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Post by kill_blind_elite » Fri Aug 07, 2020 10:16 pm

the zombie and the snake.
written 8:14 est. 7/17/20 bjwc

having been led to the space betwixt the clouds and aether,
I've striven so hard, so long.
through streams that ever flow bright, through treacherous twists, entrapments and worn delusion.

having followed fate and will at once.
having become a snake to those within the shadowy limitations of judgement, squinting their beady eyes with amazing force, while blindfolded, (less they see themselves), their faults and dogmas, through their egos veil, they clamor for validation from another who is deaf and dumb.
pointless pointing, poison.
the dim sitting unaware in a cavern of self bought schism.

I Am, or strive to be, like a monk, silent, striving for the wisdom of this snake.
under hood it's hidden truth,
under the cold deep waters is
effulgent light.
an invisible star that shines from the deep, with the brilliance of motion, stepping in.engulfed by pervading warmth that is hidden, like floating on crystal clear euphoria.
a brilliance that shines truth on all who knock.
In opposition to knowing, speak as if they know anything at all.
while breathing a word, (whether truth or not), both are right, only seeing flaw in other.
but they don't know...
like a mirror, all they see is themselves.
brooding, cursing, illness, fear and limitation. hexing the mirror. devoid of reflection
i laugh cause i know the difference

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