Holographic Universe Theory

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Holographic Universe Theory

Post by Sphere » Sun Jan 20, 2013 10:53 am

I happened upon this web site and watched all five of his videos to find his stuff well worth the time:


I'm now listening to his butterfly book which is also offered for free in MP3, you can link to it from his main page, above.

Here's the intro to the movies:

The Holographic Universe Workshops are a five-part series of movies
designed to examine how quantum physics and recent scientific
experiments are radically changing our understanding of life, our
reality, and our spirituality.

They are based on live workshops delivered all over the world for the
last four years by Stephen Davis, author of "Butterflies Are Free to
Fly - A New and Radical Approach to Spiritual Evolution."

You can watch each part live, via streaming video, or download them
as .avi movie files to play on your computer, using whatever movie
program you have.

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Re: Holographic Universe Theory

Post by kill_blind_elite » Tue Feb 26, 2013 10:53 am

cool link man ... I always knew this kind of stuff. I had these weird senses from the time I was a kid that I had to figure out how the whole universe worked, what it is composed of and where we come from, what is reality and where did it all come from and what is the point behind "BEING". there might be some interesting info that you would like in a couple of books called the secrets of amenti that is supposedly channeled from aliens and inter-dimentional beings that talk about the evolution of our existence and even what existed before us. really really really deep books and the funny thing is that they were written in the seventies and the "BEINGS" talk about this alot in one section they call it the morphogenetic field and they liken everything in the universe to a hologram. they even state that jesus's FAKE death not the real one was a projection of technology that is like a hologram .... they speak of the same exact things like how there are not actually planets as we see them but that everything that we see is a projection from the inside out and that all the information that we see in the rest of the universe is composed in our frame of view. you should look it up. the books will twist your mind into knots because it is so deep but that's what I would want to look up if your are into this sort of thing. also from another spiritual point of view try reading be here now by baba ram dass. :D

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