing things for the quality of

the imagination, so it's easy to become reverent about

it, but there's nothing really new under the sun. No,

I take that back. Have you heard of Rupert Sheldrake's

Morphogenic Fields? He has done tests where he studies

three populations of a certain species of wild mouse.

He doesn't use white mice because they've been

genetically tampered with too much already. He bred

two initially separate populations of a particular species of wild mice in one building, in separate rooms. He bred another in a

separate facility. And he bred populations of the

first two also in separate facilities. When mutations

started cropping up in one batch, those from a distinct

population in the next room started mutating. While

the other members in separate facilities didn't.

Evolution therefore seems to work on transdimensional

levels, not just genetically. So thoughts will cause

our bodies to evolve. There's possibly a lot new under the


Nate, "Hmm, well, that's an interesting adage to chew

on, whether there's anything new under the sun. There

will be, but a lot of rules and principles do remain

the same. But that's hefty inneresting what that fellow did with transdimensional genetics in mice."

Gwen, "For sure."

Nate, "I'm reminded of what Bob Dylan sang, 'The rules of the road have been lodged, it's only people's games you gotta dodge.' You mentioned

how we were becoming better stewards of the earth,

Sky. I think that's always been our goal, since the

days of Nebbechuneezer and before. We always support

the strong and eliminate the weak. Many times we've

been misguided. Something has changed because of

psychedelics. We do realize more so now our loveliest

capacities; but shouldn't we retain our cunning and mistrust? Sometimes the demon is necessary to make us stronger in our virtue, or as Nietzsche was keen to point out,

the most loathsome element, which we'd like

eradicated has how many times led to the finest

benefits - inadvertently? I think certain levels of government – the

shadow government – are acting on this knowledge.

They're aware that vast portions of the population

can't handle psychedelic power. But for those who

would, there must be certain harrowing but ultimately

evolutionarily advantageous trials. It's a game of how

connected you can be. How well you can stay on your

toes? What good is a population of blessed out people.

Perhaps devotion to ideals and art can only go so far.

Do you know your supplier? How telepathic are you to

smell a rat or see a cop? Can you be a hawk and a dove

at the same time? Can you be a shark and also a

dolphin? The cruel game of survival of the fittest is

built into we humans as well as Machieveli could hope. The governmental situation increases the complexity for those who would try to infiltrate it, and makes for stronger, more agile survivors."

Gwen, "Let's say that like with Fox Mulder in the X-Files, a certain prevalence of suspicion is a species wide good thing in case - in case of alien contact or dealings with any other secret society. Cunning and mistrust can't be done away with by a blessed out populace. Fairy tale utopia wouldn't work when it came down to it. But I don't think psychedelics are illegal here because of a Darwinian game transaction. I think people in legislation just erred on the side of caution to protect us."

Sky, "Agreed. We'll watch our backs."

Gwen, "Fox Mulder is delicious. What do you think Scully would say if he and I sat down to scarf up the whole bag of mushrooms?"

Sky, "I think she would say that it wasn't good science. You'd be overloaded by two ounces; well, an ounce by yourself."

Gwen, "That was foolish what I said about there not being anything new under the sun. I take that back. This sub-paradise, Earth, is ever taking us onward to new coordinates of interaction in horizons of revelation. There is so much richness for co-mingling and sharing. We human souls are novelty agents on this horizon. Natty, how much did that big mushroom I ate weigh?"

Nate, "About a gram and a half."

Gwen, "That little bit fueled my Earthly mind to glimpse the plasma of Heaven-Mind."

Nate, "You believe in an afterlife?"

Gwen, "Most definitely. When this mortal coil expires on me, my mind, my spirit are going to spiral up to merge closer to God and his angels."

Sky, "Right then. Eat about three or three and a half grams for our trip tonight."

Gwen, gently chiding: "Right then." She pauses

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