"Mushroom Run" Part 5

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"Mushroom Run" Part 5

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Smokey, "There's a great health food store up the street a bit."

Outside the health food store. The three groove to Grateful Dead on the radio for a moment before locking the car and going in.

Sky, "Mmm, these breads look fantastic. Try this hummus, Natty."

Nate, "Mmm, lets get two of those."

Smokey, "How about some oranges?"

Nate, "Yeah, grab a bagful. I have some vitamins in the car if you need some."

Sky and Smokey eye the delicious produce. Nate goes into the supplements section.

Clerk, "Anything I can help you with?"

Nate, "Pyroglutamic acid? It's an amino acid found in high concentrations in fish. It has powerful neuro-regenerative powers. Taken with acetylcholine and DMAE it has been shown to increase the numbers of acetylcholine receptors in the brain – memory

receptors. It may also aide myelin sheath growth."

Clerk, "I know we don't have those. We should, though. We do have Lion's Mane mushroom, which has been shown to facilitate myelin growth. You're not the first person to inquire. I could look into ordering some for you."

Nate, "Oh, I'm just passing through town. Pyroglutamic acid is great – in fact they use it in parts of Europe to treat sub-normal children. It's fantastic in normal people as well. But the stuff to get is Piracetam and Lucidril. You can order those from Europe. They are

derivatives about 4oo times more potent. I've used them when in school, and found the memory enhancing effects to be astounding. They're very safe – indeed, life prolonging. Rats given these substances have

lived three to four times longer than usual."

Clerk, "Hi, I'm John."

Nate, "I'm Nate."

John, "I've tried some of those smart drugs." He whispers: "They're incredible." In normal volume: "It's too bad that European companies own the patents, so there's no incentive for US drug

companies to push for FDA approval. But at least we can get them from Europe. I just got a three month supply of Piracetam and Centrophenoxine in the mail this week from Great Britain. I took a high level 'attach dose' the first four days and can already feel


Nate, "What are you noticing?"

John, "Better neuro-muscular control, heightened alterness. My memory is reinventing itself to store information better. It feels like my semiotic chora is working independently for my conscious imperatives. I

can see why so many Europeans take these enhancers!"

Nate, "You won't need to take them forever. It may even be redundant to take smart drugs for a long time. They do their job and then you're improved. Just take them occasionally for repairs and enhancements to the system."

John, "When you took it, and then stopped, you noticed a continuation of effects with no distinct come down?"

Nate, "Yeah - exactly. Another one which I haven't tried is hydergine. It is said to be remarkable. It's an ergot derivative."

John, "Well, coming from that family, I'm not surprised that it is. Is it like it's more illustrious cousin?" John smiles. "That one's the ultimate smart drug."

They exchange a knowing smile.

Nate, "In some, much milder ways, I believe hydergine is; but it affects you through boosting the physiological systems; but I haven't tried it yet."

Sky, "Nate, you about ready?"

Nate, "My friends are ready to go. Have a beautiful day."

John, "Thanks. You too."

They pay for their items and leave the store.

Nate drives as the other two start eating.

Smokey, "Here, for the driver." Nate is handed an avocado and hummus sandwich.

Getting onto the highway ramp. It is mid-day.

They stop for gas. Sky pumps. Nate goes in to pay and returns.

Sky, "Bro', how much money do we have left?"

Nate counts and laughs.

Nate, "$75."

Sky, "Shit, and we're going to have to put another tank full in the car before Tallahassee."

Nate, "Yeah, we're going to have to sling some of those fresh mushrooms once we get to Tallahassee."

Arriving in Tallahassee. It is evening. Sky is driving. They drive through town and ask a young couple where they might find a hippie bar.

Sky, "Excuse me, we were hoping you might be able to tell us where a hippie bar is?"

Girl, "Oh, I don't know."

Boy, "The Deck is down on Warehouse street. They play a lot of Allman Brothers and Phish. Turn left, take this street down to Maple, turn right on Maple. Turn left on Bronte, Bronte will take you to Warehouse.

Turn left again"

Sky, "Thank you."

They follow the directions, find Warehouse Street, but no bar. They proceed down a ways see some heads and inquire where college town is.

Sky, "Hey kids. We just got into town. Can you tell us where the college part of town is?"

