Sale Price $2.00 Amanita muscaria spores

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Sale Price $2.00 Amanita muscaria spores

Postby fmrc » Thu Jun 21, 2012 4:26 pm

FMRC has a large overstock of SOO81 Amanita muscaria (RED). We wish to share these with anyone who wishes to have them. These mushrooms are mycorrhizal meaning they only fruit with a host tree. This tree is usually a pine tree. They therefore cannot be fruited with any common home cultivating techniques. They are also very hard to germinate on agar for some reason. The best agar for best growth is Potato Dextrose Agar, PDA. The mycelium can be grown but without a tree, they cannot be fruited. The mycelium will not grow on grape juice as others have claimed. What they grow on grape juice is a species of Mucor and this is referred to as the Holy Fleece. The spores of this species are offered by FMRC to help people identify mushrooms that they find in the wild. As a general rule, it fruits across the USA just about the time of the first frost. Because the mycelium is connected to the small roots of the tree, they do not need rain in order to fruit. The host tree supplies all the moisture that is needed for fruiting. For those who might want to try and start these mushrooms in your local area, you need to have a good sized pine tree. Cut several small slivers off of the print sample, and place them in a vessel like a 2 liter bottle Coke comes in. Fill about 1/2 with water. Shake off and on for a total of 15 minutes shaking or until you think they are well dispersed. With a small trowel, dig around the tree and uncover its small roots. Sprinkle the spore/water in this area. Then, cover back up. To help get things started, keep this area well watered for 3 to 4 weeks. Do this procedure in about 5 spots around the tree. First mushrooms can take sometimes up to 5 years to appear. For anyone on this site who would like to have a print sample of this mushroom, plus or minus 10,000 spores (about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch of paper containing print), just drop $2.00 for postage and handling in an envelope and write that you would like to have the special offer on Amanita muscaria spores. Make sure you also write down the address you wish your spore sample sent to and where you saw this offer posted. Spores are sent in a small sealed plastic envelope in a regular sized business envelope. Only FMRC's return address is on the envelope and no other "Mushroom" terms or words are written on it. All request must be postmarked by August 1, 2012 as this is the date this offer expires.
Send your request to FMRC, POB 18105, Pensacola, FL 32523. Any requests from out side USA must enclosed $10.00 to cover Overseas Airmail and handling. Glad to be able to offer this to the great people who are here. Highest Regards, Stephen L. Peele, Curator FMRC
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Re: Sale Price $2.00 Amanita muscaria spores

Postby teeko » Tue Jun 26, 2012 10:13 am

Very cool. Thank you.

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Re: Sale Price $2.00 Amanita muscaria spores

Postby lesacasel » Sat Jun 08, 2013 1:04 pm

Please let me know if you still have Amanita Muscaria spores as I am interested in acquiring a couple of prints.
Thank you and best regards!
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Re: Sale Price $2.00 Amanita muscaria spores

Postby fmrc » Sun Jun 09, 2013 9:55 am

Yes, FMRC has said spore print samples. Their catalog number is SOO81. We also have other A. muscaria variations. To look over our entire spore bank, go to and click "Spore Bank" off of the Main Menu. There is currently no special sale and the list price for SOO81 is $10.00. Only send list price. We pay all shipping and handling. slp/fmrc
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