Lucid Dreaming & Growing Dream Herbs

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Lucid Dreaming & Growing Dream Herbs

Post by SashaGallagher » Sat Oct 04, 2014 12:16 am

==Day 1==

Here are some methods for Lucid Dreaming that anyone can use.

Soon I will be growing Xhosa Dream Root and Calea Dream Herb, and I will be using them as dream aids, along with Kanna (not Cannabis) and Imphepho. All of these things were employed in "Dream Teas" by ancient people.

I have some Choline, some Alpha-GPC (a more redily usable form of Choline). This promotes the creation of Acetylcholine in the brain, which regulates dreaming. I took this along with some 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan, which contains a tryptophan molecule which is the thing that makes you sleepy on thanksgiving, and 5-HTP itself helps the body directly make serotonin) which should help promote dreams.

I have some L-Theanine and Taurine as well, but I did not take those tonight. If I have any memorable dreams I will make a video tomorrow, and if not, I will try another mix or another dose.

Dream herbs seeds should be here in a few days, they will be grown in a few months.

==Day 2==

So last night I don't remember dreaming, but I also do not get the feeling that I just went to sleep, saw darkness and woke up. I feel like I did have a dream. So I think my main issue is going to be remembering my dreams, which I am not very good at right now.

The Biggest mistakes people make when Lucid Dreaming

Dreaming with the Ancestors

I just made a capsule (around 4 PM Colorado time) of Choline, Alpha-GPC, Ginko Bilboa glycosides, 5-HTP & L-Theanine. I am going to see if taking it now instead of right before bed has any different effects. Plus the extra stuff in the capsule.

I just took another capsule of choline, just to add to the effects in case it all burned up from earlier.

I think that these supplements will REALLY be good for dreaming after a little while of building up in my system, so in like a month.

I found some Calea on top of my fridge, so I am going to take it tonight. I made the first half of the video, but it won't be posted until tomorrow when the second half (description of what happens in the morning) can be added to it.

==Day 3==

the Calea did not work perfectly. I do get the feeling I had a dream but I don't remember it. I think it may have been something that was wrong with the boards under my bed that made me focus on that when I woke up instead of remembering my dreams. So I went ahead and fixed that this morning, and it should be easier from now on. My bed is also less lop sided now.

Alright, so I took all the same stuff as the other night, minus the Calea. I don't expect any dreams, but I will post if there are any.

My nose is extremely stuffed and I can't get it unclogged with Camphor etc. So I am going to take some Zyrtec. I looked online, it is Cetirizine (an Anti-Histamine like Benadryl or Datura), so it could have some dream promoting properties of its own. I am taking a 10 mg capsule to unstuff my nose. I don't expect any dreams, but I will write if anything happens.

I just looked up "Zyrtec Dreams" on Google, and it seems that it is actually a common phenomenon, so it is actually pretty possible.

==Day 4==

I know for sure I had a dream last night, but I can not remember it completely. There was some false dichotomy between people (as if we were at a party and it was split between people that drink and people that don't, but it was way different than drinking, I just can't remember what the difference was). And I was on the computer at some point. Other than that, I don't remember anything. I was trying too hard to stay asleep this morning and not hard enough to remember.

Brain Building and Dreaming Regiment


You should start writing about your dreams, and eventually try an Ayahuasca ceremony with the intent of entering your dream.

I will be taking another Zyrtec tonight to see what happens, and I might try Benadryl later in the week. I looked it up and people are saying that Benadryl causes vivid dreams.

Just btw, if anyone throws up while taking Ayahusca, ask the person who made it if they put caffeine in it. And if they say they did (which many shamans do, via plants like Ilex) tell them to never give you that again.

Some people seem to think the "Purge" is good, which it can be. But people inducing it with Caffeine are risking people's lives. If someone is going to purge from Caffeine, it should be because they drink so much regularly that it is still in them when they get to the ceremony. That is the Ayahuasca telling them "don't drink so much coffee", instead of it being induced by the person you are supposed to trust.

