Getting to know each other.

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Getting to know each other.

Post by aqualung42 » Wed Apr 08, 2020 8:07 pm

Hello new people! Very excited to see the recent activity, and thought I start a thread to get to know each other.

The names aqualung (obviously :D ) I got started collecting ethnobotanicaly interesting plants back in college around '97. I started at trevyns psychedelic shack, and eventually made my way to (edot) this sites direct ancestor. around 2004 ish I retired from the scene after my meager collection got wiped out by fungus gnats and left me with just pots with sticks in them. I used to keep, desmanthus I, withania somnifera, Vocanga, lespedeeza bicolor, desmodium gangeticum, and some phlaris.

About 6 mos ago I got the itch again as I've been finding an interest in farming in general of late. I currently keep Psychotria V and nexus, B. Caapi (cielo) and lionsmane as well as some pleurotis sp. Hoping to get mimosa tenuiflora and maybe a south african ice plant.

What are your stories?

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