Curious German Spirit

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Re: Curious German Spirit

Post by Oaxaca2 » Fri Nov 15, 2013 7:28 am

Wow its weird posting on these (new) forums. Its been about 5 years since last posting here as oaxaca (I've had to change my username as its been so long my old account has been deleted I think). Anyway, I wonder if any of you guys still frequent these forums? Foxglove? EROC? Ferdinand? If so then Hey! How's it been going???

Anyway since 2008 I now have a nice small collection of herbal liqueurs picked up on my travels over the years... A link to my (beer review) blog where I list them is here: ... ueurs.html

My latest find was Pelinkovac, a Croatian liqueur that is really delicious with tonic water. Plenty of vegetal/herbal flavour, bitterness and not too heavy going. Highly recommended if you can get a bottle.

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