How to make progress in your lucid Dreams

I took a Zyrtec, my nose was clogged again and I wanted to test it for dreaming. My nose is unclogged, I will write about it if there are any dreams.

==Day 5==

I do not remember my dreams from last night. I think I spend way too much effort in the morning trying to stay asleep and forget everything else. I am going to keep a blank piece of paper and a pencil by my bed from now on, so I can start writing whatever I remember right when I wake up.

Tonight I am trying Cat Herbs to see if they will help me dream. I am going to take Valerian Root & Catnip before I go to sleep (both plants cats love) and I just took some Passion flower (which cats also like to sit in and goes well with Marijuana from what I have read)

Imaginary Time

I have about 2.5 Grams of Valerian Root and 3 Grams of Catnip in capsules from Nature's Sunshine, I will be taking them in about 2 hours.

Making Cannabis Butter

I am taking another 2 Grams of Valerian Root and 3 Grams of Catnip.

==Day 6==

Ok, so I had the most memorable dream so far, last night.

Everyone was like an artist or something, and we were all (like people in general) being forced to do something. I can't remember if it was art related or not. But it was like we were a non-volunteer army of some kind.

Yage of the East

Marijuana Sprouts

Marijuana Seedling Transplants

Beer Flavored THC Butter for Cooking

Lemon Grass & MJ, Ancient Chinese Secret


5 Grams Valerian Root. 6 Grams Catnip. And a 5-HTP + Choline + Ginko Bilboa capsule

Just took another 820 mg of Valerian root and 3 Grams of Catnip.

Also just decided to Buccal some Alpha-GPC for the next 5-10 minutes, then going to bed.

==Day 7==

Last night was not lucky, I know I had a dream, but this morning there was construction going on outside and people walking around my bedroom window, so I found myself trying to ignore that instead of trying to remember my dream, and now I have no idea what it was about.

The weekend should be better, no construction should be going on. I don't see why construction needs to start at 8 am anyways, especially when they are not like building a building or anything.

Alright, so I decided that on this "journey" I am going to try something pretty awesome.

I study cultures and history (with some focus on Biochemistry through time), and I have noticed something. You have probably all heard of "Salvia", Salvia actually just means "Sage". Salvia Divinorum is the special kind of sage that you think of automatically when I say "Salvia". Native American's INVENTED this plant by mixing Mint plants (probably American Wild Mint) with Sage Species (Probably White Sage, or Common Sage). NONE of these plants are psychoactive until genetically combined in the Salvia plant, and these natives had NO knowledge of genetic operations as far as we know.

Then there is "Inebriating Mint" which is a Turkish species of Mint, that people use as a Sedative.

Catnip is related to mint.

And even Peppermint is said to have it's own Psychoactive properties to an extent.

Anyone else seeing a pattern here? I have decided that if Ancient man could figure out how to make Diviner's sage (which I want to try to dreaming) who are we to be in the year 2014 and not even trying to make anything new like that?

So I have a plan, and PLEASE steal my idea and let me know what you come up with.
I am going to get some different mint seeds:
Peppermint, Forest Mint, Pennyroyal, Catnip, Australian Mint, Slender Mint, American Wild Mint, Apple Mint, Corsican Mint, Bowles and Inebriating Mint if I can find seeds.

Then I will get different sage seeds:
White Sage, Pineapple Sage, Greek Sage, Chia, Wooly Sage, Baby Sage, Red Sage, Common Sage, Clary, Scarlette Sage and Salvia eventually.

Then I will start mixing pollen all over the place, just to see what happens. Inventing ALL KINDS of new cross breeds, some will have entirely new properties of their own and won't resemble their parents at all (Like Salvia). And hopefully, I can make something that is good for dreaming.

Then, I have plans for even MORE seeds to mix in, but I don't want to give those away yet.

If anyone here would like to see this happen extremely soon, please help us out on this page.

I just ordered some:
Wild Mint (Mentha Arvensis, not the other one)
White Sage
Common Sage
& Mountain Thyme (not a mint or a sage, but in the same family)

So, I will see what I can make. And I hope to order some more soon so that I can get even more genetics in there. Seeds are pretty cheap.

