Waging A Real War On Christmas/Synchronized Hyperspace Event

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Re: Waging A Real War On Christmas/Synchronized Hyperspace E

Post by SashaGallagher » Wed Oct 11, 2017 4:42 am


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Re: Waging A Real War On Christmas/Synchronized Hyperspace E

Post by SashaGallagher » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:45 am

The Shaivite Temple, Grow 1
This is a series of videos that will probably be around 100 Episodes. Right now it has all the tips and little secret things that you can do for the Veg Cycle (before the Marijuana Flowers start growing). On Friday I will make a video switching the lights to Flower Cycle, and then 2 Months after that I will be harvesting about 1/2 LB per plant, and seeds to start the New Strains.

Ep 2: Identifying Male Marijuana Plants

Ep 3: Identifying Female Marijuana Plants

Ep 4: Mini Bamboo Poles

Ep 5: Random Update

Ep 6: Strain Descriptions

Ep 7: Topping Marijuana Plants for More Colas

Ep 8: Marijuana Watering

Ep 9: Supercropping for Higher Yields

Ep 10: 6ft Bamboo Poles

Ep 11: Marijuana Nutrients & Silicate (Veg Cycle)

Ep 12: Overwatering

Ep 13: LED vs HPS & LED/HPS Combo

Ep 14: 2nd Bunch of 6ft Poles

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Re: Waging A Real War On Christmas/Synchronized Hyperspace E

Post by SashaGallagher » Thu Oct 19, 2017 8:50 am

MR. WEINGLASS: Will you please identify yourself for the record?

THE WITNESS: My name is Abbie. I am an orphan of America.

MR. SCHULTZ: Your Honor, may the record show it is the defendant Hoffman who has taken the stand?

THE COURT: Oh, yes. It may so indicate. . . .

MR. WEINGLASS: Where do you reside?

THE WITNESS: I live in Woodstock Nation.

MR. WEINGLASS: Will you tell the Court and jury where it is?

THE WITNESS: Yes. It is a nation of alienated young people. We carry it around with us as a state of mind in the same way as the Sioux Indians carried the Sioux nation around with them. It is a nation dedicated to cooperation versus competition, to the idea that people should have better means of exchange than property or money, that there should be some other basis for human interaction. It is a nation dedicated to--

THE COURT: Just where it is, that is all.

THE WITNESS: It is in my mind and in the minds of my brothers and sisters. It does not consist of property or material but, rather, of ideas and certain values. We believe in a society--

THE COURT: No, we want the place of residence, if he has one, place of doing business, if you have a business. Nothing about philosophy or India, sir. Just where you live, if you have a place to live. Now you said Woodstock. In what state is Woodstock?

THE WITNESS: It is in the state of mind, in the mind of myself and my brothers and sisters. It is a conspiracy. Presently, the nation is held captive, in the penitentiaries of the institutions of a decaying system.

MR. WEINGLASS: Can you tell the Court and jury your present age?

THE WITNESS: My age is 33. 1 am a child of the 60s.

MR. WEINGLASS: When were you born?

THE WITNESS: Psychologically, 1960.

MR. SCHULTZ: Objection, if the Court please. I move to strike the answer.

MR. WEINGLASS: What is the actual date of your birth?

THE WITNESS: November 30,1936.

MR. WEINGLASS: Between the date of your birth, November 30, 1936, and May 1, 1960, what if anything occurred in your life?

THE WITNESS: Nothing. I believe it is called an American education.

MR. SCHULTZ: Objection.

THE COURT: I sustain the objection.


MR. WEINGLASS: Abbie, could you tell the Court and jury--

MR. SCHULTZ: His name isn't Abbie. I object to this informality.

MR. WEINGLASS: Can you tell the Court and jury what is your present occupation?

THE WITNESS: I am a cultural revolutionary. Well, I am really a defendant---full-time.

MR. WEINGLASS: What do you mean by the phrase "cultural revolutionary?"

