About awake kundalini through Herbs

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About awake kundalini through Herbs -

Post by Gomorry » Mon Dec 22, 2008 1:40 am

Is it possible awake kundalini and obtain all siddhis (major and minors) using herbs in a short time?

I heard that is possible but a little dangereous.

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Re: About awake kundalini through Herbs -

Post by greeny » Mon Dec 22, 2008 2:28 am

Maybe, but doubtful. Will you be able to integrate all of it, with your own life, in this world, for the benefit of everyone (because then otherwise, the awakening is pointless)? That's still a lot of work to do.

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Re: About awake kundalini through Herbs -

Post by Gomorry » Mon Dec 22, 2008 2:45 am

Sorry, that's not my paradigm (benefit of everyone)


In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Chapter IV, verse 1 it is stated that the supernormal perceptual powers of Siddhis CAN be reached through the use of certain herbs, replicating on the short term a mind-strength ability and potential execution of powers similar to or equal to that of a person versed in Siddhis garnered via the highest levels of Spiritual Attainment. (see)

The texts go on to say that through the use of certain herbs it is possible for a partial or fuller Awakening to be brought about; either the Awakening of Ida or Pingala, or the Awakening of Sushumna. In Sanskrit, the method of Awakening through herbs is called Aushadhi and an Awakening thus achieved, can, under the right circumstances and conditions, albeit short term, replicate at least partially the level of a Chalabhinna, an Arhat of the third level of realization with the ability of Iddhavidha, the power of transformation.(see)

It is written as well that the herbs used to awaken this potentiality should be obtained and administered ONLY through the Guru and NOT without a Guru. The reason for such is because there are certain herbs that awaken only Ida and there are others that awaken only Pingala; and there are those that can and do suppress either or both. Aushadhi or the herbal Awakening can be a very quick, albeit risky and unreliable method. It should be done only with one who is a very reliable person, who knows the science of it's use thoroughly, and versed in the arts thereof.

In his series of eleven best selling books, Carlos Castaneda writes how he met and apprenticed under a Yaqui Indian he calls Don Juan Matus, himself trained by a Diablero, a shamam/sorcerer said to have evil powers and the ability to shape shift. Under the direct tutelage of Don Juan, Castaneda used various amounts and types of hallucinogenic herbs and medicinal plants to enlarge his vision of reality, primarily, as outlined in his first two books, a plant called Sacred Datura.

As Castaneda writes about Don Juan he was never too fond of Datura, a plant he refered to as Yerba del Diablo, the "devil's weed." In the narative Don Juan claimed its power was not unlike that of a woman saying:

"She (Datura) is as powerful as the best of allies, but there is something I personally don't like about her. She distorts men. She gives them a taste of power too soon without fortifying their hearts and makes them domineering and unpredictable. She makes them weak in the middle of their great power."

In the case of states of being enhanced through medicinal plants, herbs, or drugs -- especially in the first few instances of use -- unless it is under the auspices of someone similar to the Curandera in the Velada Ceremony, the tribal elder with Sacred Datura, or an Obeahman as in the use of Branched Calalue, it is likely to be highly uncontrolled. The individual could easily find himself hurled into some far-flung region of inner space, with little chance to absorb or even notice the intervening regions. The power of the drug takes Awareness as it were, and artificially exposes it, stripping away or reducing mind created protective barriers and flings it --- Awareness --- out to an unfamiliar realm of consciousness. Without adequate preparation, the traveler can feel totally disoriented. However, under the hand of proper guidance, the space-time experience wedged open by the drug between the initial grasp of Awareness and it's ultimate closing, whether it is pinhole in size to a dam breaking, or a mili-second to an hour, it can be highly productive --- including the use and ability of Siddhis. Finally, with drugs, the open window and the touching of Awareness is of limited duration. When the power or strength of the drug wanes, the barriers to Awareness previously pushed aside rush back in, closing like a fist around a valuable pearl. It is the practiced and experienced drug master that has the knowledge and ability to mix and fine tune the proportions so the traveler can widen or lengthen how long the window is open. See also Sun Dagger as well as Obeah.


