Converting to Optimistic-ism

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Converting to Optimistic-ism -

Post by SleepyTime » Mon Sep 26, 2011 9:13 pm

Taking a wrong turn in life maybe about 4-5 years, left life with a new perspective. Now I'm cynical about everything almost. Ever since I was young I had this thing of caring too much. Like that isn't right why should they suffer and it just lingers in my mind. But now it's different, I feel like I'm spreading my negative thinking/feelings. I'm not a terrible cynic but usually a lot of things are taking accounted for. With different outcomes which are bad.

The solutions to regular modern things usually end up in negative solutions. Meaning if I don't accomplish this right away, this bad thing will happen or that bad thing can start all this other bad stuff ( bad/negative)

So I come here to ask if anyone has awoken to hearing themselves being cynical/pessimistic and thought to themselves why the fuck am I thinking that way and even thinking out loud to friends who needn't not hear such things.

So yeah is there a way to unlearn it? I use to be positive in my solutions to everything and not have it in a negative manner. I know that I have to balance negative and positive ( yin and yang) but if my own consciousness is telling me to wake up and to smile more, laugh, spread the love more. then i'm all ears please.


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