THE WITNESS: Well, I suppose it is a person who tries to shape and participate in the values, and the mores, the customs and the style of living of new people who eventually become inhabitants of a new nation and a new society through art and poetry, theater, and music.

MR. WEINGLASS: What have you done yourself to participate in that revolution?

THE WITNESS: Well, I have been a rock and roll singer. I am a reporter with the Liberation News Service. I am a poet. I am a film maker. I made a movie called "Yippies Tour Chicago or How I Spent My Summer Vacation." Currently, I am negotiating with United Artists and MGM to do a movie in Hollywood.
I have written an extensive pamphlet on how to live free in the city of New York.
I have written two books, one called Revolution for The Hell of It under the pseudonym Free, and one called, Woodstock Nation.

MR. WEINGLASS: Taking you back to the spring of 1960, approximately May 1, 1960, will you tell the Court and jury where you were?

MR. SCHULTZ: 1960?

THE WITNESS: That's right.

MR. SCHULTZ: Objection.

THE COURT: I sustain the objection.

MR. WEINGLASS: Your Honor, that date has great relevance to the trial. May 1, 1960, was this witness' first public demonstration. I am going to bring him down through Chicago.

THE COURT: Not in my presence, you are not going to bring him down. I sustain the objection to the question.

THE WITNESS: My background has nothing to do with my state of mind?

THE COURT: Will you remain quiet while I am making a ruling? I know you have no respect for me.

MR. KUNSTLER: Your Honor, that is totally unwarranted. I think your remarks call for a motion for a mistrial.

THE COURT: And your motion calls for a denial of the motion. Mr. Weinglass, continue with your examination.

MR. KUNSTLER: You denied my motion? I hadn't even started to argue it.

THE COURT: I don't need any argument on that one. The witness turned his back on me while he was on the witness stand.

THE WITNESS: I was just looking at the pictures of the long hairs up on the wall . . . .

THE COURT: . . . . I will let the witness tell about this asserted conversation with Mr. Rubin on the occasion described.

MR. WEINGLASS: What was the conversation at that time?

THE WITNESS: Jerry Rubin told me that he had come to New York to be project director of a peace march in Washington that was going to march to the Pentagon in October, October 21. He said that the peace movement suffered from a certain kind of attitude, mainly that it was based solely on the issue of the Vietnam war. He said that the war in Vietnam was not just an accident but a direct by-product of the kind of system, a capitalist system in the country, and that we had to begin to put forth new kinds of values, especially to young people in the country, to make a kind of society in which a Vietnam war would not be possible.
And he felt that these attitudes and values were present in the hippie movement and many of the techniques, the guerrilla theater techniques that had been used and many of these methods of communication would allow for people to participate and become involved in a new kind of democracy.
I said that the Pentagon was a five-sided evil symbol in most religions and that it might be possible to approach this from a religious point of view. If we got large numbers of people to surround the Pentagon, we could exorcize it of its evil spirits.
So I had agreed at that point to begin working on the exorcism of the Pentagon demonstration.

MR. WEINGLASS: Prior to the date of the demonstration which is October, did you go to the Pentagon?

THE WITNESS: Yes. I went about a week or two before with one of my close brothers, Martin Carey, a poster maker, and we measured the Pentagon, the two of us, to see how many people would fit around it. We only had to do one side because it is just multiplied by five.
We got arrested. It's illegal to measure the Pentagon. I didn't know it up to that point.
When we were arrested they asked us what we were doing. We said it was to measure the Pentagon and we wanted a permit to raise it 300 feet in the air, and they said "How about 10?" So we said "OK".
And they threw us out of the Pentagon and we went back to New York and had a press conference, told them what it was about.
We also introduced a drug called lace, which, when you squirted it at the policemen made them take their clothes off and make love, a very potent drug.

MR. WEINGLASS: Did you mean literally that the building was to rise up 300 feet off the ground?

MR. SCHULTZ: I can't cross-examine about his meaning literally.