Of the three, Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna, Sushumna is the highest. However, in the everyday manifestation of the Samsara world, Sushumna is masked or veiled. Sometimes, under the auspices of herbs or drugs, and for the most part this is what typically happens, Ida and Pingala become or can be suppressed which inturn SEEMS to elevate Sushumna, but actually only so RELATIVELY SPEAKING. The fleeting glimpse of Sushumna is only made possible because of the suppression of the other two...which is NOT a complete Awakening. See Sunyata.

As shown on the graphic, on either side of the spinal cord are the Ida and Pingala nadis. These correspond to the sympathetic ganglia on each side of the spinal cord. On the left of the Sushumna lies Ida nadi. To the right lies Pingala nadi. Ida derives its name from being "pale" Pingala from being "reddish." Ida represents the cool moon and Pingala represents the hot sun. The Ida and the Pingala nadis are said to correspond to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Ida and Pingala are also said to spiral around the Sushumna as depicted on the backqround graphic. Only the Sushumna goes from the Root Chakra to the crown center. The texts say the challange is to stabilize the flow of bio-energy in the central pathway. As long as the energy is spiraling around the Sushumna in the Ida and Pingala, the spiritual seeker is said to be driven by external forces: the forces of nature. The duality of life. Positive and Negative. Sun and moon. When the energy is channeled along the central channel the kundalini energy is said to erupt up through the Chakra to the crown center resulting in Samadhi or full Self Realization and bliss.(source)


Some schools of thought speak of Chakras beyond the Sushumna. There is also a concept called the "conduit of immortality" known as amrita–nadi and spoken of, for example, by the Enlightened sage Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. It is said to manifest at the time of Full Enlightenment creating a link between the ascending Sushumna and the subtle center of Hridaya, the spritual heart. See also Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

In so many words, Georg Feuerstein, author of The Shambala Encyclopedia of Yoga writes that Amrita means "nectar of immortality," referring to the nectar of immortality that trickles down from a secret center in the head and is wasted on ordinary people because its secret is not known to them. According to the Shiva-Samhita the nectar of immortality has two forms: one flows through the left conduit (Ida) and nourishes the body; the other flows along the central pathway (Sushumna), in that way the whole body is flooded, producing a superior body endowed with enormous strength and vigor and free from disease. Besides preventing aging and bestowing immortality, the powers of the Nine Main Siddhis as well as the eight additional ones unfold as well.

The ambrosia of the "Moon" has two "branches", from a subtle point of view: the first nourishes the body and keeps it alive, descending through the left side of the spine, resembling the River Ganges.

The other, shining as the purest milk, comes in through the right channel of the spine maintaining and refreshing the "Moon" placed on top of the Great Axe.

The "Sun" is situated in the inferior region of the spine. From this inner "Sun", placed in the area of the navel, springs a subtle channel, which leads the solar (Yang) energy up, through the force itself of these rays, in the right side of the body.

This channel on the right side is another form of the "Sun" and it goes through the entire body, uplifting the vital emanations and leading the soul to the Ultimate state of Freedom.


Most people, yoga adherents as well, think of the heart as being on the left side. When Mercedes De Acosta met with Sri Ramana at his ashram the Maharshi placed his right hand in the form of a fist on her right breast and said, "Here lies the Heart, the Dynamic, Spiritual Heart. It is called Hridaya and is located on the right side of the chest and is clearly visible to the inner eye of an adept on the Spiritual Path. Through meditation you can learn to find the Self in the cave of this Heart."

The main objective is to create an absolute balance of the interacting activities and processes of the physical body, mind and energy. When this balance is created, the impulses generated give a call of Awakening to the central force (Sushumna) which is responsible for the evolution of human consciousness. With any individual supression OR advancement of any one or all of the three, or anything else by herbs, absolute balance cannot be achieved.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Chapter IV, verse 1:

Verse 1: janma-osadhi-mantra-tapah-samadhi-jah siddayahsamadhi.

"The power of Siddhis can come because of previous Karma and genetics (janma), from herbs (Aushadhis), the use of Mantras, the kindling of the psychic fire (tapas), and/or from Samadhi."

