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Cosmic Debris Review -

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2007 5:31 pm
by DayLight
I got a sample of a smoke mix called "Cosmic Debris" in the mail the other day. "Little Smoke" also came and a report about that mix will be posted at a later date in the plant forum.

"Cosmic Debris" contains extracts of Amanita Muscaria v. Formosa, Amanita Muscaria v. Muscaria, and Amanita Pantheria. PM me if you need the source.

The material is brown, crushed leaf material. Damiana methinks. Slightly resinous, but not anything negative, not to resinous, just slightly. The material smelled like shisha, or hookah tobacco. The site says "a scent of cherry is added...", and that is all it is, a scent. None of the flavor makes it through to the smoke. Just tastes like damiana.

The effects are very mild. If this is one of the "one of the best amanita insences on the market", as the vendor claims, then the amanita incense market is a laughable market. I've never tried any others so I couldn't say.
There is a dreaminess, that is the most pronounced effect. Everything just feels, for some reason I cannot put my finger on, like a dream. It is relaxing, and produces a slight mood lift.

I achieved much stronger effects from smoking the same amount of dried cap material with gills removed. This "cosmic debris" is supposed to be an extract, yet it is less potent than plain mushroom material. I daresay even amanita stem is more potent than this mix.

My lack of effects is not due to personal body chemistry. As is probably obvious from what I said above, I've used the mushroom before with good effects.

So it's not as if the mix doesn't work, it certainly produces a decent, mild, dreamy buzz, but the main gripe I have is that plain mushroom material worked better for me. The average price for amanita caps is a dollar a gram. This is almost five. Maybe I got a weak batch or something, but my advice to anyone interested in this blend is to just buy plain mushroom material. Less expensive and works better.

Now "little smoke" is another story, i liked this blend alot. A review is on its way...

Re: Cosmic Debris Review -

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2007 7:01 pm
by dreamybunz
Thanks for sharing your experience with us! I have not had much luck smoking Amanitas in the past, so I'm wary of such blends.

Re: Cosmic Debris Review -

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2007 12:38 pm
by jackaroe
I had posted a review somewhere on the board. But something interesting happened to me that I can't put my finger on with Cosmic Debris. The initial effects were mild but laying in bed in the dark shortly after smoking it mixed with another herb produced a weird behind eyelid visuals and vivid dreams when I did sleep. I also left all my lights on downstairs and had the back door wide open the next morning which is very unusual for me. Then I found my left over in the bottom of my washing machine. All very unlike me.

I did order another 3 grams to have and will experiment further.

I know I should have ordered weeks ago but Zen2 has been a hit with family and friends. 6 grams was to be saved for NYE got all used up on Christmas Day. No one seems to have it now. Oh well, I'm glad it's popular.

Little Smoke is unique in that it produces a mild wanted effect for the low price. I like it.

Trance and Serenity I like too when mixed with other herbals. I like to have both of those around for mixing. Verve and Rush were ok too but nothing special. Verve being the better of the two.

EON I still have and liked it before bedtime. 7 grams is still lasting me.

Thansk for the review Daylight. Smoking blends seem to be the rave these days and the more the merrier. :)

Re: Cosmic Debris Review -

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2007 12:53 pm
by DayLight
I think I remember you talking about that. :)
And all those things sound like amanita effects no doubt. Some of the effects are a bit rare, like the patterning. I have heard of many people who become very absent minded under amanita.

And how would you compare the potency(not effects) of Trance, Serenity, Verve and Rush to Little Smoke?
And are those mixes the kind of mix trying to replicate the effects of a certain herb? Cause I'm not sure that would put a smile on my face.

Re: Cosmic Debris Review -

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2007 1:23 pm
by jackaroe
Well since you asked, we'll go a little OT on your own thread.

