"Mushroom Run" Part 2

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"Mushroom Run" Part 2

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Dane, "Susie, do you ever get old mail from the people

who lived in this apartment before you?"

Susie, "Yeah, sometimes."

Dane, "You guys should send the package here addressed to one of those people."

Susie, "That's a good idea. His name was… Josh Post."

Karen, "I'm not worried about mushrooms being sent to me."

Brie, "Me neither. Maybe just include a bogus love letter,

'Hello, remember me from Phish Tour? I couldn't forget you. I just wanted to send you a bouquet I picked for you…' Some shit like that. Just use your senses. Usually you can sense a cop before they enter your vicinity." Brie sits down beside Nate and puts her hands on his shoulders. "If you detect any disruptions in the force, just ditch

what you have and get out of there."

Karen, "And if you get busted, you know we'll come visit you."

Sky, "We're going to be fine. I have really good feelings about this trip."

Eventually, Karen and Brie make ready to go, "Well, we're going to

get going." "It was nice meeting you." So too then do Nate and Dane make ready to go. Sky sits with Susie in his arms.

Susie, "Bye."

Sky, "I'll see you tomorrow, Natty."

On the street Dane asks "You want to show me your house?"

Nate, "It's the same basic layout as Susie's. This is my last month paying rent there. When I get back from this shroom run I'm going to live somewhere else. It's too well known a house to do any growing or chemical extractions there.

Hopefully after this trip I'll have enough money to buy a phatty car and just travel through the winter. Go to Burning Man in Nevada, visit some kids in the Pacific Northwest. Come hang out at your condo…" As he's been saying this they've walked into Nate's house. They look around. "All that's left here of mine are some cassette tapes and the fish tank, the linens on the bed. The bed and dresser were Lizzie's… I'll leave them for whoever moves in here after me. C'mon, we should get back. Grandma'll be worried. You've got an early flight tomorrow."

They leave the house and make for Grandma's car, parked on the street. On the ride home Dane remarks to Nate how hardcore hippie Brie and Karen were.

Dane, "Man, Brie has some nice tits. I liked how they were falling out of her little hippie top. Do you get to play with them?"

Nate, "Sometimes."

Dane, "That's a great privilege. I'll bet she's a screaming lay. Karen's not bad either."

Nate, "She's pretty serious about this kid, Bobby."

Dane, "Lame. Susie is cute."

Nate, "Yeah."

Grandma's driveway. Thursday morning. Nate and Dane say their good byes. Dane hands Nate a wad of money. Grandma calls to Dane as they hug,

Grandma, "Come on Dane, we have to go."

Dane, "I'll see you soon."

Nate and Gypsy drive off.

Nate stops at a gas station and makes a phone call.

Nate, "Hello, Susie?"

Susie, "Hey, how's it going. Sky isn't here. He went over to Jasmine's."

Nate, "Oh yeah? Hummm. Hey, do you want to go mushroom picking today?"

Susie, "What? Mushrooms grow up here? Then why are you going to Florida?"

Nate, "Psilocybes don't grow in these Northern climates.

Psilocybes are the most desirable. But Amanita muscaria do grow around here. Amanitas are the red, white dotted fairy ring mushrooms. I eat some every year. The local variety are yellow with white warts. They don't grow in as great of profusions as Psilocybes. And you have to consume a greater quantity than you would of Psilocybes, so it's iffy selling them; and the chemical make-up is totally different. But they're good fun. It's been theorized that they're the Soma mentioned in the Rg Veda, and responsible for some of humankinds' earliest religious thoughts. They're also called Fly Agaric mushrooms, because Europeans used to leave dried ones around to stupefy house flies. The

flies don't die, they just get really stoned and can be scooped up. For me, they're Santa Clause mushrooms because you find them mostly under pine trees with which they have a mychorhizial relationship."

Susie, "Yeah, sure Nate, I'd love to. Do you want come and get me, or do you want to meet somewhere?"

Nate, "Let's do that, let's meet – at my mom's house. It's about half way. Do you have a pen?"

Susie, "Yes."

Nate, "O.K. Get on the highway and head west; get off

at exit 42. Go over the bridge and loop around onto the main road, which is 75. Take that to Creekside. Veer right. Turn right on Sandrock and take that to the end. Make a left on Mill Creek and on the corner of Mill Creek and New Farm is my mom's two story blue house. Number 85. If we both leave now we should get there at about the same time."

