Best entheogen to heal the personality?

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The Wrong Alice
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Re: Best entheogen to heal the personality?

Post by The Wrong Alice » Mon Jul 23, 2012 3:41 pm

Wood Rose, not Rose Wood.

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dharma bum
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Re: Best entheogen to heal the personality?

Post by dharma bum » Wed Nov 28, 2012 7:57 pm

Without a doubt, ayahuasca.

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Re: Best entheogen to heal the personality?

Post by kill_blind_elite » Fri Dec 21, 2012 7:25 pm

most visionary plants i believe were put here by god for that reason in one way or another ... like the guys up above stated: kratom will make you feel great but it has an addictive nature, blue lily is great for uplifting the mood and I really don't consider it a drug at all in my opinion but it is very mild and you either have to spend a long amount of time making it or get a good extract .... I have tried some and they really suck ... the headshops sell it in bars but make sure it's 50:1 , really there is a multitude of herbs that work great ,... you just have to find the right preparation . kava is great if you have the right product , it took me around seven years to come up with the right recipe and find some good kava that works. this literally took me years of failing to get any effect from it other than numbness and now it's one of my favorite herbs (PM ME FOR A GOOD VENDOR AND RECIPE). then life replenishing herbs ... tonics and such there are a great variety. anything that reduces stress such as herbs that effect gaba receptors such as L-theinine in green tea or passion flower .... the latter you need a huge dose for any effect but it is possible , ginseng is also good for this as it convinces your central nervous system that your body has no stress so that it can repair damaged cells .... then there are the more long term philosophical and life changing experiences that are usually of a psychadelic nature ie: morning glory and it's extractives and derivatives lsa and lsh ... ayahuasca additives are the most common for this , san pedro and other friendly cactus (MY DOG HAD HIS OWN PERSONAL VISION OF THE CONNECTION OF ALL THINGS THROUGH GODS CONCIOUSSNESS WITH PEDRO) and from what I have studied about it : iboga is the god of all of these but you have to travel some to another country to find it as it is schedualed in the US . really all plants that have any mundane or other benefit is for the aforementioned reasons ... try looking up any type of life changing experience on ayahausca or look up joe rogan talks about iboga and look up retreats for it, and if you wanna go that route you can always look up a retreat in cousco or lima to find a curandero for an ayahausca ceremony. :D

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