THE COURT: I sustain the objection.

MR. SCHULTZ: I would ask Mr. Weinglass please get on with the trial of this case and stop playing around with raising the Pentagon 10 feet or 300 feet off the ground.

MR. WEINGLASS: Your Honor, I am glad to see Mr. Schultz finally concedes that things like levitating the Pentagon building, putting LSD in the water, 10,000 people walking nude on Lake Michigan, and a $200,000 bribe attempt are all playing around. I am willing to concede that fact, that it was all playing around, it was a play idea of this witness, and if he is willing to concede it, we can all go home.

THE COURT: I sustain the objection.

MR. WEINGLASS: Did you intend that the people who surrounded the Pentagon should do anything of a violent nature whatever to cause the building to rise 300 feet in the air and be exercised of evil spirits?

MR. SCHULTZ: Objection.

THE COURT: I sustain the objection.

MR. WEINGLASS: Could you indicate to the Court and jury whether or not the Pentagon was, in fact, exercised of its evil spirits?

THE WITNESS: Yes, I believe it was. . . .

MR. WEINGLASS: Now, drawing your attention to the first week of December 1967, did you have occasion to meet with Jerry Rubin and the others?


MR. WEINGLASS: Will you relate to the Court and jury what the conversation was?

We talked about the possibility of having demonstrations at the Democratic Convention in Chicago, Illinois, that was going to be occurring that August. I am not sure that we knew at that point that it was in Chicago. Wherever it was, we were planning on going.
Jerry Rubin, I believe, said that it would be a good idea to call it the Festival of Life in contrast to the Convention of Death, and to have it in some kind of public area, like a park or something, in Chicago.
One thing that I was very particular about was that we didn't have any concept of leadership involved. There was a feeling of young people that they didn't want to listen to leaders. We had to create a kind of situation in which people would be allowed to participate and become in a real sense their own leaders.
I think it was then after this that Paul Krassner said the word "YIPPIE," and we felt that that expressed in a kind of slogan and advertising sense the spirit that we wanted to put forth in Chicago, and we adopted that as our password, really. . . .
Anita [Hoffman] said that "Yippie" would be understood by our generation, that straight newspapers like the New York Times and the U.S. Government and the courts and everything wouldn't take it seriously unless it had a formal name, so she came up with the name: "Youth International Party." She said we could play a lot of jokes on the concept of "party" because everybody would think that we were this huge international conspiracy, but that in actuality we were a party that you had fun at.
Nancy [Kursham] said that fun was an integral ingredient, that people in America, because they were being programmed like IBM cards, weren't having enough fun in life and that if you watched television, the only people that you saw having any fun were people who were buying lousy junk on television commercials, and that this would be a whole new attitude because you would see people, young people, having fun while they were protesting the system, and that young people all around this country and around the world would be turned on for that kind of an attitude.
I said that fun was very important, too, that it was a direct rebuttal of the kind of ethics and morals that were being put forth in the country to keep people working in a rat race which didn't make any sense because in a few years that machines would do all the work anyway, that there was a whole system of values that people were taught to postpone their pleasure, to put all their money in the bank, to buy life insurance, a whole bunch of things that didn't make any sense to our generation at all, and that fun actually was becoming quite subversive.
Jerry said that because of our action at the Stock Exchange in throwing out the money, that within a few weeks the Wall Street brokers there had totally enclosed the whole stock exchange in bulletproof, shatterproof glass, that cost something like $20,000 because they were afraid we'd come back and throw money out again.
He said that for hundreds of years political cartoonists had always pictured corrupt politicians in the guise of a pig, and he said that it would be great theater if we ran a pig for President, and we all took that on as like a great idea and that's more or less---that was the founding.

MR. WEINGLASS: The document that is before you, D-222 for identification, what is that document?

THE WITNESS: It was our initial call to people to describe what Yippie was about and why we were coming to Chicago.

