What beer are you drinking right now?

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Re: What beer are you drinking right now?

Post by (^inf » Sat Nov 16, 2013 6:40 pm

Unfortunately its a small tesco near here but there's a few good bottled beer shops around anyways. The ale is something to love about blighty.

I also worry about health more this time round. Im not old (thirty something) but guess Ive grown up about health since the old edot. The only thing I smoke is very small amounts of home made strong salvia extract. I feel much healthier now ive found that other pure plant magic can happily reside in an equal measure of propylene glycol for use in variable wattage personal vaporisers and "clearomisers". Nicotine also seems less possesive without the harmine and tar mixed in. I hope to have avoided avoidable carcinogens now.

The premium beer kits are easy but I still only get round to it about once or twice a year. It only takes and hour or so of actual work. Disinfect 40pt bucket. Tip in 2 cans of tasty hopped malt extract with two kettles of boiling water. Fill up bucket to top with cold water and add yeast/hop sachet. Stir to mix and aerate. Put lid and air-stop bubbler thing on. Leave for 7 to 14 days at room temp (18C is best) until its not sweet tasting. Syphon into 10 x 2litre lemonade bottles being careful to taste a few pints whilst doing so. Add a tablespoon of fructose to each bottle. Keep warm for two days and then forget about it in the cool garage/basement.

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