Dr IraZ has went with the spirits

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Dr IraZ has went with the spirits

Post by DrIraZ_Jr » Fri Jun 01, 2012 6:33 am

To those of you who may have know DrIraZ he passed on to the spirit world for eternity on May11, 2012. The doctor loved the outdoors and on several occasions lived off of nothing but the land so gratefully given to him by Mother Earth. He spent many a days staring into the eyes of Father Sky. May he now blow with Spirit Wind. The good doctor was an avid gardener. He loved to read and research. He spent many a day in the Archie Bunker chair with a good book. He was a very talented wood carver. The doctor is my father. I will carry on his legacy. My father was a very giving man. If ever someone was in need of help he was there. For those that would like more information about the physical passing of DrIraZ/Tom please contact me via PM or at TomLivesOn@yahoo.com

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