Trance, Serenity, Rush, and Verve seem mild as far as potency. None really resembling anything else I've had in the past as far as other popular herbals. Trance and Serenity I like to use for stretching other herbals and only at night. Just relaxing. Nothing major. Rush didn't do much at all so no potency IMO. Verve resembled Little Smoke but less effective. Little Smoke seemed slightly like Spice alike. None of the others do though. Never tried regular Zen1 but Zen2 is in it's own category and is the most potent as far as effects.

I hope Zen2 proves to be a safer alternative to other stimulants. But for now who knows.

Never had Phase 3.

I will try Cosmic Debris again. It may nothing more happens but I am astounded at the absent mindedness. I usually tripple check to see if I locked the house up and the next morning had me scratching my head.

Re: Cosmic Debris Review -

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2007 1:33 pm
by DayLight
Have you ever tried smoking plain cap material?
I would advise trying that or getting some as well as cosmic debris and comparing the effects.
I liked the effects of CD, and it is much nicer to smoke than amanita cap, it just seemed like the blend was supposed to be an extract, and it was less effective than raw what the fuck?

Re: Cosmic Debris Review -

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2007 1:42 pm
by jackaroe
I never tried just the dried cap material. This was my one and only Amanita ingestion to date after 30 years of reading. But now I will try the dried caps next. Sounds interesting.

Re: Cosmic Debris Review -

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2007 5:44 pm
by ethnophile7
I keep hearing that the best thing to do is find your own and dry them, many people seem to say the mushroom really doesn't seem to like being sold. But it seems they would be more prevalent in the northern hemisphere as I am yet to see 1 growing here in my life.

Cosmic Debris Review - totempole -

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2007 8:07 pm
by totempole
Like DayLight, I also received a package in the mail, with two plastic packets inside, nicely labeled "Cosmic Debris" (anyone remember the Frank Zappa album Apostrophe, with the song by the same name? "Now, who you tryin' to fool with your cosmic debris; don't you know you can make more money as a butcher, so don't you waste your time on me...")

This is just a preliminary report, as I just returned from the post office, got a ton of mail to sort through, and if I partake, it will be a little later.

Outer packaging
The package is pretty thoroughly wrapped in an outer US Post Office priority mail envelope, inside is an insulated secondary envelope. My bitch about the labeling is that I was a bit uncomfortable to see "TRIPLE-XTRACTS" on the FROM label. Our post master knows me very well, as do several, if not all of the postal clerks in my small rural post office. God only knows what they are thinking tonight, fortunately I don't have to explain.

Cosmic Debris
As soon as I opened the inner envelope, a fresh, not unpleasant scent of mushroom wafted out of the package. If you like mushrooms, as I love them, good. If you don't like mushroom...then what the hell are you doing reading this thread??? Kidding. No I'm not. Yeah, I am...maybe.

Opening the Cosmic Debris packet, I savored a mellow aroma of something like pipe tobacco. I'm not sure what the particular flavor is. DayLight said cherry, maybe. I was reminded of a photograph of Aleister Crowley in a turban, smoking his favorite pipe mixture, Perique soaked in rum. It wasn't that, but I will have to find myself a turban and play the part of the hooka-smoking caterpillar. Not a bad dream!

The texture is obviously fresh. DayLight said he thinks the substrate is damiana, but I will reserve judgment. I have some damiana, but I can't identify what this dark-colored herb is.

(to be continued...)

Little Smoke
This is the package that emitted the mushroom scent, I think. My palate is becoming confused at this point, I will confirm later. Suffice to say it has a more natural scent than the Cosmic Debris. Both smell good, and as I said before, if you enjoy the fragrance of mushroom, as I do, then Little Smoke is quite pleasant. Color is a shade lighter, more brownish than the Cosmic Debris, which is very dark brown. Little Smoke is earth tones, with chestnut highlights, as a former girlfriend might have said.

So, looks like I have some smoking to do. However, be patient, I'm not one of those guys who drops everything just to try the new entheogen that arrived in my mailbox. I'm very serious, ritualistic and methodical about such things. I'm also sensitive to smoking, as opposed to oral methods.