Head, "Yeah. There's a reggae festival happening tonight. Turn around, go down to Bronte, turn right. When you hit Maple, turn right. Take Maple down to Main and turn left. You'll see all the people. Have


Sky, "Thanks."

We see the car at Maple and Main. They turn left. Soon there is a plaza with booths and music, people are dancing. They pull up and park behind a police car. The boys look at each other for a lingering moment inside the car.

Nate, "Shit, Sky, couldn't you find a different place to park?"

Sky, "No, bro'. The street is pretty full. There are no cops in sight. Just lean over and fill three zipper bags with produce. We'll carry them in backpacks."

Nate does so. They exit the car and head out. It is a one block walk to the festivities.

Nate and Smokey and Sky survey the scene. Drums are going and people are dancing. There are at least seven hundred people in the city park.

Smokey, "Bloomers. Bloomers! Lively up yourself with fungi!"

Youthful Dancer, "Careful man, there are cops in the crowd."

Smokey, "Do you need any?"

Youthful Dancer, "How much?"

Sky and Nate make their way through the crowd, nodding their heads to the music and to each other. They pass by the vendors, noticing African-Caribbean art wares. There are not as many people in their desired demographic as they'd like.

Sky, "I don't know about selling here, man."

Nate, "Yeah, I know, this is pretty mainstream."

They walk a bit.

Sky, "Fungus. Mushrooms!"

People of the desired dress code turn their heads to look, but continue on.

Nate approaches an older male head with long beard and long hair.

Nate, "Hiya, would you like to feed your head on some fungus?"

Older Head, "I'm doin' alright, thanks."

Nate returns to Sky.

Sky, "This just isn't happening for me."

Nate, "Let's see how Smokey is fairing."

They make their way to Smokey, who is dancing to reggae vibes.

Nate, "How goes it?"

Smokey, "Just sold that one bag. $20. Mostly there're yups and tourists here. Two people asked me if I had any nugs."

They all three make their way around the stage.

On the Northern Side of the stage on a sidewalk, Sky, Nate and Smokey are ambling about. The older head Nate spoke with approaches them.

Older Head, "Yeah, this is a medley of people. If you have goods to sell, you might want to check out The Deck Bar over on Warehouse. I think there's a Dead cover band playing tonight."

Sky, "Yeah, we're new to Tallahassee. When we first arrived, we got directed there, but couldn't find it."

Older Head, "Take Maple to Bronte, left on Bronte, right on Warehouse. It's about a mile down."

Nate, "Oh, we turned left on Warehouse."

Sky, "Do you know of any good fields around here?"

The older head's wife laughs.

Older Head, "I might try, if I were you, along the Suwannee River. Any number of cow pastures."

Older Head's Wife, "But you should be able to find lot's of kids at the Deck tonight who can help you."

Nate, "Thanks. We'll try there now. Would you guys like some fresh mushrooms for your heads?"

Older Head, "No, that's o.k., I grow my own."

Nate, "Nice."

The three get into the car.

Driving down Warehouse Street. A few moments of seeing them crane their necks at buildings. They find The Deck Bar and pull in the parking lot.

Sky, "This is it."

They get out and enter the building.

They look around and order beers at the bar.

Nate, "Is a Dead cover band playing tonight?" Nate asks the bartender.

Bartender, "Star Clusters plays a lot of their own music, but I bet they'll play a few Dead covers tonight."

Nate, "How much is it?"

Bartender, "Five dollars apiece."

Sky is talking to a group of girls who are playing pool.

Sky, "Hey, is this band tonight good?"

Girl one, "That's why we're here."

Sky, "We came down from New York to explore cow pastures. Would you know of any good ones?"

Girl One, "I think if I did know, I'd keep that information to myself."

She shoots a ball into a hole. "You should be careful who you discuss such matters with."

Sky returns to Nate at the bar.

Sky, "The natives aren't too friendly so far."

Nate, "It's five bucks a head to get in to see the band tonight."

Sky, "Ahh, live music. I need it."

Nate, "We've got $35 dollars to us. Er, $30 now. $15 after we see the band. I wonder where we'll sleep tonight."

Sky, "It will all work itself out right." Sky smiles.

