Datura Threshold Effects

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Datura Threshold Effects -

Post by jse » Mon Feb 19, 2007 1:54 pm

Hey guys,

I have been interested in datura for a few years, i have read pretty much all trip reports from erowid and searched through the posts by burning_copal (he really seems to know his datura) so i have a a good grasp of how dangerous the tropane alkloids are. However after all i have read i still want to experiment with this plant. im wanting to know what you guys would recommend as a very very low dose that would just get near or at threshold effects and then mabey i will increase the dosage in the future, my body weight is 12stone

I welcome any information regarding dosage. TIA



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Re: Datura Threshold Effects -

Post by confusion » Mon Feb 19, 2007 2:11 pm

if you've read much about datura and such then you should know that alkaloid content varies greatly.
i guess the least dangerous way would be to smoke a very small ammount of the leaf or flower, and go from there.
extreme caution would be adviseable however

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Re: Datura Threshold Effects -

Post by Frank Blank » Mon Feb 19, 2007 3:43 pm

there was a pretty good thread on the subject recently......

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Re: Datura Threshold Effects -

Post by throat_gorge » Mon Feb 19, 2007 4:33 pm

I had, as a companion, a beautiful datura, but never used it, in spite of my experiments with henbane and belladonna. Always heard what confusion says-- you can dose yourself by smoking it a little bit at a time. Belladonna, smoked this way produced a pleasant drowsiness and vivid twighlight dreams (hallucinations,really). Most everybody I know who took belladonna repoted blackouts and unpleasant delerium.
I have a small amount of datura leaf, taken from a haunted graveyard where I had been encouraged to pray and meditate. Rarely partook of it,with no noticabe effect.
The plant itself has a STRONG presence!
p.s. my typing sucks as I am using an on screen keybard!

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Re: Datura Threshold Effects -

Post by Frank Blank » Mon Feb 19, 2007 4:38 pm

The plant itself has a STRONG presence!
yeah she really does have a thing going on....here in the east Stramonium grows in strange places...not a surprise.Image

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Re: Datura Threshold Effects -

Post by entheobotanist » Mon Feb 19, 2007 4:58 pm

"varies greatly"

sums it all up.

swims had 4 seeds give him less than one seed, and this was from the same pod.

u want minimum dose, smoke leaf.

u want unpredictable doses and unpredictable effects including delerium and amnesia and a poison remaining in your system for a good amount of time, ur on the right track with datura.:thumbs:

of course, datura is one of my beloved plant friends.

noone can stop you, so get a babysitter.

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Re: Datura Threshold Effects -

Post by Frank Blank » Mon Feb 19, 2007 5:11 pm

u want unpredictable doses and unpredictable effects including delerium and amnesia and a poison remaining in your system for a good amount of time, ur on the right track with datura
this is good advice

this plant does have an attraction, myself, after reading all the riot acts regarding it including what was described as having a "putrid" odor, found myself really attracted to its odor which of course is not putrid at all. Its used now more and more as a flowering plant by the "desperate housewife" set in suburbia, its very common. Pictured is an immature "thorn apple" from my garden last yearImage
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Re: Datura Threshold Effects -

Post by vmpeds99 » Mon Feb 19, 2007 5:23 pm

I went for threshold effects once. Almost 6 month later its still in my system and every now and then it tries to remind me of that. Its not worth it. This is a very special plant with very special uses.

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Re: Datura Threshold Effects -

Post by Tron » Mon Feb 19, 2007 5:30 pm

Yes, friend, I won't tell you anything about dose because I refuse to encourage any use of this plant. Once you have taken datura, you have opened your soul to the devil herself, and she will never leave you again. SWIM still recovers from his experience two and a half years later, and doesn't expect to ever be the same again, and this is after only one experience.

Some things are not meant to be seen, friend. Don't play with fire. The devil does exist, and I fail to understand why anyone would ever willingly let her in.

Now, of course, what I say may seem a bit exagerative, and not everyone views this plant so extremely, but how can you know what type of experience you will have? And I assure you, if you experience what SWIM did, you will soon understand that I do not exagerate a hair...

