Hieracium pilosella Hogeurt Haret

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Hieracium pilosella Hogeurt Haret

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Hieracium pilosella "Hogeurt," "Hogwart," "Haret," "Huopavilleltuvo," "Mouse Eared Hawkweed"

My love affair with Hieracium goes back to age four on the hilltop farm 743 Cole Road Boston, New York 14025 in 1980.

I remember the day I was enchanted. I remember the dogs in our hallway as I walked to the front yard at sunset and gazed at an orange hawkweed Hieracium auraticuum and KNEW this Plant was Ours.

In July 1992, already acquainted with the effects of *edit* and having read about peyote, mushrooms Amanita and Psilocybe, among other drug producing organisms, I opened a book on Medicinal Plants at The Village Green Bookstore on Elwood Avenue in Buffalo, New York.

I focused in on te description of THIS HERB like the first Native American Indian to hear and spot PeyoteLophophora williamsii. I knew Haret would be grown and sampled by me.

I smoked some in 1992 September or October from a Haret or Hogeurt MAtt from the Millbrook School's Crazy Fields.

One EZ Wider Cigarette of dried leave material produced Something of an effect. However, I concurrently smoked cigarettes.


1999 June Smoked 2 EZ Wider cigarettes of dried leaves. Effect noticed within 40 seconds. Bioassay felt like having smoked 2 Marlboro Red Cigarettes on 3 cups of coffee. This lasted 45 minutes and left me satisfied afterwards, like a runners' high.

Chemistry: Cholerogenic Acid, Umbelliferone, oxycoumin, phenolic content, apigenin 7-0-glucoside.

Assessment report on Hieracium pilosella L., herba - European ...
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Pilosella consists largely of leaf and contains the coumarin umbelliferone present predominantly as the 7-glucoside, the flavone luteolin and its 7-glucoside and other flavonoids, caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid. The plant is small, 10-30cm long. Widely polymorphic, where the stump emits creeping stolons.
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