Also translated from some sources as the following, reading the same:

"The attainments are not only the fruits of the Threefold Inner Discipline, but they are congenital in some, and in others they may follow the right and intelligent use of certain medicinal herbs (see) or of certain mantras or they may follow the kindling of the psychic fire."


Using the powers of the Vayu Gaman Siddhi a person can become capable of flying in the skies and traveling from one place to another in just a few seconds. Although there are several occasions of individuals flying reported in the Sutras of classical Buddhism and Zen, the Venerable Pindola Bharadvaja is probably the person most commonly cited.

Throughout Indian, Hindu and Buddhist history, mostly through the ability of the above Siddhi, Vayu Gaman Siddhi, has brought forth many examples of flight. As previously stated, Aushadhi, the use of herbs (drugs) can, in some cases, under the right direction and in the short term, bring about the same results as a person versed in Siddhis. A modern day example of Aushadhi producing major Siddhi-like results through the use of drugs can be found in the paragraphs below. A mysterious man of spells called an Obeah, high in the mountains of Jamaica, invites the partaker to drink a warm tea-like broth with the following results:

"That the Obeah seemed to like. Soon a cool breeze fell across my face even though it came from a direction from across the fire. The Obeahman took a vessel of water and tossed it onto the flames. A huge cloud of steam burst forth followed by a thick cloud of smoke. I jumped back and turned away, stumbling to the ground while covering my face and eyes. Then it got cold, very cold. The breeze began to blow harder and I could no longer feel the ground underneath me. It felt as though I was moving very fast, yet as far as I knew I was still on the ground by the fire. I moved my arm away from my face just barely squinting my eyes open. For an instant I was still in the billowing white smoke, then suddenly I broke through to clean, fresh air. The smoke was no longer smoke, but clouds high in the night sky. I wasn't on the ground, but hundreds of feet in the air, soaring through the night, arms along my side, wind in my face, stars over my head.
"With absolutely no effort I was able to swoop down the darkened mountain gullies and high into the air, eventually turning toward Bamboo Lodge where I lived. After crossing over the roof of my house just above the treetops I picked up speed and headed toward the lighted streets and tall buildings of New Kingston. Soon I was even higher in the air over Port Royal, Lime Cay, and the Caribbean. Then somehow the exhilaration began to fade. I turned back toward the mountains as a creeping apprehension seeped into my thoughts. Then nothing." (source)

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Re: About awake kundalini through Herbs -

Post by greeny » Mon Dec 22, 2008 2:50 am

Alright, you don't have to benefit anyone. But, do you think the plants can make the efforts for you? Would they hold your hands and then guide you towards the awakening?

What about an actual teacher? Can he help you, give you some benefit (how nice that would be of him), or can he only point you to the moon, and then you would have to find it on your own? I think it would be the same with the plants.

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Re: About awake kundalini through Herbs -

Post by tenacioustornado » Mon Dec 22, 2008 3:25 am

well I definitely wouldn't use datura to even try to get there/awaken. I've heard DMT stimulates the third eye maybe others.I think full kundalini awakening/activation and a full awakening are seperate although most that become fully awakened need to, or usually have their kundalini awakened anyway anybody know?

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Re: About awake kundalini through Herbs -

Post by bransondude » Mon Dec 22, 2008 5:32 pm

This sounds almost like the buddhist tantra's. The real stuff not the crap westerners turned it into. In a book by the current dalai lama tantra's purpose is accelerated progress toward enlightenment and preparation for succeeding in the bardo's. It's also only used in cases where there is a need for the accelerated progress. To paraphrase the dalai lama, a tantric guru can transform beer and sex into a spiritual practice but the same guru could transform piss and shit into a spiritual practice; so if you cannot use piss and shit don't expect to have the discipline to use sex and beer.

I know next to nothing about kundalini so I can't help much with that. But I would say it's a safe bet that the same principle applies. One could spend a lifetime getting the formula just right on their own. Would be interesting to travel to India and track down someone who already knows their stuff.

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Re: About awake kundalini through Herbs -

Post by jacky » Mon Dec 22, 2008 6:20 pm

I think its possible.

