Laughing insanely...!

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Laughing insanely...!

Post by unsigned_char72 » Sun Oct 09, 2016 7:43 am

This morning SWIM was alone so he decided to do Salvia again, after a very long time she hasn't called him.

So he turned on his vape and put some crushed plain leaves into it. Then a big draw... very slooow... trying to hold it as long as possible ... but no ... reflex to cough is too much ... damn ... *cough* .... no matter, it should be ok anyway.

Then Salvia started to kick in. With his mind, Swim was teleported to a unknown but familiar place, somewhere in his childhood, and then he heard voices of people rotating around his head, the classic Salvia vortex. Swim was now asking himself why the people he was hearing were not from the past also (as to match with the landscape) but they were instead today's relatives, friends and co-workers. "Strange", he thought. And "hey I don't want any fuc**ng co-worker or stranger in my Salvia trip!".

Next, an intuition came into Swim's mind: the difference between "relatives" and "strangers" is that "you can't touch them", specifically "you can't push them by the shoulder if you wanted to".... and while pondering over this bizarre tought, Swim's body started to LAUGH!

It was one of the most insane laughing Swims ever made: disconnected... it was like there was someone else laughing from inside... like if he was possessed. Then Swim wide opened his mouth--it was like the laughters came from inside the stomach and exiting from the mouth like a turbine wind blow.

Then laughing intensity increased more and more, without showing any sign of ending. Swim thought he was destined to laugh forever! Nooo! The laugh was mechanical but refreshing at the same time, but not as refreshing as when you hear a joke or a comedy show. It was more physical. And it didn't stop....! Hey help me! when will this cease?! Shiiit!

At a certain point, laughing was so loud that neighbours had noticed Swim ... so he tried to force himself to stop, otherwise it could raise suspects on his "activity". So he closed his mouth trying to laugh silently and by the time Salvia was off, laughing finally stopped. Or almost. Thinking to "...the difference is that strangers can't be touched..." caused some impulse to laugh to come back, so he decided he would better of thinking something else.

Then the experience was over. Completely fu***ng insane!

Swim has experienced intense laughter on his early attempts (now dating back ten years ago!), and I wonder if laughing has to do with prolonged periods of Salvia off. I mean, are laughters the way Salvia gets accustomed with you?

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Re: Laughing insanely...!

Post by Metanoian » Fri Oct 14, 2016 12:47 pm

I noticed that the giggles and full blown laughter happened after a long break from Salvia as well. A lot of people laugh insanely when they first try it. For me it's the same sort of laughing that can happen with too much Cannabis :D Strange thoughts almost surprise you with their absurdity/hilarity and you can't help but bow to the urge to laugh until tears start running down your face hahaha :D

I have had several moments like that with Salvia over the years, where it's one sentence or even one word that carries this strange significance (or like an inside joke you would share with a friend)
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