Susie, "O.k. Wonderful, I'll leave now. See you soon."

Nate, "Bye."

Susie is waiting in the driveway of Nate's mother's house. Nate pulls up and parks. He and Gyp get out. Nate and Susie approach each other and hug.

Nate, "Hi. Do you need to use the bathroom or anything?"

Susie, "No, I'm good. So where do you pick Amanita muscarias?"

Nate, "There's a dirt road miles behind the local ski area. No-one really goes up there. It's posted, but I just park the car and hike. It's very pretty. Tall trees, flowing streams with waterfalls. There are natural crevices in the rock escarpment where seeds have fallen. They make for natural bonsai trees! The deer keep their limbs pruned."

Susie, "Neat."

Nate, "Yeah. Well, let's go. Why don't you have a go at driving my truck. It's such a relief that you're loaning us your car."

Susie, "Aaww, I'm glad to help."

They get in the truck. Gypsy hops in the back.

Pulling down the old dirt road, they park and get out. They hike. After a short time they find one, then another Fly Mushroom.

Nate, "It's best to dry these mushrooms first. The active constituents are muscimol and ibotenic acid. However they also contain muscarine, which makes you sweat and feel kind of dizzy. It can also cause stomach cramps. But if you dry them thoroughly in an oven on low heat, the theory is that the muscarine is destroyed whereas the other components are left in tact. I dunno. I've always dried mine. Sometimes I sweat a little, but it's not overly uncomfortable."

Susie, "O.k."

They walk through the forest. Susie smokes pot out of

a one hitter dug out. Nate takes a couple of tokes.

Susie, "What's the high like? From Amanitas? Visual?"

Nate, "Sometimes. At first you feel a great surge of energy, jubilant buoyancy like you're walking three feet off the ground. My Viking ancestors got 'berserk' before going into battle by eating Fly Mushrooms."

Susie, "Huh. Mushrooms as an agent of war?"

Nate, "Well, as you probably know, a large part of a psychedelic experience is determined by the users' mind set and the setting they are in. When I partake, I typically feel awe – great reverence for nature and humankind, think trippy thoughts, contemplate my imagination in novel ways. You just have to try them to realize the gigantic eternal rifting with the intricate and minute in yourself. It *is* profound the cyclical journey these mushrooms take you on through yourself and …the planet. Just try 'em and you'll be 'there.'"

Susie, "Wow."

Nate, "After a few hours the rushing high subsides into a mellow pitter patter of the synthesic orchestra of the peak experience and eventually a pleasant stoniness will coddle you down. There's nothing harsh about any part of the trip. You'll remember most of the experience. I really believe that the peak experience these particular mushrooms allow is a necessary key in understanding our full humanness in the perhaps divine game plan of life. You need to have the gestalt experience to really appreciate the words that aficionados wrap around their experiences, their expanded ways of life."

Susie, "Natty, you said that the chemical make-up of Amanitas is totally different from that of Psilocybes. Psilocybes act on serotonin receptors and similar indole receptors in our brains. Do you know what constituents of Amanitas makes them psychoactive?"

Nate, "Muscimol and ibotenic acid appear to bond to acetylcholine receptors in the brain. Acetylcholine is…"

Susie, "…is responsible for memory storage, neuromuscular control and perception. It is excitatory in the brain."

Nate, "Correct."

They continue to fill the basket with mushrooms.

Nate, "So, you're studying psychology in school?"

Susie, "Yeah… that's what I'm doing."

Nate, "So are you saying you don't care for it that much?"

Susie, "Well, I really love people and want a career working with lots of people on deep levels. But, no, so far my studies are not that awe inspiring. I have gained some useful basic information. I've only completed my second year of undergrad. Most of it so far has been dry data or psychology based on abnormal – meaning detrimental – models. I would rather apply myself to the psychologies of health and wellness, ideally to promote superlative psychology. I picture myself as a yoga instructor! But I suppose I need a foundation in abnormal psych. to equip me for all kinds of contingencies. Hopefully next year will be more satisfying."

Nate, "Give it time. If you want superlative weirdness, branch out into the Arts, or Theology. Best yet, apply your psychology training to an education degree."

Susie, "Well, I want the best possible paycheck. The Arts and Theology don't assure me of that. But I should take some classes in those departments. As far as education goes, I would like to head in that direction."

Nate, "It would be great to have the credentials in psychology. Then

you could go off and be a shaman…Of course that would require years of research into the tools of shamanism - tools like that big beauty over there…"

He picks a large mushroom.