I saw Dracocephalum Moldavica and definitely had to get it. $1.05 for the seed pack WITH shipping.

This garden is already going to be pretty Biodiverse, all just in the mint family.

Just btw.

Once I make new species I will be naming them. Kind of like Marijuana strains, except for it is actual species strains. So the names will have to be Latin, and I will probably need help naming things. So just btw, people in this thread may get to pick the names of plants that don't exist yet, but will soon.

And I just ordered some Apple Mint, lol.

I just ordered something else that I can't believe I forgot before.

Coleus. It was another plant used by the Mazetec people (The inventors of Salvia), and it is in the same plant family as Salvia. So I just spent like $2 on 300 seeds.

The biodiversity here is going to be EPIC and I have hardly even started getting seeds yet.

So far:
Wild Mint
Apple Mint
Common Sage
White Sage
Mountain Thyme
Dragon's Head (Dracocephalum Moldavica)
& a Coleus Mix

And that is just the stuff that goes with Mint. There are also 3 dream plant seeds coming and 2 species of plants growing now, then Marijuana.

If anyone thinks I don't know what I am talking about, just look up "Intergenetic Hybrid" and then try to explain to me what a Genus and Species are except arbitrary classifications that make it easier for us to understand the plant world.

Just took a 10 mg Zyrtec. "Zyrtec Dreams" is a common search on Google and common discussion. And this is the first time I will be ready to write about whatever dream I have when I wake up after taking Zyrtec, so hopefully it works tonight.

==Day 8==

I don't remember much from teh dream last night, but we were running. Not away from anything, but to get to something or somethings or someone.

2 of these plants I am getting are already said to be sedatives. And if you notice, most people don't breed garden plants for their resin glands or for their alkaloid content. But if I start breeding Coleus (Sedative) and Dragon's Head (Sedative) and only let the plants that produce the most hash and the strongest smells breed. That way I could not only end up with "Intergenetic Hybrids" but also "Hybrid Species" that can no longer breed with the parents and are almost a different plant because of their resin mutations.

I think that if I graft 2 plants together during veg, so that they are using each other's root systems to survive for a few weeks maybe a month or so. THEN try to make intergenetic hybrids, using pollen and flowers from plants that are already connected genetically via the grafting process.

I am not sure if the flowers would maybe use genetics from the roots they are on and make regular seeds for another plant, or if it would make hybridization easier, or if it would just work like any other breeding process. But I do want to try it.

And, just btw.
If you know anyone that has cancer or heart disease or anything, I don't know of a single doctor that runs out of options and instead of microwaving the person, saying "Hey, why don't we try some ancient healing".

The ancient people called the people who entered the "spirit world" HEALERS, and MEDICINE MEN.

So if you have any kind of Chronic illness and nothing to lose. Try Salvia, Datura, Ayahuasca, Iboga and anything else that is considered to be able to "teach".

Datura is a poison, so it could even kill cancer while just making you trip.
And I have heard of heart disease being cleared just because someone started eating fresh plants and had NEVER done so in their life.

Planting Marijuana

Marijuana Sprouts

Marijuana Transplant


If anyone is wondering where I got the idea to mix plants, there are a few examples in history that I am copying.

Eventually I will start getting some plants in the Oregano family, so that I can copy the ancient "Greeks" (Creteans) in their creation of "Dittany of Crete" which is a plant that you can't find seeds for, and you have to buy a cutting. It has been classified as an Oregano species, but I am personally pretty sure that it is an Intergenetic Hybrid, which left it sterile. But the people of Crete saw it had Psychoactive effects and preserved it by sharing.

You will find a similar story surrounding Salvia. Salvia is a plant that almost always gets reproduced via human intervention (just like Dittany). This means that like Dittany, you will usually find it in cutting form.