Nate, "I don't know…"

Sky, "We'll call Dane tomorrow and get more money. Plus we have mushrooms we can sling."

People have packed the bar, and are moving into the dance room where the band will take the stage. The band starts playing Sugar Magnolias. Sky is enthused.

Sky, "C'mon, man, lets dance!"

Nate smiles and produces $15 so he and his friends can dance to live music. They go in, and they dance with all their souls. Nate's internal visions – memories from other bars, scenes from the mushroom fields, a scene from an actual Dead show.

The song finishes. A dancer approaches Nate.

Dancer, "Boy, you were really tearin' it up to that one."

Nate smiles in reply. Nate walks around cautiously and snags an unguarded, nearly full beer from a table. He retreats to the back and drinks it. Another song is played. We see Sky, and Nate dancing to it. They take center floor, each a little to either side.

Another song is playing. Smokey walks up to Nate. Nate's shoes are off.

Smokey, "Come with me, there are some people in the parking lot I want you to talk with."

We follow Nate (who gets his hand stamped) out through the main bar and onto the back deck.

Smokey, "Hey, this is my bro', Nate."

Steve, "Hi, how ya doin', I'm Steve."

Bob, "High? Are you high? I'm Bob. Smoke some of this." He offers Nate a large joint which Nate puffs.

Steve, "Hear you guys are down from New York pickin'. We can help you out with that."

Bob, "Be glad to. Heard you got some on you now."

Nate, "That's so. You need some?"

Bob, "Not tonight. But tomorrow, sure."

Steve, "There's a big party up at Nimbus Farms out off of Route 57. A few hundred people will show. Odessa is playing; they're a very good Dead tribute band. There will be lots of food and beer, and smoke. You'll be able to sell lots of 'shrooms there. Here, I already wrote down directions for you'all."

Nate, "Wow, thanks. That's great. We'll be hungry. We've got $5 to us."

The joint is spent. Bob produces a bottle of Jim Beam. He takes a swig.

Bob, "We used to pick a lot – but not so much since I finished school and got a job."

Nate, "What do you do?"

Bob, "I make furniture. Very high quality oaks and other hardwoods. I might just eat some teonanacatl and come up with a new design. Here!" He hands Nate the Jim Beam. "Southern Hospitality is something I don't take lightly."

Steve, "Yes indeed. Smokey says you and your other friend need a place to crash tonight. I've got room at my place. Just follow me out of here when the show's over. One of you can ride with me."

Nate, "Nice! Thanks so much."

Steve smiles. The Jim beam is passed around again and every one gets a swallow. Nate takes a small one.

Bob, "Go on, take a better one than that."

Nate, "Thanks much." And he does so.

Steve, "Well, lets go in and hear some music. Don't worry, we'll make sure to wait for you."

They all get up.

Nate and Smokey, followed by Steve and Bob, enter the dance floor. Nate goes up to Sky who is standing with some people, sharing a beer.

Nate, "Hey, good news. We found some kids who are going to help us with some fields. They also invited us to a huge party tomorrow where we can swing. And they've got a place for us to sleep tonight."

Sky, "See, I knew everything would work out alright. I

heard about the party – at Nimbus Farm."

Inside the Dancehall the crowd is cheering.

Sky, "I hope they do some Dead for an encore."

Nate, "I can't find my sandals."

The band starts playing an Allman Brothers song, "Jessica". Nate and Sky dance. The band changes cords and goes into Franklin's Tower by the Dead. As it is wrapping up, Sky walks over to Nate.

Sky, "Here, put these on. I couldn't find yours anywhere."

Nate: "Somebody'll miss them."

Sky, "They'll find yours."

Steve walks up.

Steve, "You ready?"

Nate, "I guess so. This is Sky."

Sky, "Hey, great to meet you." They shake hands.

Smokey, Nate, Sky and Steve emerge through the back doors onto the deck. They proceed to the parking lot.

Steve, "I'm four streets from here. Follow me to the intersection, make a right. Turn left on Palmetto. Then a right on Sandy Beach. It's a green house. Just follow me."

Nate, "I'll ride with you."

Nate gets into Steve's truck.

Steve, "Here, finish this off." He hands Nate a bottle of Southern Comfort with a third left.