Susie, "Now *that* I could get into."

Nate, "Yeah, I hope you do get into these mushrooms. They facilitate an immediacy in the information flow currents in the mind unlike any other thing can. Their synergistic energy with our neurology is awesome."

They walk deeper into the woods. They come upon a fairy ring of mushrooms. Nate has his camera.

Nate, "Sit in the middle of that fairy ring. Let me get a picture of a woodland sprite amidst mushrooms."

He takes the picture. As he's cranking the film Susie slips off her hippie skirt and is naked.

Nate, "Nice."

He takes several pictures.

Nate, "You look very nice naked."

Susie, "Come here, I bet you do, too."

She starts pulling off his clothes. Naked, they start kissing and

love making.

After a good long while, Susie and Nate walk hand in hand back through the woods.

They are loading the truck up on the dirt road when another truck pulls up. There are two longhaired older men in it.

Man #1, "Hey, you guys just setting up?"

Nate, "What's that?"

Man #1, "Well, what are you doing out here?"

Nate, "Oh, just hiking. My dad works for the ski company. I have permission to hike - and hunt - the lands."

Man #1, "Oh, I thought you were here for Grape Jam Music Festival. We're having a three day music concert here at the ski resort. I thought you were setting up camp."

Nate, "Oh, is that going on now, we didn't even know."

Man #1, "It sure is. If you sign up to work the concert, you can get in for free. Otherwise it's $60. Come on down and sign up, we could use the help."

Nate, "O.K. we'll do that. Thanks."

Susie, "You should do that. I've got to go home to Binghamton this weekend to visit my mom, but you and Sky should do that before you go. You can always leave Monday."

Nate, "Yeah, let's check it out."

Gypsy snarls at Susie.

Susie, "Whoaa. I think someone is jealous."

Nate, "Yeah, she seems to get that way around females.. pheromones."

Nate to Susie, "Alright you, in the back." Susie of course rides in the cab, Gypsy back in the bed of the truck.

They ride down to the main gate.

Stopping at the main gate to the festival, they get two application forms. Nate gives his name.

Attendant #1, "There's nothing for you to do today. Come back tomorrow by 9 am."

Nate, "O.K. thanks."

They drive off down the country road.

On Thursday evening Susie pulls the truck into her driveway. Nate parks the car behind it. They go into the house. Sky is practicing Chi Gung in the living room.

Sky, "Hey, where've you guys been?"

Susie, "Off picking Amanita mushrooms. We got a whole basket full."

Nate, "We were up at the ski resort. Some dudes passed by and said they were having a concert up there – Grape Jam. They invited us to work it for free admission."

Sky, "Oh, Grape Jam. I hear that's good. Which bands?"

Nate, "Cats Down Under the Stars, Redheaded Stepchild, Allison Pipitone. Here, a flyer."

Sky, "Huh, that could be fun. Drum circles and dancing. A little Dionysian fling before we head off. Let me think about it."

Friday Morning in Susie's house. Nate is passed out on a couch.

Susie is in her room packing a bag. We see the tray of dried yellow Amanitas and a bunch of sleeping flies on and around it. As she picks these off she mutters "little stoners." That done, she dumps the mushrooms into a paper bag which she puts in her cloth bag. She enters the living room.

Susie, "I have to get going to my mom's. You sure the truck'll make it?"

Sky, "Yeah, it bucks a bit, but just keep driving it. I think it'll make it."

Nate twitches.

Susie, "O.k. you'll probably be gone when I get back. Have fun, be safe, pick many yummy mushrooms. I love you."

Sky, "I love you, too."

Nate rises.

Nate, "Hey, I was thinking, before you go, can you write us a little note in case we get stopped, verifying that you, Susie Bishop give Sky Monroe and Nathaniel Wentworth permission to use your vehicle. Put down your driver's ID number and Social Security Number. I'll do the same for my truck."

Susie, "Yeah, o.k."

Sky, "Good thinking."

She and he do this.

Susie hugs Nate and says, "Be safe, have fun, take care of each other. See you… …whenever."

Nate, "Bye."

Susie takes her bags and leaves through the front door.

Nate, "You moved the car so she can get out?"

Sky, "Yeah, earlier."

Nate, "I'm going back to sleep for a while."

Sky, "O.K."