I have been hunting amanita muscaria with little, very little success for many years. With one large batch I picked about 10 years ago, I dried them, gave samples to several friends right here on (Chloroboy, and the guy from England who knew about chemistry, and E-DOT's founder, Scott...they knew me as "bearman" at the time).

I remember a very stimulated feeling, like drinking a six-pack of Coke.

On another occasion, another E-DOT member, whitewolf sent me some dried caps. Whitewolf was a serious benefactor who not only sent me the caps, but also sizable san pedro chunks, and samplings of syrian rue seeds. Which, by the way, I still have! I turned whitewolf's amanita caps (no need to swim, amanita is perfectly legal...I think) into tea, and drank. I had some strange fantasies about being under a jungle canopy in a tropical forest. Was it Africa? South America? It was like being under those camouflaged tents the military uses to hide their tanks and helicopters and whatnot in the jungles. Very subtle, though. If I stirred, the fantasy dissolved.

But, that was then, and this is now 8-)

(to be continued)

Little Smoke & Cosmic Debris - A review -

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2007 10:44 am
by totempole
Apologies in advance for the tedious narrative that is about to follow. In a nutshell, I smoked a mixture, but I didn't notice any change.

Little Smoke
At about 9:30pm I decided to forgo an evening of web browsing and make a fair attempt at sampling Little Smoke. I took out my small nickel pipe, which has not been heated by the flame in several years.

I poured some of the dark brown powder onto a white piece of paper. I noticed fragments of mushroom caps, by their tell-tale gills. Just a pinch went into the bowl--I wanted no more than I could consume in its entirety in a single hit.

So, I lit some candles for effect, and drew deeply of the smoke. The first hit seemed slightly harsh, but I admit that it's been a while since I've smoked anything. The second hit wasn't too bad, and I tasted a hint of the flavoring, which I can't quite put my finger on.

Lying back, waiting for something to happen in utter tranquil composure. I have no idea of what it is I'm waiting for. I've had so many true psychedelic experiences in my life that it is unlikely I might be fooled into a placebo effect.

And so it goes that at 10:30pm I write this, feeling and perceiving nothing out of the ordinary.

Deciding a fair product review demanded the full cooperation of its participants, I loaded the bowl half-full at 10:37. I took two vigorous tokes, with the lights on.

If an entheogenic experience is of the mellow, subliminal variety, I am OK with that, if that is the intended nature of the potion at hand. And so might it be with the entheogenic character of Little Smoke. Certainly no salvia or DMT-like entities to report. I don't think it is doing anything, in all honesty.

One important bit of information as to how I acquired my sample: it was given to me as a kind of promotional campaign. I have no reason to believe the persons who manufactured Little Smoke and Cosmic Debris don't have anything but the sincerest faith in their product. It's not like I was an unsuspecting buyer. This was an offer made to a few early birds, so that they might report back to this very group on the effects, presumed to be positive ones, of these mixtures. Should they work, and be fairly reported as working, it could only mean testimonials leading to sales. Either way, I didn't buy this, so I'm not heartbroken about results. Unless it kills me, of course.

11:03 - Once more.

Cosmic Debris
11:10 - Packed half a bowl of Cosmic Debris. Full bodied flavor, only the subtlest hint of the aromatic ingredient. As a smoking mixture for ceremonial purposes, this stuff appeals to me. I mean, I could see enjoying it for purposes other than that one I was interested in at this time. It leaves a pleasing aroma.

11:30pm - One last deep hit of Cosmic Debris, closing window, put out candles, watch movie until 1:00am. Good night.

Morning after. Dreams no more unusual or vivid than I usually dream. Every night is dream night for this hooka-smoking caterpillar.

I have enough of the blends to try again at a later date, maybe by then I will learn something more about these products.

On the positive side, none of this made me sick, nauseous, no headache, no hangover, no negative physical or mental effects noted. Just a pleasant smoking mixture.