Sign a Petition for Decriminalizing Cannabis in EU countries

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Sign a Petition for Decriminalizing Cannabis in EU countries

Post by Minatodevi » Sun Mar 17, 2013 5:57 pm

EU: Cannabis Decriminalization in all EU countries

Sign the petition here and please share this ... alization/

Consider signing this petition that was started on 17.03.2013. There are different kind of views and thoughts brought up with this petition that are not usually spoken in public media. Whether or not you approve the statements, this petition is for ALL people and for the NATURE. Help us preventing nonviolent crimes!

"Make more love not law. Would you want your children to be locked up in the jail? Our Goal is to prevent unnecessary crimes and guilt. To relief suffering. To give people freedom to express themselves and give a personal right to judge their life themselves. This means that person is only responsible for himself/herself for his/hers own actions, not for the society. Stop the stigmatizing of Cannabis users. Please give your support to other countries too, with this pressure we can make miracles. You are helping us all for preventing unnecessary crimes. This would mean that: “All personal use of cannabis and small homegrowing should be decriminalized.”


People have the right to use and search nature freely, it’s our Source and a library, and it really has many gifts for all living beings. It is our right to use it as we are born. It is Our nature. Society cannot take away something from us that we are born with.

Plant & Cultural Studies is not only for the people of the Universities and highly qualified researchers. It is of interest of many other people too.

Let's make this work :) No matter how many tries we have to make

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