Nate wakes up in Susie's house. Gypsy is lying on the floor right under his couch. He gets up and calls out, "Anybody here."

Angela, "Me."

A pause. She appears in the doorway.

Angela, "I don't know where anyone else is."

Nate, "Alright, I'm going to take off for a little while."

He puts the harness on Gypsy, attaches the leash and grabs the skateboard. They take off down the street, Gypsy pulling. Passing the bodega Nate sees Jeff.

Jeff, "Well hello. Haven't seen you for a little while."

Nate, "I've been busy."

They hug.

Jeff, "My brother tells me you're going on a mushroom run down south."

Nate, "Yeah, we might leave today, or tomorrow. I dunno, I had kinda planned to work Grape Jam, but I think not, now. Have you seen Sky around?"

Jeff, "No. Hey, if you're leaving tomorrow, why don't you stop bye for dinner tonight. We'll cook up something veggie for you."

Nate, "What time?"

Jeff, "Say around 8 o'clock."

Nate, "O.k., yeah, I'll see you then."

At the arranged time, at Jeff, Jonah and Emma's house, Nate pulls up on the skateboard led by Gypsy. He throws it in the bushes and tells her to "Stay." He knocks on a window. Emma answers.

Emma: "Just a moment."

She opens the door and Nate enters. Nate flips off his sandals, then walks up to Jeff and gives him a big hug. Nate then hugs Jonah and finally Emma.

Jeff, "Yeah, I love being on the road."

Emma, "Mmmhmm."

Jeff, "I was down in Florida working a booth at the

traveling Renaissance Fair for three months last winter. I

saw lots of mushroom fields along the way. Man, I really want to get out of Buffalo and start a farm somewhere, maybe Montana or Pennsylvania. Oh, Emma's expecting."

Nate, "ALLLLright. Congratulations! When?"

Emma, "March."

Jonah, "Our parents and her's said they'd help us buy a

place somewhere rural."

Jeff, "It would be nice to get some friends from the extended family who were interested to buy adjoining parcels. Perhaps start up a little community. Not exactly a commune. Separate houses, different responsibilities. But we could all raise different crops and animals and help each other out, you know?"

Jonah, "Emma has worked in Montessori schools and

… …"

Emma, "And yes, I would like to start my own school."

Dinner is served.

Emma, "Water or milk?"

Nate, "Water"

Nate swallows the entire glass of water in one gulp.

Jonah refills it.

Nate, You guys are talking about actually doing what I've dreamed of for as long as I can remember. Getting away from all the noise and hassles of the city, all the politics which don't concern me. We could raise our own crops, bake our own bread, weave our own fabrics, grow our own nuggets and mushrooms and start ethnobotanical plant companies off the net."

Jeff, "Oh, the mushrooms and nuggets would be there,

too, but it would be about the whole life experience

on the land. If you wanted to go travel, your neighbor

could watch your crops and livestock for a while."

Emma, "Yes, we could probably find a kiln and you

could market your pottery on the net, Nate."

Nate, "I don't have very much money. I had a trust

fund but my dad invested poorly and lost the whole

thing. These vegetables are delicious. Perhaps if this

'shroom run goes well, I'll have enough for a few

acres. Have you thought of names for the baby?"

Emma, "Coral if it's a girl, Sun if it's a boy."

Nate, "Beautiful."

Jonah, "Are you taking Gypsy with you?"

Nate, "No, she's too much of a farm dog; she'd be chasing all the cows, trying to herd them. And I can't leave her in the car the whole time we're picking. She and I'll travel together in the Fall, when I have a phat new vehicle all my own. We're taking this girl Susie's car."

Jeff, "Not the truck?"

Nate, "It's not up to it."

After dinner, Nate helps Jeff do the dishes.

Nate, "So, where did you notice the most number of


Jeff, "Right outside of Tallahassee, along the river.

Just walk the bank until you come to cow pastures." A

pause. "Remember that time we drank mushroom tea and went to

the psychedelic maze in Darien county?"

Nate, "I'll never forget."

Jeff, "I know, we actually became each other."

Nate finishes drying the last dish. That secured on the rack, Nate and Jeff walk into the living room.

Nate, "Well, guys, I should be going. Find out what

Sky's been up to. Thanks for dinner."

Jonah, "Anytime, brother."

They take turns hugging him.

Jeff walks him to the door and hugs him again.

Jeff, "Thanks for coming. Have fun."

Nate pulls up outside of Susie's house, being pulled on the skateboard by Gypsy. He enters the house.

