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Re: This Death Thing

Post by The Wrong Alice » Tue Jul 31, 2012 5:15 pm

Flapjack I think will know where I'm coming from here.

This is all just my belief, my opinion. I might be able to prove some things, but I don't want to, so take it for what it is and disbelieve if you like.

I've worked magic most of my life. My interest in entheogens, my path as a poisoner, is part of my spirituality. I remember past lives, I've been here before.

I also work a little with necromancy. I have spoken to the dead, my mate (Fox) and I have even passed messages from the dead onto their living loved ones. I don't, and won't, do it often, just a favor to a friend a time or two.

For the most part my work there is in the fact that Hecate is the patron of the restless dead, and I work with her, so I work with them.

There is definitely something that comes next, but I think what it is depends on who you are and what you believe. I believe Christians do go to Heaven, and the ones who believe they're going to Hell... They do that too. Buddhists probably come back the fastest, and Hellenists go to Erebus.

As Fox says, if you want to understand death, all you have to do is die.

I know a couple of methods for communicating with, or at least experiencing the presence of, the souls of the dead. This probably isn't an appropriate venue though. Would be fascinating to perform a Dinner For The Dead ritual while on a hallucinogen though.

EDIT: I think I know my plans for Samhain (Halloween). Thanks.

May you find what you seek,
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