They pull out. Nate turns around to see Sky and Smokey following.

Steve, "This is a nice community of heads we have here. I'm happy to live here."

Nate, "Cool."

In a few minutes they pull into Steve's driveway.

Steve, "There's room for two of you. One of you guys has to sleep in the car. And, I don't mean to be an ass or anything, but when I leave for work tomorrow, I need you guys to take off, too. My girlfriend wouldn't want anybody hanging around."

Sky, "No problem at all. We're just so happy for this night's rest."

Steve, "Right. Nate, you have my number?"

Nate, "Yes I do."

We see Smokey and Sky follow Steve inside.

Morning in Steve's driveway. Sky gets into the car to drive.

Sky, "Just sleep, Nate, I'll find somewhere for us to park."

What he finds is a college campus parking lot. The car making quick right and left turns wakes Nate. He opens his eyes, looks around and stretches.

Sky, "It is 2 o'clock. We're at a college."

The car gets parked and the boys get out. Smokey tosses the hacky sack Nate's way. They hack for a bit.

Sky, "How much money do we have?"

Nate searches his pocket.

Nate, "Five bucks. Smokey, do you have some left from that $20 you got at the reggae fest?"

Smokey, "I have five left."

Sky, "How are we with food?" He opens the back hatch and checks.

Sky, "Two boxes of crackers, three cans of garbanzo beans, some baked beans, ugh.. sardines and anchovies… oranges."

Nate takes a handful of crackers; he also takes an orange.

Smokey opens a can of baked beans.

Nate, "I want to go check my e-mail."

Sky, "Alright."

Sky locks the car and they proceed to the library, eating as they walk.

Scene 150.) Inside the library, the three approach computer stations and log on.

Nate laughs as he reads a message. He types a reply. Smokey checks somethings. Time passes with Nate and Sky typing away.

After a while, Smokey walks up to Sky who is typing.

Smokey, "Hey, do you want to see if there's a homeless shelter where we can get a meal?"

Sky, "Not really."

Nate cracks his neck and gets up from his chair to walk over to Smokey and Sky.

Nate, "Want to head?"

Sky, "Where?"

Smokey, "I think we should find a homeless shelter and get a free meal."

Nate, "That would be an experience."

Sky, "I don't think I want to have that kind of experience. I think it borders on bad karma."

Nate, "Well, we could walk the campus, maybe see a little of the city. We've got ten bucks. I'd like a cup of coffee."

Sky, "O.k."

They hit the steps of the library. Smokey walks off to a side courtyard. They turn the corner of a building towards their car and Smokey sees a dread locked girl sunning herself on a lawn. He goes up and starts talking to her.

Sky, "I wonder if he knows her?"

After a few moments Nate and Sky walk up to where Smokey and the girl are chatting. She has sketch books spread about her beach towel.

Dready Girl, "..so, yeah, I think I might just get a big inner tube when classes are over and float down the Suwannee for a while."

Smokey, "Sounds cool."

Dready Girl, "Hello."

Sky, "Hi."

Nate, "How do you do?"

Dready Girl, "Just fine. I'm glad you brought my friend Smokey up to Tallahassee. I'll see you tonight at the Nimbus party. It's going to be huge. I've got one more class to go to. Actually, want to come? It's figure drawing."

Nate, "You'll give us some paper?"

Dready Girl, "Sure."

They go into a classroom and draw nudes with charcoals.

After drawing, in the parking lot where their car is, the boys look perkily refreshed.

Sky, "How about that coffee?"

Nate, "Let's find it."

They drive down a developed street in the heart of the City of Tallahassee. Nate looks out the window to his left.

Nate, "It looks like they're filming a movie."

A block down they see a bistro. They park near it and get out to walk.

Inside the bistro, sipping coffee and reading a local paper. Sky munches a plain bagel.

Outside on the same street as the bistro, Nate rubs his belly.

Nate, "Mmmm, coffee is good." He dances as he walks.

He dances as though to a jammin' Grateful Dead tune.

Nate, "Let's check out that movie filming. Maybe they need extras."

They round a corner and onto a street where a movie is being filmed. They look at each other as they approach the set.

Nate stops and stands behind a grip.

Nate, "Hey, what's going on?"