Entering the house, NAte is met by a phrenetic Sky, "Where have you been?"

Nate, "Having dinner with some friends."

Sky, "Well, do you want to leave now?"

Nate, "Wow. Now? Do you want to go do Grape Jam?"

Sky, "We don't have the money to spare."

Nate, "We could sneak in."

Sky, "Maybe we could, but is it really worth it?"

Nate, "Drum circles… girls dancing…"

Sky, "You can go if you want to. Actually I'm tired. I'm going to get some sleep so we can get up early tomorrow morning and head off. What do you say?"

Nate, "You're tired?"

Sky, "yes, actually I am."

Nate, "Yeah, o.k."

They shut the lights off. Nate takes a couch, Sky goes back into Susie's room.

Morning. Nate gets up and starts doing some stretching in the front room. He looks out the window and sees a most gorgeous, dreadlocked girl looking in the windows of his house two doors down. He bolts out the door and onto the lawn. He grabs the girl and gives her a big hug, lifting her up and spinning her around.

Nate, "Theresa!"

Theresa, "Natty! I was looking for you guys."

Nate, "Did you just get back?"

Theresa, "Yeah, I got back from North Carolina yesterday. I packed up my shit and went right to a festival, Grape Jam."

Nate, "I almost worked that festival, but decided to leave for Florida today instead."

Theresa, "You're leaving today? Oh, no way. I just got back. Look what I brought with me." She walks over to the bushes and picks up a rolly polley puppy, who's obviously going to be a big dog.

Theresa, "I got him on Jerry's Birthday at this big festival on a farm in Virginia. He's part Shepherd, part Pit and part Akita. Isn't he gorgeous?"

Nate, "Yes. Let me get a picture."

Watching Theresa being herself on the lawn is a delight for any heterosexual male. She is thoroughly gorgeous. Nate runs back into the house, comes back with his camera and takes a few shots of her holding the puppy.

She puts the puppy down and clasps hands around Nate.

Theresa, "Oh my god, I snuck into the concert. I had to walk like four miles over hills and creeks and swamps, carrying this not so little puppy."

Nate, "I so nearly went, but Sky persuaded me not to. How was the scene?"

Theresa, "50/50 schwilly kids and tripsters. There were fire breathers, jugglers, guys on stilts, drum circles. Pretty good and trippy. I got puddled. I'm still going."

Nate, "Well, well."

Theresa, "Who-all is here?"

Nate, "Sky and I are staying over at Susie's there." Nate indicates the house with his pointed finger. "Susie's in Binghamton. We're taking her car to Florida. I don't know where Alaska and Chris are, I haven't seen them for days."

Theresa, "Yeah, I knocked, it's all locked up. I don't think anyone is there."

Sky comes out. "Hello gorgeous."

Theresa and Sky hug.

Sky, "Everything's all packed from Susie's. Come on my friend, let us go meet our fame and fortune. Well, hopefully just fortune."

Theresa looks at him with a quizzical expression.

Sky, "We're leaving for Florida today to go pick mushrooms."

Theresa, "Right now? Oh, shit. I just got back, I want to hang out with youse guys. When are you coming back?"

Nate, "Two weeks, three, maybe a month."

Theresa, "I can't wait that long."

Theresa produces a pouch of Native American Spirit rolling tobacco and rolls one.

Theresa, "Alright, well, I'm coming, you're going. Just hang out for while I smoke two cigarettes."

Nate, "How was North Carolina?"

Theresa, "A lot of fun. We went to a lot of shows – Hookaville, hippie's ball, Phil and Friends shows. We stayed in a lot of hotels. Spent a lot of money, made a lot of money. You? What have you been doing?"

Nate, "Well, reading a lot of books at work. I went to Rainbow Gathering in Vermont, but not National. I went to a few local shows - Gathering of the Vibes in Connecticut, spent a week with some kids I know from Connecticut . I hit Scottypoluza, Baby's Holiday, three Phil and Friends shows. I've wanted to do this mushroom harvest since I was little. If it works out we'll try to get to Burning Man."

Theresa, "Take me with you to Burning Man."

Nate, "Maybe. For sure when we get back we'll have lots of mushrooms for the family to scarf. We'll all go hiking and have our own trippy gatherings."

Theresa, "Nice. Where's Aaron?"

Nate, "He was in Vancouver, the last I heard from him."

Theresa, "Have you been selling your ceramics?"

