My Russian Bride

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Re: My Russian Bride -

Post by scyhop:per » Wed Sep 06, 2006 6:39 pm

Foxglove wrote:What a gag gift that would make!!!
I hope you don't think I deserve one. I take back what I said in the FP. That 'gift' is above and beyond cruel and most absurdly unusual.

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Re: My Russian Bride -

Post by Foxglove » Wed Sep 06, 2006 7:06 pm

Funny tho'!
Good for a nasty boss or someone similar.

I have actually heard of a woman marrying her dog! Some kind of absurd publicity stunt probably. I think it was in California, this divorced woman made a point that she would rather marry her dog than deal with another man she did!

Are there mail order grooms too? I have a hard time imagining the kind of guy that goes for that!

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Re: My Russian Bride -

Post by scyhop:per » Wed Sep 06, 2006 7:55 pm

What doesn't happen in Cally? :roll: Maybe Fire Lord would be interested in the mail order groom possibility to serve as a boy toy for his harem when he's away, after he secures his next bride. Gotta be 'nuff wanna-be-a-boy-toy types by the beach. Or do you stay close to home to avoid such an undesirable circumstance FL? I have a hard time imagining any dozen people, male or female, being faithful 24/7, in an already open relationship.
But you know better than I how tings get run in your hemisphere.

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Re: My Russian Bride -

Post by Nate » Thu Sep 07, 2006 5:57 pm

Indian woman marries snake, lets not forget. reference

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Re: My Russian Bride -

Post by Burning_Copal » Fri Sep 08, 2006 6:28 pm

I read that story before Nate ( though not from that link, which strangely caused a error message on my computer ) While many may find such a thing unusual ( or some just plain ' wrong ' ) One should keep in mind that such judgements are very much culturaly based .

I believe the snake involved was a Cobra ( a very dangerous animal by any standards ) and I doubt the snake was defanged, so if the woman interacted with the reptile to such a degree that she desired to marry him, and was still alive when the ceremony took place well then . The snake probobly does like her ( and yes , reptiles can seem to enjoy human company, I have seen kingsnakes that did , but more then snakes I have seen lizards that reminded me more of dogs in behavior then reptiles ) If the two ( the woman and the snake ) enjoyed each others company ( and what ever else they enjoy ) That is great ! Good for them :)

Such marriages while by most ' modern ' western standards , are very strange ( and in somecases seen as just plain ' wrong ' ) down through history, they were probobly , not uncommon ( though obviously not the ' norm ' . There have been other instances within the past few years of such things. I believe one took place in africa between a man and a female goat. He ended up paying a dowery and marrying her. Go figure. While many people find such things odd, What I personaly find odd, is that anyone but the individuals involved worry themselves over it.

Though back to the topic of Russian Brides, I too find many russian women strangely beautiful ( though women from all cultures are beautiful , and everyone period is beautiful, though often we dont have eyes to see this ) I recall seeing a documentary sometime back on this subject actually. While many might think that ' Ordering a Bride ' is like ordering dinner or something , It actually works both ways. In many cases the men are yes, Older , relativly sucessful , and by most standards , socialy inadept ( not that they are bad people, or have anything wrong with them, they just are not your typical ' social butterfly ) and the women, while of course the prospect of going to a western country like america, from a monetary and standard of living point of view, makes sense. Something else should also be noted. Women far outnumber men in russia ( and actually, there are more females then males in the human species period ) But in russia this imbalance is especialy pronounced. And while many may see such methods for finding a 'mate' as odd, or degrading. Many of the women who apply to these marriage agencies, realize, that if they stay in russia, regardless how beautiful or sucessful they are, that their chances of finding a husband are not very good . So there is more to the picture then simply ' ordering a bride ' and I think generaly, in both cases, the men want more then sex, and the women, want more then money . It works both ways.

Oh and since the subject of Polygamy came up , for thoes that practice it , and manage to keep harmony in the houshold , well kuddos . I would think it could be difficult, since multiple women would be vying for the attention of the same man ( atleast this is how most polygamy works nowadays, I am sure in the past , in some culture, a woman may have had multiple husbands ) If the wives, and the husband are content , I see absolutely no issue what so ever. Marriage / Sex and such things are personal, and while it seems to be human nature ( based on culture ) to form ( and often express ) opinons about others choice in such. Really, its no one elses buisness to judge ( though their right to do so )

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Re: My Russian Bride -

Post by zubsza » Fri Sep 08, 2006 11:07 pm

in some culture, a woman may have had multiple husbands
If I remeber correctly from the one cultural antropology class I took, there are several cultures that have polygamy were a women takes muliple husbands. Although, the names of those cultures are not coming to mind at the moment. That was a good number of years ago by now. Maybe it will come back to me a little later know that the memory has been sparked. I'm thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of India perhaps.

Edit: Had to look it up. It is actualy called Polyandry and it is/was(?) praticed in Tibet. It was generaly a situation where two brothers would share a wife.
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Re: My Russian Bride -

Post by scyhop:per » Sat Sep 09, 2006 3:19 pm

zubsza wrote: It was generaly a situation where two brothers would share a wife.
I care about my brother a great deal and am fond of time we have spent together, buuuuut..........:lol:

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Re: My Russian Bride

Post by jbmac » Mon Apr 18, 2016 10:10 am

I tried a doll, it just reminded me how alone I was, I prefer internet porn and jerking off, until I have a GF or a wife, I would rather do a doll than a hooker

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Re: My Russian Bride

Post by cowfodder » Thu Apr 21, 2016 12:06 pm

Deleted spam post. May have to lock this thread if it lures more spam.
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Re: My Russian Bride

Post by Rumpelforeskin » Sat Oct 22, 2016 10:35 pm

I'm pretty sure he does.

I would advice against it. The fantasy of it is very nice, to order a sexy bride you can fuck and love and take care of, but women aren't objects and chances are she will try to fuck you over in some way for being the type of guy to literally buy someone.

There is a chance it would work out and you'll fall in love. But I don't know do you really think that's what will happen? If she doesn't like you I can imagine the kind of emotionally draining relationship you would have until she takes your money and leaves you to rot.

If you're rich, try it out. Might make life interesting for a few months. Maybe you guys could just be friends and you can help her get a job and stuff idk what do those girls plan to do after they're shipped over seas?

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