Join! Protect Entheogens through Religious Rights

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Tom Kray
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Join! Protect Entheogens through Religious Rights

Post by Tom Kray » Wed Nov 26, 2014 1:25 pm

I believe in the whole you are what you eat thing. I believe in the synergy of nature. The right combination can be miraculous.
I honestly think that entheogens are not an accident.... nor coincidental.
I was never very religious in the past but lately I am convinced that a higher power created entheogens to guide and aid humans (and other animals).
My interactions with certain plants has changed my perspective of life, death and religion.
It is our human right to interact with nature to achieve different aspects of mental, physical and spiritual enhancement and balance.
Entheogens and the Plant Allies they channel are sacred to me. I'm sure many of you feel the same way.
I am concerned with current legislation that seeks to strip us of our rights to miracle plants such as Mitragyna Speciosa.
I am begging you to sign any and all petitions that strive to maintain our access to Mitragyna Speciosa. Do everything you can to keep it legal and be responsible.
I have been in chronic pain for a decade due to a surgery complication. I have found that kratom works better at alleviating my pain (and associated depression) than any combination of FDA approved medicine and treatments have been able to. To me...... Kratom is a Sacrament, it is a miracle, it is a gift from the creator to ease my suffering. I have faith that kratom is proof that the Creator has not forsaken us.
I have become an ordained minister and have set up a religious organization (Church of Kratom) to spread the concept of having religious rights to Kratom and other Plant Allies/Entheogens. If you would like to help protect your own rights to Kratom and other plants (because you believe they are a gift from the Creator) than you should join group. There is strength in numbers, let's claim our rights together. Join us at churchofkratom.

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Re: Join! Protect Entheogens through Religious Rights

Post by ADeeperSilence » Mon Mar 09, 2015 2:33 pm

This is a wonderful idea.

Your post is a bit hard to read, because of the formatting, but I agree that there
are many sacraments in need of legitimization here in the US and elsewhere.

Am searching the 'petitions' on, came across this one: ... l/JGhSfJnN

But, for whatever reason, it keeps telling me I need to verify my account even after I've done so.
Will post more links here as I come across them.

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Re: Join! Protect Entheogens through Religious Rights

Post by Flapjack » Mon May 25, 2015 7:07 am

Can anything really be considered sacred?

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