Nate, "Yeah, not as much as before, but a few stores are carrying my work."

Theresa, "Good, you should do art shows, and get on the net with that. Especially your gargoyles. I love your gargoyles. And your winged toads – they're so artful, playful and realistic. I'll bet you could patent them. You could buy a phatty farm for us all if you got busy."

Nate smiles.

Nate, "How's Jack?"

Theresa, "Jack and I have decided to call it quits. But he's o.k."

Nate, "Are you good with that?"

Theresa, "Very much so. My mom's really glad. She knows as I know that if I were with him I'd never go back to college in the fall. And we weren't as good to each other as we used to be. I dunno, I need a place

to stay. I was hoping to stay with you guys."

Nate, "You can, I'm sure. My room's going to be empty and rent's paid till the end of this month."

She puts out her second cigarette.

Theresa, "Well, I'm hungry. Want to grab a bite?"

Nate, "Well…"

Theresa, "C'mon. Hippies' departures always get delayed."

Sky raises his eyebrows. Nate notices.

Nate, "I've kept my partner delayed a few times already. We should really head."

Nate, "Come here."

He gives Theresa a big hug.

Theresa, "Be Irie. I love you."

Nate and Sky and Gyp get in the car. They pull off waving to Theresa.

Driving down Nate's parents' street, Sky catches some breeze in his hand.

They pull into the driveway, hop out and enter the house. Mom gets up and hugs both men.

Mom, "Hello my darlings."

Younger brother Zeke is on the computer and on the phone. Dad is sitting in a chair putting down a newspaper. He gets up to shake

hands with Sky.

Sky, "Hi, I'm Sky."

Dad, "I'm Joe."

Mom, "I bought you four bags of groceries, mostly non-perishables, but also some treats to eat on your way down. The little bakery in town makes the most delicious foccacia breads. I got you four. You've got

garbanzo beans, kidney beans, baked beans, soups, tuna, five boxes of crackers, two five-liters of water, a tray of thirty-six bottled waters, juice, chocolate pudding. Do you have a can opener?"

Nate, "Mmm-hmm."

Sky, "Thank you."

Mom, "This girl is just going to let you take her car?"

Nate, "Well, we need it. She's nice. You'll meet her."

Mom, "You're going to New Orleans?"

Nate, "And Georgia."

Zeke, "To visit 'Oatmeal'?"

Nate, "Yup."

Mom, "Well, let's get you packed up. Do you want to take the cooler?"

Sky, "Yeah, I think that would be a good idea."

Zeke is still on the phone, "…hey, yeah. My brother and his friend are here, they're getting ready to go on a trip."

Sky to Zeke, "Who is it?"

Zeke, "This girl I met on the internet. She's in Ohio."

Sky, "Do you have her picture?"

Zeke, "Yeah, she's hot."

Sky, "Let me talk to her."

Zeke hands Sky the phone.

Sky, "How long have you known Zeke? … He's awesome. He knows more about repairing bikes, and computers, and French literature than any twelve year old I've ever met. …Me? I'm twenty-six. And I consider it an honor to hang out with Zeke. …Yeah, it should be nice. O.k. bye."

Zeke, "I'll call you later."

Younger brother Zeke, Dad and Mom, and the two men go outside. Outside in the driveway they pack up the car.

Mom, "You've got sleeping bags, a tent, maps. Do you have directions?"

Sky, "Oh, whoops. I forgot. Zeke, is the computer on? Can I go get travel directions off of Yahoo!?"

Zeke, "Yeah, it's all set up, you don't need a password."

Sky goes in and does this.

Dad, "I picked this up for you. I figured you could always use another flashlight. Hopefully you won't need it, but this one duals as a billy club." He hands Nate a 3' Maglight flashlight.

Dad, "It's got all the batteries. I also picked up some extra film."

He goes to his Volvo car and produces a four pack of 35mm film.

Dad, "Take lots of pictures."

Sky comes out.

Sky, "O.k."

Mom, "Let me get a picture of you boys before you leave."

Nate goes to the car for his camera. Mom is standing next to Susie's car. Dad is off to the side. Zeke and Sky are standing relatively alone.

Zeke, "So, Sky, going on a drug run?"

Sky looks at him and chuckles.

They arrange for the picture. Mom takes two. Dad hugs Nate.

Dad, "I love you."

Nate, "I love you, too."

Dad hugs Sky, "Be safe, be well, be lucky."

