Blue lotus & wine

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Re: Blue lotus & wine

Post by kill_blind_elite » Thu Sep 22, 2016 4:32 pm


so I have done blue lotus a million times in a million different ways, sometimes without effect and sometimes with great effect or very little.
since this is the forum for fermented drinks then I thought that I would share a recipe.
mead is easy to make compared to other alcohols, but you need to not make the mistake that I make everytime that I make mead; "DRINKING IT TOO SOON"

what you need....
an airlock device (Which are pretty cheap) or a couple of balloons.
two gallons of distilled water or one gallon of distilled water and a gallon carboy (gallon glass jug)
3 pounds of honey ( preferably unprocessed honey )
two OZ of good blue lotus flower or stamens. (you have to find a good source for BL cause there are good sources that have amazing effects and then there are the rest that are near worthless)
one small self serving box of raisins
bakers yeast or wine yeast. I like five star yeast that you can get from walmart.
optional pear juice, fruit like = blue berries, blackberries, strawberries, marrion berries, oranges ect.
optional spices like nutmeg, corriander, cinnamon, vanilla bean ect.
if you would like my recipe after the regular process of adding the honey , I then add a bottle of pear juice ( the big ones in the juice isle. then I put blackberries, blueberries, oranges and agave nectar in a pot to boil along with the raisins and any herbs or spices that I want to add excluding the blue lotus, that will be added after the second rack.
all spoons, spatulas tubes for siphoning, lids or any other utensils need to be soaked in bleach water. I add about a half cup to my sink after filling it up most of the way. and after the procedure is done all utensils need to be cleaned and bleached again for future use.

starting procedure: take a gallon of distilled water and pour it out into a pitcher and put the honey into the distilled water jug.
put the raisins berries, pear juice, agave nectar and whatever seasonings that you want to into a pot for boiling and then add a cup and a half of distilled water and bring to a boil.
boil the berry/orange mush for 15 minutes. you don't want to boil the honey because that will take away too much flavor from the wine when it is done.
before adding the orange make sure that you cut them into eights so that they can fit into the lid of the gallon jug.
when the mush is done pour it into the jug with the honey and make sure to get all of the fruit into it, then add more distilled water until it is a couple of inches from the top.
let this cool for at least five hours before adding your yeast because heat will kill the cultures. take some of your distilled water( better if at room temp) about a cup of distilled water and add your yeast to it and let it sit for about a half an hour. then add this to your mush . this is called pitching the yeast.
after this is done take your airlock or your balloon from the bleachwater and fasten it to the lid of the jug. if you used a balloon then you will need to poke some holes into the ballon so that the air can escape when the carbon dioxide is building up in the jug. put this jug aside in a cool dark place and the balloon will stand up after a few hours. this is how you know that it's fermenting. this will go on for a week and a half to a couple of weeks.
wait for it to stop fermenting and then wait another two weeks cause even though it sems as though it is done fermenting it still has not stopped. after about three weeks when you began, maybe four weeks. you are going to rack the mash. all this means is that you are going to siphon out the wine trying not to disturb the berries and the muck in the bottom of the jug. make sure that you are siphoning it into a very clean jug. I just buy another distilled water jug and pour the distilled water into a pitcher and this jug is what I use to rack my wine into. at this point you are going to put a regular lid on this new jug and shake it up very good and then add another balloon to the top. let this jug sit for another month and a half and rack again. there will be a process of racking your wine three times in total to clarify it. after the second racking you are then going to add two ounces of blue lotus. I like to run my blue lotus through a coffee grinder to make it a powder. reassuring that I get as many alkaloids as possible..... at this point you will not need a balloon on top and you will shake it every three days or so, letting it sit maccerating with the lotus for another month. atthe stage where you added the lotus, you can also add any ps extract that you made ( ask and I will tell you how :-) ) or any other herbs that you deem worthy for your psychoactive wine. lotus literally synergizes with everything that you can imagine. it not only synergizes with the wine but also enhances opiates, kratom, mushrooms, MJ, any thing that you can think of.

seriously. it doesn't get any simpler than this. this is the most simple way to make alcohol that I have ever came across.

YOU GUYS ENJOY and if any of you make some of your own psychoactive mead, then I want to hear how it turns out. and remember, the wine will be WAYYYYY better if you let it sit for at least six months or more. two years would make it like liquid gold.

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Re: Blue lotus & wine

Post by catriona7899 » Wed Mar 27, 2019 11:45 pm

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Re: Blue lotus & wine

Post by kill_blind_elite » Thu Aug 06, 2020 12:55 pm

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Re: Blue lotus & wine

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