If you must take it, please take the time to have some physostigmine salicylate (brand name Antilrium) on hand. You can expect that you will be so far out of your mind that someone, somewhere, will find out how crazed you are and assume you must be in danger, and they will do something about this, which is why so many people take datura and wake up in a hospital bed, including more than one person I know. This Antilrium substance I mentioned acts as an antidote - if you find yourself in this type of bad situation and are coherent enough (not likely) to convince the person not to take you to a hospital, this substance is your next best call. It will not lessen the damage done to the body at all (organ damage is something you have accepted long before you decided to try this substance I assume, as it is more or less inevitable), but it will lessen the hallucinations to a small degree, hopefully maybe enough to keep you within control of yourself (but again, not likely). Again, I do not mean to say that everyone gets in this type of situation from datura - obviously, this type of thing is not garunteed to happen, nor does everyone have an experience as unpleasant or intense as I have described. However, I have seen eleven people ingest the substance in my time, and eight of them ended up in this type of situation, four of which woke up in a hospital bed, one of which ended up in an institution for the mentally unstable (euphamistically speaking) for a few months to come. They were all very calm, reasonable people, far from likely to take on any violent behavior, but during this time, you could not have controlled some of them from jumping in front of a car in an attempt to end their experience. As I said, eight of the eleven ended up in some type of situation that either he or those around him considered threatening. The other three people, with the exception of one, had very unpleasant experiences, but nothing too threatening like the others. It was only one person of the eleven who found the experience mildly pleasant, and even he admitted it was nowhere near worth it and wished he had never done it. SWIM's experience was one of the eight that was threatening, but not one of the four that ended up in a hospital, thankfully for SWIM. Another issue with ending up in a hospital is that doctors who have not dealt with datura poisoning (or henbane, mandrake, brugmansia, or belladonna poisoning) very many times before will often choose phenothiazine tranquilizers as an immediate remedy for the poisoning. Although this is normally a good idea, it is NOT with datura poisoning. It will only aggravate the poison in the body and make things much worse, psycologically and physically, and the damaging effects to the body are often much longer-acting due to the ingestion of this these tranquilizers for tropane poisoning. If you find yourself in a hospital, make sure you ask for physostigmine salicylate. If they refuse to give it to you, make them put their reason in writing (so maybe you can sue later, haha). Most importantly, you must refuse to be given any phenothiazine tranquilizers.

P.S. - expect not to be able to see correctly for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on dose and if you smoked it or ate/drank it, as your optic disc (blind spot) may take over a large portion of your vision for some time to come, which is not a healthy thing for your eyeball. The photoreceptor cells (also known as rods and cones) are the part of your eye that respond to light - they will be shot to shit. Also, expect minor to significant damage to your retina (in your eyeball) as well as the optic nerve (which I believe is what connects the eyeball to the brain - personally, that's not a connection I would want to play with), as well as plenty of other possible organ damage throughout the rest of the body (datura is a poison, don't forget). Datura will often cause heart damage, or damage to the heart tissue, or at best simply causes irregular heart palpatations, which is still a bad thing and weakens your heart. It is also capable of doing damage to liver, although there are many things to be worried about more than this. It can cause damage to the kidneys, like any other substance, and may encourage kidney failure later in life (mostly with regular use in this particular case, whereas all the other things I've mentioned can come from one-time use). Another fun thing you may be able to look foward to is shitting and pissing your pants involuntarily, although this isn't as likely as the other things I listed here. And of course, let us not forget about the good old possibility of death, given that you can never really know how much you are eating. This death is most often caused by circulatory failure or cardiovascualar colapse, or perhaps cardiac arrest from time to time as well, and sometimes respiratory depression that leads to respiratory arrest or respiratory failure. This indicates the damage it does to the respiratory system, circulatory system, and central nervous system. In other words, it poisons every part of your body and enables many different ways for you to die...

Sounds like fun....
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Re: Datura Threshold Effects -

Post by PsychonautiCat » Mon Feb 19, 2007 7:41 pm

Tron, thanks for the extensive information regarding the effects of this plant. Could you possibly site sources or provide us with your credentials?
I don't mean to be challenge the validity of your information or defend this plant, I would just like to know where you got the information.

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