Sky, "Thank you."

Zeke walks up and hugs Nate then Sky.

To Sky, Zeke, "See that pear tree? My brother grafted seven varieties of pear onto a single tree trunk. We get eighty or so pears from it every year."

Sky, "Wow. I know he's quite the botanist."

Nate, "I'll see you kiddo."

Zeke, "Yeah."

Mom hugs Sky then Nate.

Mom, "You call me as soon as you arrive at your friends'." To Sky: "You make sure he calls me, and not just once. I want a call from wherever you go. I almost forgot, here's a calling card with 400 minutes on it. Use it."

Sky, "I'll make sure he does."

Mom, "Alright. I love you. Bye."

They get into the car. Sky is driving.

Nate, "Shite. We forgot to get nugs from Brie. We should call her and stop by for some."

Sky, "C'mon, that would be really out of our way."

Nate, "Just forty-five minutes. Mmmm, a bag of dank nugs to puff on…"

Sky, "It's already getting dark. Besides, I'm sure we'll have some soon enough."

Nate, "Yeah, I suppose."

Sky, "I think sleep is going to be an optional activity on this mission."

Nate, "Could be."

They drive onto the Highway, go through a toll booth.

Nate, "It's so cool that this car's got the Easy Pass. We'll save lots of money on tolls. How does it work, do you buy an Easy Pass for unlimited use during a set amount of time, or do you get billed at the end of the month for each use?"

Sky, "I don't know – hadn't really thought of it. That's alright, after successfully accomplishing our mission, we'll be able to pay her back."

Nate, "Or not…"

Riding down the highway. The sky is darker than in the last scene, but still light. We see them from the interior of the car and from outside from the hood. Sky has put his hair back in a red bandana.

Nate, "Do you have another bandana?"

Sky, "Check through my bag in the backseat, there should be a blue one."

Nate does so and puts it on as a wide band, not a full kerchief like Sky. It pushes the hair out of his face. His hair is somewhat nappy. Sky looks at him.

Sky, "You look really good like that."

Nate, "Thanks."

Nate plays with the radio. Static, staticy songs. Nate finally lands on a song.

Nate, "I wish this car had a tape player. We should have switched the tape player from my truck and put it in this car temporarily."

Sky, "I'm glad you didn't ask her. I don't think she'd've appreciated any unnecessary fucking with her car."

Nate, "Yeah."

Sky, "So, did you sleep with her?"

"I'm not one to kiss and tell." Says Nate.

"You've already answered my question. It happened while you were picking mushrooms. It did!" Sky smiles genuinely as he says this.

Later, near darkness. They are driving through mountains. Sky is still driving. Nate is reclined in the passengers' seat, his right leg up and foot on the dashboard.

Sky, "I so love how you get when you talk about psychedelics. Tell me again, what's your favorite drug?"

Nate, "Please, you know I prefer the term entheogen. Drug, even psychedelic, is so pejorative. Psilocybin mushrooms are tools for manifesting the best of the human spirit. Psilocybin holds the possibility of transforming the entire species by virtue of the divine informational experience that comes through it and we are facilitating this transformation!! Psilocybin is a source of gnosis, it is godhead mentation!!! It is a path to oneness with Overmind, and as such far superior to any tantric or other meditational technique I've tried. And it's just as safe. I've never heard of anyone overdosing on Psilocybe mushrooms. I mean of course it's a euphoriant, but also so much more."

Sky, "You should practice Chi Gung."

Nate, "That's an eastern healing technique."

Sky, "…and so much more. If practiced correctly, it can align and galvanize your energy centers to great proportions. Your muscles become like cat muscles. You can feel your astral body move in synchronicity with your physical body. You can heal other people. Jesus was a healer. Your friend Bob has chronic fatigue syndrome. I bet my teacher could heal him in forty-five minutes, just adjusting energy flows. He has the power to heal cells. He can bring dead animals back to life."

Nate, "Oh bullshit, he cannot."

Sky, "He can. Small ones. He charges electrical energy back into their nervous systems."

Nate, "Sorry, Sky, I'd have to see that to believe it."

Sky, "Right now he's teaching me how to navigate the astral plane. Perform remote viewing telepathy. Through deep meditation I've already left my body and traveled as an energized consciousness with other

disciplined entities. I want to become one of the immortals."

Nate, "I've had out of body experiences. I like to

reserve faith in such untapped capabilities, and yes,

in immortality. I'd just like to realize it in my own

body." A pause.