I am not sure if Salvia or Dittany are viable to reproduce within their Genera, I have never heard of anyone mixing Salvia with any other sage variety (someone should), but again, flowers of Salvia are rare and it usually reproduces through cuttings.

If you have heard of a mule, it is a cross between a horse and a donkey, and it is sterile. There is some fancy breeding pattern (like back breeding with the parent species) that works as long as you have a female mule I think, but it changed it's breeding ability.

There are also "Ligers" and "Tigons" (depends if the mom or dad is a lion or tiger) and other similar animals.

So either Salvia and Dittany are similar to the mule, and are hybrid species (Sage and Oregano) or they are Intergenetic Hybrids, meaning Sage species mixed with some kind of mint or something. And an Oregano species mixed with some kind of mint or similar species.

So basically, if/when this works (I will be trying to make both Hybrid species & Intergenetic Hybrids) I expect that these plants will not be easy to breed further, and will have to be spread by cuttings. And these examples are where I got this idea.

Morning Glory Germination

Syrian Rue Germination

How to grow without a huge bill (growing with CFLs)

Tonight (right now) I am taking
5 Grams Valerian Root, 3 Grams Catnip, 1 Gram Common Sage, 3.5 Grams Damiana, 360 mg Passion Flower.

==Day 9==

I think I need to make sure to take Choline supplements from now on.

I woke up and I had a dream to write down, and while reaching to get the paper and pencil to write it down, it completely escaped me.

So, tonight I am going to weigh out 300 mg of Alpha-GPC, which is the recommended dose, but I have not taken that much yet because I was also taking Choline.

So 300 mg Alpha-GPC, then 25 mg 5-HTP and around 25 mg L-Theanine. Then someone said that Vitamin B6 is good for dreaming. So, I will take 100 mg of that also, all around midnight.

Someone on another site asked if I had any childhood dreams I remembered, I wrote this and decided to copy it here.

I had a dream where I walked into a concrete building with spray-painting all over it, inside there was a hallway I walked down. The hallway was concrete and had like lit up movie posters all down the hallway on the left, and pillars on the right. At the end of the hall their was a staircase and I went up it and the next floor was an identical hallway. I kept going up and up and at the top room there was a guy that was like 20 something an we were all teenagers and me and my best friend at the time (around kindergarten) weren't really paying attention, then the guy ran down a hallway and all the kids followed. Down the hallway there was a bunch of colored tubes that we could choose to go down, so all the kids went in pairs down the different color tubes. Me and my friend did not have a tube to go down, but then we found some school lunch room tables that were folded up and moved them to find a maroon tube. We went down the maroon tube and at the end of the tube there was a concrete room with concrete walls, and in the middle was a concrete staircase that took up the whole room, like the walls were each end of the staircase. And then we looked at the ceiling and a person that was folded up like a bat fell down towards us from the ceiling and I woke up.

Then there was one where we were running around an ancient place with tons of columns and high ceilings and we went into a drawer and found a paperclip and the paperclip was very important for some reason but I can't remember why.

I think the act of remembering my old dreams itself is going to be good for dreaming. If you are having a hard time dreaming, try thinking of old dreams. I feel like it is definitely a good idea.

I just set up a capsule of 300 mg Alpha-GPC, around 25 mg of 5-HTP, around 25 mg of L-Theanine and 200 mg of B6.

==Day 10==

Ok, so I had too much stuff today to focus on dreaming last night. I had to get a bunch of stuff for cooking and planting seeds. So my mind was just too busy, and I might have taken the Alpha-GPC and B6 too soon, because I wasn't even sure if I was going to be able to go to sleep when I laid down at first. I was just way to aware of my thoughts.

But I ordered some more seeds, and now I will have PLENTY of genetics to play with.

Here is what I had before:
Wild Mint
Apple Mint
Common Sage
White Sage
Mountain Thyme
Dragon's Head (Dracocephalum Moldavica)
& a Coleus Mix

Just ordered some:
Blue Sage
Clary Sage
Syrian Oregano (Biblical Hysop)
Mother of Thyme
Wild Dagga
Black Horehound
Water Mint

==Day 11==

Last night I had a dream. I was cooking Marijuana bread and stuff and someone wanted to compete with me for some reason, and then I got some mint seeds and when I looked at where they were planted they were all like 5 inches tall already with tons of leaves. I don't remember anything else though.

