The human body- a word from the soul

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The human body- a word from the soul

Post by Dimitri » Tue Sep 13, 2016 6:54 pm

Hi friends,

I just found out about this wonderful forum after reading an incredible post.

Firstly, thank you to everyone who is part of this. It is a great gift to be able to discuss such topics.

I am posting to ask your help.

As you may know, our physical bodies can directly be linked to the state of our soul. One does not go without the other. For example, a tight, enflamed or diseased throat tells us that the Soul is not allowed to he expressed. It's dreams and aspirations are blocked and thus create illness.

My story... I was born with scoliosis, like many others. This is a deformation of the spine as well as a twist. It is something that one is born with, passed down from parents. My scoliosis creates incredible tention in my body as well as sometimes does not enable me to breath freely. I was also born with the toes of my right foot slightly turned inwards, which again creates tension in the foot and leg.
The twist in the spine, has also affected my psoas, my hips, rib cage, neck and skull.. And well my whole body.

Through the use of entheogens, our allies, i have learned some aspects of how body illnesses are created.
For example, during one mushroom journey, i was shown how by not expressing myself or the movements of my body, this energy was directly placed into the muscles and tendons in a sort of DNA twisted shape. This created tension and blockages.

Now my question is this. What could scoliosis mean on a physical-spirit level? As it is something that is passed dosn from generstion, i have often thought that it must be something that could be traced back to my ancestors. for example, being born with such foot problem could possibly be traced back to the roots of my lineage and how they were expressed or not.

Anyways, i hope im making a little bit of sense. I would appreciate any opinions on this matter.

It is a difficult situation as i sometimes feel like this is a force outside of my body. I try to understand the meaning of any body dis-ease ive ever had because it is the beginning of healing but with this, i am having a hard time. Doctors will say there is ni cure for scoliosis or offer surgery and other inteusive methods, which to me are simply bandade solutions.

I seek to heal my physicsl self and Spirit self, to purify my Whole, so that the future can be free and liberated from any shackles. It is not simply about me or my own well being and evolution, but also about my seed and the children to come.

Thank you!

Much love

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Re: The human body- a word from the soul

Post by Hombre Pacífico » Fri Nov 18, 2016 3:12 pm

Karma is too intricate to pinpoint what the exact cause was for this issue of yours without going quite a bit more in depth with your life and family.

2 links, there is hope without having to contemplate a brace or surgery btw, hope you are well.


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