"Bad wine better than fresh wine?"

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"Bad wine better than fresh wine?"

Post by Capsaicin » Sun Nov 11, 2012 10:31 am

I usually buy one gallon glass jugs of red or white wine. It usually takes me about a month to finish them. Well this one time I didn't place the lid on correctly and it greatly altered the taste of the wine. It had a more kombucha/vinegar type of taste with a shallow alcohol taste. Back then that made me drink the wine faster to prevent that sort of thing but after reading about Taoist masters getting drunk all the time to write poetry etc and seeing some martial art flicks based on ancient China ( they would carry a gourd with a cork) , I now welcome the altered taste in wine and believe it actually gives a better buzz. I haven't experimented thoroughly but from my last jug of wine, the buzz has been better and safer for me.
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Re: "Bad wine better than fresh wine?"

Post by Dr Zzz » Sun Nov 11, 2012 4:43 pm

Wine evolves when in contact with air. Sometimes it is for the best, sometimes for the worst. Keep in mind that you should let any wine "breathe" (like for 15-30 min in the bottle of in a carafe or 5 min in a glass) before drinking it.
Recently the half of a very cheap Gaillac bottle was left for two days, and was way better after that. Gaillac are among the worst wines in France (well some of them are good, but the rest ...), and the cheap ones are basically awfull, so the improvement was welcome. The same thing was constated with a bad, 2 euros, Corbière several years ago.

It is sometimes interresting with cheap, bad, or basic wine. I would not play with it when it comes to the good stuff. Fine wines are good in the first place so I don't take the risk to spoil them. I have currently some pretty good Corbière-Boutenac, Collioure, and La Grave Bordeaux. You can be sure I'll drink them as they are ;)

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Re: "Bad wine better than fresh wine?"

Post by Oaxaca2 » Fri Nov 15, 2013 12:30 pm

Hmmm. I hate the size of wine bottles! I wish I could just buy a 50cl bottle like a beer instead of 75cl. I'm only saying this because my gf doesn't drink red wine whereas I'm really into it, I love trying new grape varieties and single varietal wines (as well as the occasional blend... you can't go wrong the the GSM / Rhone blend). However 75cl bottles are expensive if you go for quality, are too much for one sitting for one person and go off after 2 days or so. Those small 175ml bottles are TOO small, one glass' worth + you only have a crap selection to choose from.

Anyway rant over and back to the question. Its interesting. I definitely get the greater acidity/kombucha flavour in an oxidised wine. As to the buzz, is it really different? I guess technically its possible. I've drank 3-4 day old wine before but nothing older. After a month WITH the lid on I would have thought the wine would be well and truly oxidised! I may give this a go and see what I think, on a very cheap wine of course and I hope I can keep it down! Anyone else experience a different buzz with oxidised wine?

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Re: "Bad wine better than fresh wine?"

Post by (^inf » Fri Nov 15, 2013 6:31 pm

Let one little fruit fly in and it'll soon taste of acetic bacteria.

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