Germinating Dream Herbs

Making Marijuana Biscuits and Gravy

Morning Glory Sprouts

Illinois Bundleflower and Phalaris/Canary Reed Grass Update

Tonight I am going to take a Zyrtec and see what happens.

==Day 12==

No dreams that I can remember, but I feel like I had a dream that was too regular for me to tell between it and real life now and last night.

I am going to make a family chart so that anyone that wants to try to breed plants can, and they will know what has the best chances of breeding successfully based on the chart, and certain plants that will tie parts of the chart together.

Nepetoideae (we'll call this a "Group") includes 3 "Tribes" only 2 of which have many species to work with, but the third may come in handy for someone: Mentheae, Ocimeae & Elscholtzieae.


Salvia (Sages)
Romarinus (Rosemary group)
Lepechinia (Pitcher's Sages)

Nepeta (Catnip group)
Dracophalum (Dragon's Head group)
Agastache (Giant Hyssop)

Origanum (Oreganos)
Thymus (Thymes)

Mentha (Mints)
Saturja (Summer Savory)
Pycnanthemum (Mountain Mints)
Monarda (Bee Balm)
Conradina (False Rosemary)

ALL of those are EXTREMELY CLOSELY RELATED, here is their sister "tribe".


Lavandula (Lavenders)

Hyptis (Bushmints)

Ocimum (Basils)
Plectranthus (Spurflowers)
Solenostemon (Coleus)

Then there are "Cousin" Tribes.


Holmskioldia (Chinese Hat Plant)
Scutellaria (Skullcaps)


Pogostemon (related to all Lamiodeae)

Phlomis (Jerusalem Sage)
Lamium (Dead Nettle)





Stachys (Betony or Hedgenettle)
Sideritis (Mountain Tea)


That is it (as far as we have genetically) of the Nepetoideae, but that is not the end of the larger "mint" family. So more chart to come later.

And in case anyone cares, and just so I can see what goes where. I am going to post the list of what I got here.

Wild Mint (Metha)
Apple Mint (Mentha)
Common Sage (Salvia)
White Sage (Salvia)
Mountain Thyme (Acinos)
Dragon's Head (Dracocephalum)
Coleus Mix (Solenostemon)
Pennyroyal (Mentha)
Blue Sage (Salvia)
Clary Sage (Salvia)
Syrian Oregano (Origanum)
Catnip (Nepeta)
Mother of Thyme (Thymus)
Oregano (Origanum)
Rosemary (Rosemarinus)
Lavender (Lavandula)
Spearmint (Mentha)
Wild Dagga (Leonotis)
Black Horehound (Marrubium)
Water Mint (Mentha)

Also, there is a strange Genus "Mesona" which is basically between Skullcap and Basil, which ties the chart together basically.

doing this is kind of like going to a Rain-forest (like in Mexico or Greece or Syria or something, based on the Genetics) and looking for a new species. So, something awesome could come out of this for sure.

Here are the Hybrids I can attempt with the seeds I am getting.

Mint Hybrid Species:
Wild Mint x Apple Mint
Wild Mint x Pennyroyal
Wild Mint x Spear Mint
Wild Mint x Water Mint
Apple Mint x Pennyroyal
Apple Mint x Spear Mint
Apple Mint x Water Mint
Pennyroyal x Spear Mint
Pennyroyal x Water Mint
Spear Mint x Water Mint = Pepper Mint

Sage Hybrid Species
Common Sage x White Sage
Common Sage x Blue Sage
Common Sage x Clary Sage
White Sage x Blue Sage
White Sage x Clary Sage
Blue Sage x Clary Sage

Oregano Hybrid Species:
Syrian Oregano x Standard Oregano


Sage Species x Rosemary
Catnip x Dragon's Head
Oregano Species x Mother of Thyme
Lavender x Coleus
Horehound x Leonotis

And those are all plants that are extremely closely related. There is also the possibility of.