MR. WEINGLASS: Now, Abbie, could you read the entire document to the jury.

"Join us in Chicago in August for an international festival of youth, music, and theater. Rise up and abandon the creeping meatball! Come all you rebels, youth spirits, rock minstrels, truth-seekers, peacock-freaks, poets, barricade-jumpers, dancers, lovers and artists!
"It is summer. It is the last week in August, and the NATIONAL DEATH PARTY meets to bless Lyndon Johnson. We are there! There are 50,000 of us dancing in the streets, throbbing with amplifiers and harmony. We are making love in the parks. We are reading, singing, laughing, printing newspapers, groping, and making a mock convention, and celebrating the birth of FREE AMERICA in our own time.
"Everything will be free. Bring blankets, tents, draft-cards, body-paint, Mr. Leary's Cow, food to share, music, eager skin, and happiness. The threats of LBJ, Mayor Daley, and J. Edgar Freako will not stop us. We are coming! We are coming from all over the world!
"The life of the American spirit is being torn asunder by the forces of violence, decay, and the napalm-cancer fiend. We demand the Politics of Ecstasy! We are the delicate spores of the new fierceness that will change America. We will create our own reality, we are Free America! And we will not accept the false theater of the Death Convention.
"We will be in Chicago. Begin preparations now! Chicago is yours! Do it!"
"Do it!" was a slogan like "Yippie." We use that a lot and it meant that each person that came should take on the responsibility for being his own leader-that we should, in fact, have a leaderless society.
We shortly thereafter opened an office and people worked in the office on what we call movement salaries, subsistence, thirty dollars a week. We had what the straight world would call a staff and an office although we called it an energy center and regarded ourselves as a tribe or a family.

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Re: Waging A Real War On Christmas/Synchronized Hyperspace E

Post by SashaGallagher » Thu Oct 19, 2017 8:59 am

What we will be doing here is breeding Marijuana Strains with New Terpene Profiles, and new Cannabinoid Profiles. If you look up "Terpenes" right now, there are a few people Breeding for Terpenes, the same way I talk about THCv the Jungle Boys and Darkhorse Seeds, Holy Smoke Seeds, etc, they are all Breeding for Terpenes, which is "Flavors" and "Smells"; but also, "effects" that you get from smoking that aren't actually produced by THC or THCv, such as the Indica Effects and Normal non-THCv Sativa Effects.

What I am doing is taking those Bred Terpene Strains (Specifically Holy Smoke Seeds) and breeding them with African Strains, then I will breed those with a 3rd party THCv Strain from another country (in a few months I will start making videos for that, and all of this will start making sense to everyone in the Industry and it will go crazy).

That should achieve a Higher THCv content, but I am also doing things like adding Ladybugs to the grow to get rid of Pest Bugs, and Supercropping, Topping (hence all the flower sites), and various other Epigenetic Methods.
Epigenetics is where your DNA is actually altered within your lifetime, by your environment, your diet, your stress, etc. And research has shown that the harsher things are, the stronger the descendants are. This also fits into Darwin's theory, because the ones that can't survive and keep that knowledge in their DNA, would not Survive.

An example of how anyone can do this, without having to kill some of your plants to find the ones with the best DNA, is by getting something called "Frass". Frass is kind of like the stuff that comes out of Slugs, the goo, but it comes out of different Bugs like the Black Soldier Fly Larvae, which release the goo in compost piles while composting meat and garbage, and it neutralizes the smell of the meat. But when Plants come in Contact with Frass, they freak out. The same way they freak out when you switch lights to 12/12 for flower, and the "freak out" because they know winter is coming. But in this case, they freak out and think they are being attacked by bugs. This causes them to release what is basically a Plant steroid, called Chitin. So you can use Frass to Breed Plants Epigenetically, without killing any of them. They will just all always think they are being attacked by bugs, and going into high gear to fight it. And eventually descendants will just be born in high gear. Frass also contains tons and tons of Nutrients. It is similar to Rabbit poop, or Fish poop, or Chicken poop, or Bat poop (Guano), but it is Insect poop.