"I usually just presume telepathy is going on, at

some level, all the time. You know, I have one hundred percent confidence in my telepathic abilities. I telepathically picture peoples' images, movies and unspoken but verbalized communication. I receive information and transmitt information telepathically. I have been able to view 3-D space through other people's eyes. But it all comes down to 'What do you want to do, or say, at any particular time, and how do you want to express it.' We all

embody a piece of the godhead. What are we striving for? A key thing is to observe the Others and lead them into better realizing their own worth and expressing their creativity in joyous language. That is compassion."

Sky, "I think a lot of people get fettered by desire, impulses out of their control, psychological noise, and so don't even realize how compassionate they can be. God is that other that took me out of myself and brought me to realize I'm part of something larger, boundless. That's where psychedelics are really useful. They accelerate an educated person to such profound realizations and support you in gaining a mastery of the techniques. Of course you have to feed

that flame with more and more knowledge, and discipline. But yeah, my life would be far less rich had I never had the experience of psychedelic entheogens."

Nate, "Oh, yes indeed. I can only believe that we fortunate, brave souls who are entheogenicists are open to a level of psychic metabolism that is simply higher and more refined than what people who won't take the sacraments could EVER know… MANY more doors have been and are open to us."

Sky, "For those to whom much has been given, much is expected."

Nate, "Galaxies more could be expected."

Sky: "I want a compassionate Universe."

Nate, "Thank Youniverse."

Sky, "Psychedelic epiphanies are so blessedly profound. The more people who have them, who reach flush peak and realize in that special way that the Youniverse needs to be here, the better our world WILL be."

They stop at a gas station. Nate runs in to pay. From there he drives. We see them in the mountains of West Virginia. They pass deer on the highway. Sky sleeps in the back.

Nate awakens in the backseat of Susie's car. They are at a gas station/market on a sunny morning. Sky returns to the car.

Sky, "We're in Florida."

Nate, "Nice. How far are we from Daytona Beach?"

Sky, "We're outside of Jacksonville. It's an hour or so to the south."

Nate grabs his knapsack and starts rummaging.

Nate, "Well, lets check the ol' Shroom Guide and see what's around."

Sky, "Yes."

Nate, "Alrighty. Here's one on Dossinger Rd. Take Brimsby highway to Industrial Park Trail. Ends in cow pasture. Beware of dogs. That's here on the map…"

They embark.

They arrive on Industrial Park Trail and park in one of the parking lots well before the end and cow pasture. They get out and walk.

Sky, "Alright, the story is if anybody asks, we're out collecting lizards for sale to pet stores."

Nate, "Right."

They hop the fence, walk through the woods and find cow pastures. They see cows in the distance. They examine fresh dung but find nothing. There are many dead crabs piled in the fields and woods.

Sky, "There's nothing here. Let's go."

Nate, "Bunk."

They return to the car and consult the Shroom Guide.

Sky, "This one's about twenty miles south.

They arrive on a scenic tree lined road. There are horses in fields adjacent to houses. Finally there is a cow farm.

Sky, "Anyone could see us from that house. This looks like the kind of place for nighttime reconnaissance. DO you want to check?"

Nate sings, "Might as well, might as well."

Sky finishes, "Might-as-well."

Sky pulls over. Nate hops out and climbs over the fence. He runs up to where the cows are and spends a few moments surveying the ground. He picks something up. He runs off further a field. He returns to the car.

Nate, "Not much of anything, Man. Just these very desiccated specimens. It's too dry. Maybe the morning dew would encourage some to grow, but I don't know about hanging out in Jacksonville."

Sky, "Are there any other fields?"

Nate, "Not really. Not here in the Jacksonville area. Do you want to head to Tallahassee? Or we could head to Daytona. That's where the Mushroom Magician is."

Nate checks the map. "It's about equal distance to Tallahassee or Daytona from here."

Sky, "I don't know. Let's flip a coin."

Nate, "Whatever. There are two listings for each area, Daytona and Tallahassee. But my friend Jeff said all along the Suwannee River mushrooms grow a plenty, so I'm kinda partial to that. But if we do

need the Magician's help, it's better to be near by him. At least we can ask around town if any hippies know of him. Flip a coin."

Sky, "Heads we go to Tallahassee, tails to Daytona.

Sky flips a coin.

Sky, "Tails."

Nate, "Let's ride."

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