Grip, "We're filming a scene in a romantic comedy. Inside this stationary store is where the two main characters meet."

Nate, "Do you need any extras?"

Grip laughs as he says, "No."

Nate walks over to Sky and pulls him by the shirt.

Nate, "Not even for my friend Val Kilmer here?"

Grip, "He does look like him. But, no."

Sky, "Come on, lets go."

Nate, "Where?"

Sky, "C'mon."

They turn and walk down the street.

Back at their car. Sky tosses up the hacky sack and they hack for a few moments.

Sky, "It's 5:30. We can head out to the Party around 6 or so."

Nate catches the hack behind his knee, holds it, spins and thrusts it to Smokey who bounces off his feet several times and then passes it over to Sky.

Driving down a road with car lots and miscellaneous businesses.

Smokey, "Turn right on East Creek Rd."

Nate, "Then what?"

Smokey, "Then we'll turn left onto Rural Route 57 and the party is at a farm on that road."

A farm is observable in the distance. So, too, are many Volkswagen Busses. They pull into the long driveway. Gypsy people walk and sit in the doorways of their VW busses.

Nate turns to Sky.

Nate, "We better land on our feet and charm who we meet - there are lollipop kids who like to give treats."

Sky smiles in appreciation.

They park in a space and get out.

Sky, "We'll just leave the fungus in the cooler until we feel things out."

Smokey nods. Many beautiful people mill about. Fellow hippie party goers wave to the trio, and are waved back to.

Pretty Hippie Girl, "The buffet and beer and band will be in the garage."

The farm consists of two houses, three barns and a large garage.

The trio enter the garage. A stage is set up with tapestries and Persian rugs. There are sixty people in the garage now.

Nate, "YEAH! We are so in luck!"

Smokey, "We sure lucked out – look at this spread!"

Sky, "I am so famished."

Sky gets the attention of an intent looking guy who resembles Phineas Freak.

Sky, "Hi, excuse me, how much is it to eat and drink?"

Phineas, "This is a free party, m'man, just dig in."

Sky, "Oh wow, thank you."

Sky, "It's all free."

Nate, "Oh my, oh my. Check this out – three kegs of NEWCASTLE!"

Sky, "Holy shit."

Sky and Nate and Smokey eat burritos and veggie wraps from the buffet. They savor shrimp, breads and vegetables with dips. Nate fills three cups with fine Newcastle beer and savors the taste.

Smokey, "These folks know what to drink."

Sky, "Mmmhmm, and eat."

Nate steps to the side to approach a pony-tailed twenty-something male wearing a tie-dye.

Nate, "Hi."

Tie-dye Guy, "Hey."

Nate, "This is really something."

Tie-dye Guy, "You've never been here before? By the looks of it, you guys don't have much experience eating –hehheh. They have parties here once or twice a month."

Nate, "No, my friends and I just arrived yesterday from Tampa. We're down from New York. We pulled into town with no money and knowing no-one. We met some good family kids at The Deck. They gave us a place to

stay and told us about this party."

Tie-dye Guy, "That's rough, no money. What do you suppose you'll do?"

Nate, "Well, ha. Do you think there are undercover narcs around?"

Tie-dye Guy, "With this many people, I suppose it's a possibility. But I feel free to smoke up; there'll be a lot of smoking going on. We haven't had any problems so far."

Nate, "Hmmm, yeah. We do have a cooler full of mushrooms we picked. I was hoping we could trade handfuls of those for enough money to get back to New York. How much of a 'donation' do you think we could ask?"

Tie-dye Guy, "Get $15 or $20 an eighth. I'll ask around for you – be glad to. I know quite a few people who would probably like some."

Nate, "Cool, do you want some for yourself? Free."

Tie-dye Guy, "Hey, thanks. But I'll trade you some cash. You need the money. I'm Jeff."

Nate, "Jeff, nice to meet you, I'm Nate."

Jeff goes off to talk with people. Nate returns to Sky.

Nate, "I talked to a nice guy who's going to ask around about who'd like mushrooms."

Sky, "Cool-cool. Did you ask him if he knows about any fields?"

Nate, "No."

Smokey walks up.

Smokey, "Hey, I think we're going to be real popular here. I talked with some kids who are real interested in making this night a mushroom experience. Look at all these beautiful people. Think we have enough

mushrooms for everybody?"