I will be getting Frass and Molasses to add today, and I will document everything. And once I have seeds I will give them out to anyone in Colorado or anyone in a legal State who wants them.

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Re: Waging A Real War On Christmas/Synchronized Hyperspace E

Post by SashaGallagher » Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:03 am

I'll just go up to a Random jail like once a Month with a Bunch of Rig Vedas, and share the Blessings of Lord Shiva with them, and let them know that all that time they said "I'm so high right now" in their lives, they were wasting what Shiva was giving them. Then I'll give everyone Contact Information, and when they get out they can join the Temple, or I can give them some of these seeds I am making, and they can be set up at least better than someone who had $50 to buy seeds with to start everything. They'll have good plant Genetics, and a support system in the Temple and other people who came out of the same situation they did.

And that will just be part of it.

I am also going to start giving out Seeds and Clones, and specifically look for people who want to Breed my seeds or grow them and let me Pollinate 1 Branch, then I will give the final seeds after a few mixes in a large number for free to each person involved in the Breeding Program.

And once that it happening, I will start getting people together to start meeting to trade ozs of Strains we've made, and seeds. And eventually rent out a place, and have weekly meetings and allow Members to come by any day of the Week and have some people that are just there all the time.

And we will make it something like a Moose Lodge, or a Rotary Club, and eventually have it be initiation based and have people learn all the Growing and Breeding and Hashmaking and all those Techniques before they are full members, and build a Shaivite Mystery School around it. Hindus invented Mystery Schools, Freemasons and Kabbalists just think they know about all that.

Just something interesting that at first may seem confusing, but is really something a lot of people just haven't thought about.

If 15 people just so happen to be in the same place and talking to each other, it does not make them a "Group", they are just a "Group of People", which is different than the Ethereal "Group". If 5 people are standing next to each other, and they can all sing, and they all happen to know each other somehow, they are not really a Group. But once they say "We are the Backstreet Boys", now they have become a Group.

Most people spend their whole lives going to events, seeing movies, watching reality TV shows, thinking that they are part of a Group, when really they are just a "Group of People". Now, if 50 people watch a reality TV show and they meet up and decide to start filming things themselves, then they are a "Group".

Just something that most people have probably never thought about. And it also gets into Race. If you are "White" or "Black" you are a "Group of People", but if you are in the Aryan Brotherhood, or the Tea Party, or the Black Panther Party, or the Nation of Islam, now you are in a Group. That is why most people don't identify very fully with their own Race, because most people do not separate themselves into actual "Groups".

And my point is not that people should base Groups on race, that is just an obvious example. But there is a difference between being a Group of People and a Group. Music is another obvious example. You might like Rap or Rock or Hip-Hop, but until you say "We are X Group" then you are just part of a Group of People.

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Re: Waging A Real War On Christmas/Synchronized Hyperspace E

Post by SashaGallagher » Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:16 am

I posted this in like October 2106 during the Election, basically it is pointing out that 4 years is not a long time:

I have been talking about the current election since October 22, 2013 (facebook, I even guessed Ted Cruz would run) and March 21, 2014 (forums) and I even made a Facebook group called "Open Carry Day at the RNC" in July 2014 with Nazi images (long before Trump was running and being compared to Hitler. I just saw that neo-Nazi attitude coming from the Tea Party, and wanted to see if they would all take guns to their convention if I invited a bunch of people to do so. I was raised in Texas and I have met the friendly neo-Nazis that just seem like not horrible, freedom loving people until you get deep into their Facebook profile.). I knew that a Woman would be running for president and was really ready for that, I just hoped that it would be someone more charismatic than Hillary Clinton (I even called it back then that they would say she looked sick, or say she was too old, which is not true, but it is an obvious attack) and someone that is not in the same Bloodline as all of our past presidents. Trump and Clinton are actually related, they are like 8th cousins or something (I suggested Kirsten Powers, because she can really debate). But last night Hillary did show that she can definitely beat Trump in debate, which was not a surprise. I have been saying that she would beat Trump in debate since June or July of this year (twitter).