I think its possible that even people un aware of yoga and siddha powers might have amazing awakenings from consuming certian plant materials...

when I was 3 years old I performed a large, standing backflip in front of a large group of people camping in canada.
my mother says it appeared that some force threw me in the air, rather than I did it of my own will.

later in life I was to experience some seemingly paranormal events when I had ingested certian plant materials.

Tenzin Wangyal talks about meditations to produce a hole in the skull....in his book "Wonders of the Natural Mind"...he talks about darkness meditations, visions etc..
I have never confirmed this practise is possible...but I have an open mind that this person is relating a truth...

if such things are possible, it seems only likely that certian plant materials, taken in certian ways, might produce deep, or paranormal psychic effects.
I have certianly experienced what I think are paranormal powers attributed to plant chemical consumption and or dreams or meditations. I have experienced other forces within my body, that seemed to be a particular ego, an ego that I called forth through ritual, a certian author...the effect was very strange, communication seemed to happen, a one word answer to a question that I had to look the meaning of up in a dictionary, as I didnt know what this word meant.
other times I have recieved a symbolic vision that years later became apparant as a certian specific symbol that represents a gate keeper to the mayan underworld,...God N. when I happened to finally see the same symbol as in my vision, or what appeared to be the likely connection, it was some 15-16 years after the experience.

I am no conjuror, or practitioner of magic, but I do believe in the spirit world...mainly because of a few ghost experiences, and from hearing that my dead fathers freinds all saw his spirit visit them on the night he committed suicide back in the 70's. they were seperate by a few miles....and they all saw him roughly around the same time at night.
I have heard chanting and drumming as a young child in which only I, the lone child at a sleep over in the mountains, could hear.

these experiences were few and far between....normally for me, life sweeps forward in a mostly mundane fashion.

I cant help but think that certian plants are gateways of experience into a deeper reality....I was dosed unknowingly as a 15 year old straight edge punker in the 80's, on what was most likely a small dose of san pedro tea...either that, or LSD, though the san pedro explanation given to me back in the 80's, shortly after the "poisoning" seems to fit the experience more than LSD.
for the first time in my life that night, after I realized I must have injested something...my internal cosmos was experienced....it literally felt like I could fly around as a miniature spirit in my body, and experience infinity, in a finite form.
a few years of social anxiety, and depression that had me contemplating suicide was literally transformed in one night.
there was literally no fear, as I experienced glowing blue energys emenating from my hands, seeing maps of the southwest in my mind, and experiencing apparent prophetic hints that a town in the southwest USA would figure in some amazing event in my future.
I had flashbacks of the experience for weeks. mostly in school, in which I was finally taken aside and forced to talk about my apparent dosing....my pupils would get just as big as when I had been under the effects...to my teachers, I was visually inebriated....but the iniital extremely low dose event was weeks before!

none of this is controllable events for me...its just a minor part of the experience. usually plant experiences of me are run of the mill, even high doses of certian materials dont provide more insight.
if anything I think the plant medicines might be better handled in the lower doses.
to try and meet the medicine halfway.

its possible this is all in my head after all. that there is no physical paranormal thing going on here, no connection...but that option is smashed hopefully to a speck in the corner of my brain.
I went to a psychologist for awhile, mainly for my parents sake.
he was a freind of the family....it was a bit uncomfortable in that respect.
he knew my deceased father well, so he did give me some insight into that person....
but, anyway, in the end of his "study" of my case...he decided to label me operable schizophrenic....that my belief system was such that I was delusional...but that delusion was expressed mainly in religious or spiritual ways...maybe that is the case...but it still doesnt explain why other people around me had experienced some of my events.
my experience tells me that these plants are there for us in small and big ways,...in a certian upanishad it is said that the essence of plants is man...I like to think that is more than a metaphor....without plants at least, man would not exist.
I think this connection might play out all over the universe...
it certainly seems that something is there, going on with the plants and us....

perhaps all is illusion, but I think that there are some very complex and big illusions between modern man and his future fate, spiritually, physically, I think plants will be found to be worth more than all the minerals we could ever mine on any moon in any galaxy....

