National Geographic Inside LSD Documentary

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National Geographic Inside LSD Documentary

Post by Sphere » Sun Nov 25, 2012 7:01 pm

Well worth a watch:

I wasn't sure where to post this inside the forum because this story is not primarily about a natural entheogen (although originally developed through studying ergot fungi). This documentary addresses both the possible good and bad of LSD; the helpful mental health effects as well as the sometimes negative.

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Re: National Geographic Inside LSD Documentary

Post by Metanoian » Mon Nov 26, 2012 2:36 am

I don't mind Nat Geo's documentaries on drugs. They're pretty balanced and honest for the most part. Here's a part of the Drugs Inc. "Hallucinogens" episode that had me in tears. I have been a sufferer of cluster headaches since before puberty, and I know first hand the healing power of the mushroom.

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