Sky, "Not quite."

Sky walks over to the keg and re-fills his cup.

Jeff walks up to Nate.

Jeff, "Hey, man."

Nate, "Hey, what's up?"

Jeff, "Nine of my friends want 'shrooms. Seven can afford $20, two can go $15. And I'll buy some for $30."

Nate, "Wow, thanks. Well, follow us to the car."

Nate and Sky and Smokey lead a crowd of heads out of the garage.

Outside the garage they walk up to the car. Nate opens it and Sky pops the back latch. He levies out a hefty handful to a girl.

Sky, "That seem fair?"

Girl, "Oh yes."

She gives him $20.00

Thirteen other people do the same. Sky pockets $190.

Sky, "Smokey, just hang on to what you get."

Nate puts several handfuls into a plastic bag and puts this in his backpack. The band can be heard warming up. A crowd of people passes the car. Some have dreadlocks, most wear bright colored clothing and jewelry.

Nate, "Hey, you cats interested in any augmenters?"

Cat 1, "What do you have?"

Sky, "Mushrooms."

Cat 1, "Fresh?"

Nate, "Yup."

Cat 1, "How much?"

Sky, "$20 for about what equals a dry eighth."

Cat 1, "I should've gone and picked some myself."

Nate, "I'd like to give 'em away, really, but they're all we have to get us back to New York. After we secure $400.00, I am just going to give them to anyone who wants some. But until we reach that goal…"

Cat 1, "I'll wait it out. Good luck."

Cat 2, "I'll give you $20. Enough for two people?"

Sky, "Yeah, for sure."

Cat 3, "I'll take some, too. That way Mike can eat with us."

Cat 1, "Thanks bro'."

Mushrooms are distributed. The group walks on.

Sky, "Each of us just has to sell five more $20 bags, then. You sure you want to stop charging at $400.00?"

Nate, "Yeah, it feels right."

Sky, "O.k."

The first full song can be heard playing.

Nate, "I want to dance."

Sky loads a bag with some mushrooms and throws it in his knapsack.

They enter the garage.

Inside the garage people are swaying and dancing to "Dark Star" by the Grateful Dead. Nate opens his sack and eats a few mushrooms. Sky follows suit. They groove. Bob walks up behind Nate and hugs him on the shoulders.

Bob, "There you are."

Nate turns and smiles, giving Bob a half hug. Sky and Bob hug. Sky offers him from his bag of mushrooms. Bob munches some.

Bob, "I don't think Steve is going to make it."

A girl and a boy approach Nate.

Boy, "Do you have more of those mushrooms?"

He offers $20 and Nate opens up his bag.

Nate, "Take what you think you'll need."

The boy takes less than Nate has been giving people.

Bob, "Nice. I'll take you guys to some fields tomorrow so you can re-up. We'll spend the night here."

Sky exchanging mushrooms for money is simply an attractive sight.

Galaxies and solar systems appear on the field of vision. Language resonates with Dead Tour and Rainbow wisdom. Auras become apparent around people. Geometric designs, mandalas, augment the music. Elves hop out of the woodwork and vanish in poofs of computerized data. Flower of life symbol appears in flashes connecting Nate or Sky's glances to one another and to other people.

More people approach Nate for fungi. He is happy to provide.

The band starts playing "China Cat Sunflower." Nate and Sky dance to this, as do eighty other souls. A hundred more stand or sit in the sidelines. Several of those who've taken mushrooms hug each other. Lotus Flowers swirl above heads. Shiva and Shakti dance.

Sky, "There is definitely a psychic synergy happening here at this gathering! I am certain that I am seeing other peoples' visions interlaced with my own."

Nate, "Yes, for certain. I feel that I am in a communication force field comprised of many minds' input."

Sky, "It is very Earthy, but also the mental landscape has some highly extra-terrestrial features."

Nate, "I got that same impression myself! The fungi we brought have potentiated the beings here in attendance. Their psychologies have become extra-terrestrial."

A girl approaches Sky.

Girl, "Namaste!"

Sky turns.

Sky, "Namaste. Penelope! Wow, how are you! I didn't know you were down here."

Penelope, "I joined a practice outside of Tallahassee."

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