I can see why some people dont give a shit about plants. they werent blessed perhaps with a divine poisoning like I was, pulled into potential as fear gave way to amazement.
I just hope that if I live another type of life, as in reincarnation, that serendipity plays me another poisoning...or somewhere along the way, I am given more hints to help me find my way.

what I have read about kundalini awakening is that you might not want to experience this if you are planning on reincarnating. or take a boddhisattva vow, or similiar intent, to play it over again.
I have read a few accounts of the process. it sounds painful. chaotic. but worth the experience for those who are ready.

I think with the huge variable of human experience, that some of us are ripe for working with plants, and others are not.
I dont see plant medicine, or traveling plants as being something that is hedonistic...I dont see that a person who doesnt work with plants might be somehow "higher" along...
but I really dont know alot about the technical process of awakening as a planned process.
even one of the best known books on kundalini awakening is a story of a person that just starts to experience it as a side effect of his cultural practices.

I was given some minor hints about the amazing potential of certian psychoactive plants when I was a teenager.....but most of this "knowledge" was passed orally....and much of it was ...well....bullshit.
ha ha.....it took me years till I started stumbling into the amazing knowledge in books that had been around me, but undiscovered for the most part till the millenia.

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Re: About awake kundalini through Herbs -

Post by loveleaf » Tue Dec 23, 2008 11:11 am

To awaken kundalini without first achieving complete humility is the perfect formula to turn someone into a really annoying fool.

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Re: About awake kundalini through Herbs -

Post by repsahastu » Wed Jan 17, 2018 5:16 am

Gomorry wrote:Is it possible awake kundalini and obtain all siddhis (major and minors) using *link removed* in a short time?

I heard that is possible but a little dangereous.

have you tried it if yes let me know i am curious to know that. because the thread has almost 10 years ago and if you done this so let me know its affect and problems as well benefits,

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Re: About awake kundalini through Herbs

Post by kill_blind_elite » Tue Mar 19, 2019 7:19 pm

I don't mean to be the fear porn advocate, but I need to say it before anyone thinks of using alternative means to awaken Kundalini.
I have spent the last 12 years thinking that I had a disease that just eluded doctors, only to realize recently in the last few months are all symptoms of a more traumatic Kundalini awakening.
Kundalini should only be awakening got some can be so hard and traumatic that you can go psychotic, lose everything in your life, detrimental until it's over and is done waking you up. There are many people that have awakened third Kundalini that have been thrown in mental institutions, some have died.
Kundalini is no joke and yes it can awaken latent abilities, eventually make life blissful/peaceful but even to get to that point, it's dissolves the ego and to get to a state of ultimate lasting bliss means that there will be no you anymore to want or care to hold on to the bliss.
Kundalini can be different for everyone experiencing it. Some people have a Kundalini awakening that concludes within a few months and some years, very rarely does it last for upwards of 12-13 years like in my case.
Kundalini doesn't differentiate and say, ohh well he has to work today, it doesn't say well he wants to hold on to his health, it takes the best route for clearing away all of the trauma and baggage from previous situations in order to clear them out, (like in my case) it can be the most traumatic thing that you can ever go through. It's not all sparkles and powers although, those are part of the process.
The reason that everyone that has been through it states that you need a guru or teacher to prepare you is do that you don't ruin yourself psychologically or fuck your own life up.
For those like me where it just awakens because of trauma and illness, drugs (whatever), it can be even more tramatic and debilitating.
Imagine being so sick and fatigued that you cannot stand without shaking just from your own wieght, or always feeling like you have the flu or and off gor years, imagine what it would be like to feel pressure in your head that is so intense that you disassociate from your body and feel like your floating away, imagine hot and cold flashes that are so strong that it feels like you are plunged into and ice bath, or your skull is crackling like it's on fire, or feels like a jet is about to burst out of your skull, not to mention the tremors, the flashes of light inside your head, the psychedelic type hallucinations, (not always the fun ones) where you start hallucinating while you have court or a doctor's appointment, tge shooting pains, the numbness in limbs and the list of symptoms go on and on.
Kundalini can be a great thing if it's done right, but it's not easily controllable and for some almost impossible to manage.
The point is if you are thinking about awakening Kundalini, then you need either a guru, a teacher, a Kundalini instructor or a path or tradition that you can stick to in order to prepare your system for it.

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