Sage Species x Mint Species
Mint Species x Rosemary
Mint Species x Catnip
Sage Species x Catnip
Mint Species x Dragon's Head
Sage Species x Dragon's Head
Mint Species x Oregano Species
Sage Species x Oregano Species
Mint Species x Mother of Thyme
Sage Species x Mother of Thyme

Those are less likely to succeed in breeding, but still have a chance.

And it is possible to even go a step further, but I think that I should try all these first and see what happens.

The most stable possible Intergenetic Hybrids from Earlier:
Sage Species x Rosemary
Catnip x Dragon's Head
Oregano Species x Mother of Thyme
Lavender x Coleus
Horehound x Leonotis

I just added some more seeds to the list, so there are some more stable combos to try.

Lemon Thyme
Chinese Medical Plant (Giant Hyssop)
Red Bee Balm
Summer Savory

So now there are mixes possible with...

Mint Species x Summer Savory
Mint Species x Red Bee Balm
Oregano Species x Thyme Species
Coleus x Basil
Catnip x Chinese Medical Plant
Dragon's Head x Chinese Medical Plant

the Acinos is compared to Thyme by people, but it is not on the genetic tree officially yet. So, I think it might be able to breed into the Thyme or Oregano genera.

Tonight I am going to try 1 Zyrtec and 810 mg of Valerian Root.

==Day 13==

No dreams last night from what I can remember, most of the seeds should be here around the 1st, so only like 5 days and this whole thing really gets started.

Marijuana Update

Morning Glory Update

Just something random.

If anyone ever reads this that happens to live in Mckinney Texas or Australia.

1st. Those trees that people in Australia call "Waddle trees" are Acacias, aka "The Tree of Life".

2nd. In Mckinney Texas, across from Boyd Highschool (in the little neighborhood there), unless they built something new there, when you walk straight in and down to wherever the little park is. If you look right next to the park there are trees that have little oval leaves that kind of look like palm leaves, and big spikes, some possibly as big as your pinky. These trees are native to Texas.

Everyone should take seeds and cuttings from these trees and grow them anywhere you can.

If you are ever in West or Southern Texas, or New Mexico or Arizona. And you see a short bush that has kind of furry leaves, big white trumpet flowers and thorny green seed pods. Take the seeds and plant them somewhere. This is Datura.

And if you are in Louisiana or around there (I saw it in the back yard of Red River Academy), and you see a little plant with weird pink flowers that look like a pink dandelion, and leaves that are kind of like palm leaves, and when you touch them the leaves close. This is Illinois Bundleflower, which is a similar plant to Mimosa Hostilis.

Tonight I am trying 2 Zyrtec, so 20 mg.

==Day 14==

I think I have a theory as to why I don't dream regularly.

How many of you go to sleep most nights either watching TV and getting bored or thinking "Finally, done" with whatever you were doing all day?

I think that is my problem. I'm not like doing random busy work, I am doing a few things that are going to take months if not years to finish. And most nights I go to sleep thinking "It's too late and I shouldn't be up right now" or "I guess I can stop here" ex: It is 1:57 am where I am right now.

If I were to have a day where I felt like "Finally, done". I think I would almost absolutely have a dream. Because there would be nothing that I would have to wake up and focus on (I usually have writing or something to do early in the morning, because the ideas are in my head or I texted myself on my phone the night before what to do in the morning)

Anyways. I am going to try a Zyrtec and some Valerian Root together tonight.

Syrian Rue Sprouts

Tonight, 1 Zyrtec, 1.6 g Valerian Root and 1.2 g Catnip.

==Day 15==

No Dreams

When I start breeding Bud (And I will be) I am going to be breeding THCv strains. So probably start with Durban Poison and mix in different Milawi strains, African Strains, Mexican strains and some good Sativas.

Just in case anyone lives in Texas, New York, Florida, New Mexico, Southern California, etc.