But I figured now is a good time to start talking about who is going to run in 2020, just to see what people think. I personally think that Tulsi Gabbard should run. I wouldn't mind if Bernie ran again, but I never supported him this time because he was very fake about his Revolution. He literally knew Abbie Hoffman personally, but he pretends that a Revolution can be achieved by voting. That is not a Revolution, there is no Revolution without bloodshed. And why is Bernie not talking about ending Corporate Property Rights, etc? That's the Revolution, what Bernie talks about isn't a real Revolution, but I would like to see it turn into a real Revolution. And of course Elizabeth Warren should run, she kind of just bowed her head to Hillary this time. I think Bernie actually ran because Elizabeth Warren didn't run. But if Tulsi Gabbard ran I think she could definitely win and she should definitely run. That's for the Democratic Party.

And as for the Republican Party, that is really up in the air. If Trump ends up winning, the Republican Party is going to be a whole different thing and it will be at least 8 years until any Republicans run again if Trump wins (even if he doesn't win a second term), and if Hillary wins it will be at least 8 years before another Democrat can run (even if she doesn't get a second term). I kind of hope Trump wins, just because it would gin up the left (The Protests and Riots would be fun too) so that they aren't so middle of the road, and then in 4 years a Democrat could run. But Hillary can definitely beat Trump, so it could go either way. But if Trump loses this election, and even if he wins (but if he wins they might become a whole new party, having attempted to build a wall, etc), I am pretty sure we will see Marco Rubio running again, and Ted Cruz. I really don't want to see Ted Cruz run again though. Of course Huckabee is going to run, and we might start seeing people like Megyn Kelly running, which wouldn't be horrible. I think Stephen Colbert started this whole thing where people come out of Television and run for President, and Trump is proving that it can possibly even work pretty well. Stephen Colbert never actually ran though, if he were going to run it would be in this current election. Paul Ryan might also run for President, and that wouldn't be extremely horrible.

But if Trump wins I think we will start seeing a new Republican Party. His kids, at least a few, will probably start running for different offices (probably not president right away), and we will see some really anti-Mexican, anti-Immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-, anti-, anti-, Republicans, just really existing in opposition to the rights of other groups. A lot of racists will feel empowered to start running for office and David Duke won't be such a lonely KKK guy in office anymore.

And the next 4 to 8 years, if Trump wins, are going to be ripe for 3rd parties. So we could see the Libertarians take the GOP or the Tea Party or both (not a great chance, but maybe). Or a whole new party could come out of nowhere. And supposedly Kanye West is going to run, but if he wants to win he really needs to start getting Political, he doesn't have to run for an office yet, but even just being as Political as P. Diddy with the "Vote or Die" campaign, or getting really in to Flint, or the current protests in Charlotte North Carolina, or Black Lives Matter in General, would be a good start if he actually plans on running in 4 years. I'm not sure if I would vote for him, but he needs to start getting Political if he does want anyone to vote for him.

So the person I would want to see run for President the most next time would be Tulsi Gabbard. Then Elizabeth Warren, or Bernie if he actually starts teaching people about the real Revolution that almost happened in the 60s, because there was a real Revolution brewing, that is why the Democrats (the Southern Racist Party at the time) passed the Civil Rights Bills. And I wouldn't mind seeing Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan or Megyn Kelly run for President (I don't think Kirsten Powers is ever going to, she even stopped debating). We really need more people that are outside of the current Presidential Bloodline. We do get to "vote", but we are basically just voting for our favorite Royal Family member. Even Bush and Obama are related, via Cheney (this has been addressed by Obama publicly, and is in Cheney's wife's book), and Trump and Hillary are related (This has been addressed by respected media outlets, I believe the Washington post did an article), and they are all descendants of the evil tax collecting King (King Richard) from the Robin Hood story. We need to end this, and the best way is to pick people to support many years ahead of time.

