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by Capsaicin
Fri Jan 27, 2012 6:44 pm
Forum: Politically Incorrect
Topic: Copy Right Question
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Copy Right Question

Okay so I might help this local tavern owner in promotion of his bar etc. Is it possible to use say the random google image of michael jackson to be placed on a flyer ( postcard ad,regular paper size ad, facebook) ? Basically I want to make a flyer/ad promoting 80's/new wave/retro night and use cert...
by Capsaicin
Sun Jan 08, 2012 12:04 am
Forum: Philosophy and Spirituality
Topic: Environmental Karma
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Environmental Karma

Not sure if the Hindu karma takes it into account. But this was something I was pondering over the last few days. Imagine if we're responsible for all the "bad" ( not living in harmony with nature- like indigenous people before any large permanent harm to mother earth) we do to the environment. Cert...
by Capsaicin
Mon Dec 26, 2011 11:00 am
Forum: Other Entheogens Discussion
Topic: Do You Like Yerba Mate?
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Re: Do You Like Yerba Mate?

^ milk with mate? -_- Unless we're talking coconut milk or almond.

I've only tried 2 types of yerba mate. One being from trader joes (guayaki)and the other has a roman cross.
by Capsaicin
Fri Dec 23, 2011 1:09 am
Forum: The eNet Social Forum
Topic: Qi Gong
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Re: Qi Gong

I practice Qi gong. I should be more adamant about it. The times I have used it consecutively , I've noticed a difference. Chi or life energy just makes so much sense to me, I'm not into most of the new wave bull shit who capitalize on it though.
by Capsaicin
Thu Dec 22, 2011 11:45 pm
Forum: Politically Incorrect
Topic: Liberal Obama Has Done a Good Job Knocking Off the Bad Guys
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Re: Liberal Obama Has Done a Good Job Knocking Off the Bad G

It is sad this 2 party political system here. The media does a good job to exclude all the other presidential candidates. I became pretty dismal last election when the media showed the results on the percentage of votes and they only showed republicans and democrats. They didn't even bother to say 3...
by Capsaicin
Tue Dec 20, 2011 8:30 pm
Forum: Philosophy and Spirituality
Topic: The Dream Thread
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Re: The Dream Thread

My dreams are usually intense and surreal. Most times I can't differentiate between reality and the dreamworld because some of the times "conscious" life things are in the dream. Wet dreams are pretty awesome but I've been avoiding those to save my essence. Just the other night I dreamt about one of...
by Capsaicin
Mon Dec 19, 2011 4:41 pm
Forum: Other Entheogens Discussion
Topic: Kava Kava Kava
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Re: Kava Kava Kava

zubsza wrote:I know I have left prepared kava (just cold water infusion) in the fridge for at least a week with no ill effects.

I like to use 1 oz per gal of cool water. I don't add anything else...
One oz of kava powder or root or shredded/crushed root? Which would be the best grade?
by Capsaicin
Sat Dec 17, 2011 12:14 pm
Forum: Philosophy and Spirituality
Topic: Pornography
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Re: Pornography

I once did a year easy without choking the chicken. After my previous relationship my lizard was accustomed to getting it on,so I gave it the occasional wag. But the last few months have been strictly old habit. I will like to go cold turkey until my next lover. 2 weeks so far woo hoo!
by Capsaicin
Fri Dec 16, 2011 4:46 pm
Forum: The eNet Social Forum
Topic: Dumpster Diving
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Re: Dumpster Diving

Not necessarily food, for example me and my friend have found a small cracked guitar,cd player which had to be played at an angle (came with speakers!) scrap metal and so fourth. The non bought food stuffs that are prepared nationally can feed the malnourished starving poor here 2x or even 3x over. ...