If you get bud with seeds in it, SAVE THOSE SEEDS. The only difference between reggie (seedy bud) and Dank bud (seedless) is that the males were killed, seeds were not produced, and the plant focused all it's energy on making buds hoping to attract a bug with some pollen on it.

So if you take Compressed Mexico Import Brick Weed, or just Reggie, and put those seeds in the right conditions, they WILL be plants. And there are people ALL OVER THE WORLD paying like 10-50 dollars for seeds. And if you breed your own strain using reggie genetics (Basically Land Race Genetics) you can get a new strain going that no one has ever seen before.

Ok, I have had this idea, but I did not have the scientific words for it until now.

My idea was that if I took different garden herbs (Catnip, Dragon's head, etc) that have psychoactive effects, and breed only the plants that have the strongest smells and make the most hash, I would get a better (for our uses) breed of plant.

I got the idea from Marijuana, obviously the plant didn't have a reason to evolve the way it is, we selected it, like we have with Bananas and Dogs, etc.

This in evolutionary theory is known as "Pollination Syndrome", the plants with the biggest glands and the strongest smells and the most colors, gets pollinated which has led to changes over time that we can see in plants (for example their are plants that basically have airplane runways on their flowers so that bees know where to go).

So, I now have something behind that theory.

And if anyone is doubting the Cross Genus thing (like Mixing Mint with Sage) look up "Intergenetic Hybrid". And "Angiosperm". Which both point to me being able to do this with these plants.

==Day 16==

Datura Stramonium Germination

Catnip Germination

Wild Dagga Germination

Coleus Germination

Syrian Oregano Germination

Rosemary Germination

2.1 g Damiana & 1.2 g of Valerian Root

In Mexico Damiana is used with Marijuana or Alcohol. So maybe they will make a good dream mix.

==Day 17==

No Dreams

Ghost Train Haze Update

Illinois Bundleflower Update

Morning Glory Update

San Pedro Germination

Animals (including people) only exist because some plants decided not to poison us, because we eat their fruit and shit out their seeds in new places.

So if you eat Apples, Lemons, Oranges, Watermelons, Pumpkins, Tomatoes, or anything that has seeds. Or if you know where to get Marijuana with seeds. Collect some seeds up, and take them out after winter, mix them into a bag of soil. Then throw that soil on the side of highways and in the woods and on the side of businesses that have sprinklers, etc.

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Re: Lucid Dreaming & Growing Dream Herbs

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Taking 3.5 g Damiana and 360 mg Passion flower now, I will take some Valerian Root before bed.

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Re: Lucid Dreaming & Growing Dream Herbs

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In the past I've experimented with dreams and lucid dreaming too, I've also grown mint-related plants with mixed results (like Coleus or Salvia Leucantha).

What I found really working is: being committed and keeping a dream journal (aka diary). If you do it regularly, every night that is, you'll see yourself going from no dream recall to 4 dreams per night (often with lucidity).

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Re: Lucid Dreaming & Growing Dream Herbs

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unsigned_char72 wrote:In the past I've experimented with dreams and lucid dreaming too, I've also grown mint-related plants with mixed results (like Coleus or Salvia Leucantha).

What I found really working is: being committed and keeping a dream journal (aka diary). If you do it regularly, every night that is, you'll see yourself going from no dream recall to 4 dreams per night (often with lucidity).
Once I have some herbs I will start paying more attention to journaling and doing things like writing "awake" on my hand. I just want to try all kinds of stuff and see if there is like a magic bullet.

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Re: Lucid Dreaming & Growing Dream Herbs

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Re: Lucid Dreaming & Growing Dream Herbs

Post by cowfodder » Sat Oct 04, 2014 8:30 pm

Holy wall of text! Welcome to the forum!
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Re: Lucid Dreaming & Growing Dream Herbs

Post by SashaGallagher » Sun Oct 05, 2014 1:58 pm

cowfodder wrote:Holy wall of text! Welcome to the forum!
Lol, thanks.

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