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Post by eva » Sat Jan 09, 2016 10:06 am

Lot of good variety of caapi out there (whole & ground), even liquid & dry extracts.

When googling caapi extracts, noticed as well there are lab-tested standardized ones now out there with good reviews. Not many dry extracts out there (most are in liquid form). The lab-tested ones had tested for equal amounts of tetrahydroharmine to harmine, they have a very long history of indigenous use.

Found this interesting from Erowid, lot of great studies by Callaway.

TPQ Category UDV members showed greater: As opposed to:

Harm Avoidance:
Confidence vs Fear of uncertainty

Gregariousness vs Shyness with strangers

Uninhibited optimism vs Anticipatory worry

Vigor vs Fatigability and asthenia

Novelty Seeking:
Stoic rigidity vs Exploratory excitability

Regimentation vs Disorderliness

Reflection vs Impulsiveness

source: McKenna & Grob 1994 (See full details in Grob et al. 1996)

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