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Re: Waging A Real War On Christmas/Synchronized Hyperspace E

Post by SashaGallagher » Sat Nov 18, 2017 6:53 pm

If anyone wants to help get Hindu Shaivite and West Indie Religious and Cultural Marijuana use recognized under International Human Rights (it has gotten to the point where people are scared to even convert to Religions they identify with), contact this email (the Inter American Human Rights Commission)

And tell them to Call the White House because it is urgent, and send them these numbers for the White House Situation Room
202-456-9451, 202-456-9453, or 202-456-9431

If you live outside of the United States, but in the Americas, and use Marijuana Religiously (Hindu Shaivites, Rastafarians, etc), contact me if you would like to be part of an International Human Rights Case. We need to show the Court that this is not just something that is happening in the United States.

If anyone wants to help get the DEA Exemption Process finished faster, Email this address (The DEA Pharmaceutical Registration Email)

And use the Subject “For Demetra Ashley: Shaivite Temple”
Then just tell them that you agree with what the Temple is doing, or are a Hindu Shaivite, and ask that they approve the request of the Shaivite Temple.

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Re: Waging A Real War On Christmas/Synchronized Hyperspace E

Post by SashaGallagher » Sun Jan 07, 2018 4:16 pm

And for anyone that needs this completely explained, I am about to completely explain it.
https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@marsreside ... -own-money

So, what problem am I Solving here? Why isn't Steemit enough?

Steemit is not an end result, it is an example. And to prove how wrong the implementation was (not detrimental, just impairing), you need look no further than the Namesake. Steemit is meant to be a Copy of Reddit, but with Money being given out for Votes. And that is a great idea, I am not discounting that.

But here is the Problem I am solving. There are already websites where people make Money. People make Money on Youtube, people make money by using their Twitter Followers to advertise for Tide or Iphone, or whatever Snoop Dogg can sell on his feed (nothing against Snoop, and I am not finished explaining yet), and people are on Instagram all day hoping to make a Brand that they can sell, or become a Model; then on Facebook people are using their Pages and Feeds to sell things.

And Youtube, that is the best example of the Problem that needs Solving. YouTube has Adsense which allows you to be paid, directly to a Bank Account. But you have to apply, and give them your Social Security Number, then actually earning money on YouTube is nearly impossible unless you get a sponsor, and join a network of Youtubers who you can have your videos attached to. And it doesn't matter really how many likes you get, or comments, it is all about views. And on top of that, you have to put ads in your videos that have nothing to do with your videos at all, and people don't really watch or click on anyways. Steemit is the example, Youtube is the Problem, are you starting to undersstand the Solution?

Now, further, Forums. Most people don't use forums, but there are examples like the Joe Rogan Forum, where there are MMA people, and DMT people, and Conspiracy Theorists, and random people, all in 1 place. And Joe Rogan has a Podcast, where he has Advertisers who pay him money to sell you things. But you do not make any money off of Joe Rogan. To Joe Rogan you are a product that he can sell to Audible, or Snack Boxes or whatever company he is selling things for that day. But if he created a Blockchain for his Forum, the whole community could be creating wealth for him and themselves. Same for any other Youtuber, or Podcaster, or Blogger or anyone with a Forum.

Then, not just YouTube, a website like BlogTalkRadio could put their website on a Blockchain, and everyone making Podcasts there could earn money straight off the Blockchain.

Once every website that wants to offer you money is on a Blockchain, you will be able to not only be able to Democratically earn money on a Website like Steemit by liking other people's Content and getting likes. But you will Democratically be able to choose which website you want to earn on.

And if anyone is wondering how this all = money. It is through the exchanges. You trade these coins for Bitcoins, then you can cash those out into your Bank, or you can do things like buy Gift Cards on Gyft.

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