The Nothing

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The Nothing

Postby Hyperion » Tue May 31, 2016 7:15 am

Many salvianauts have experienced something I will refer to as 'the nothing'. I'll give you some examples:

"Within the rent was a pitch blackness like I have never seen in my life."

"The space behind them was blacker than any tone of black could relate to. Staring into the nothingness would make me lose sense of myself, so I frantically stared at the remaining objects."

"Then suddenly, everything broke apart. It was as though my mind could not handle what was going on in reality, and the cycle tore apart violently (pretend everything in your field of vision is a polaroid picture, and try and imagine it ripping off section by section over and over again.) Underneath this was the complete and utter blackness I have ever seen."

"I don't know how else to describe it. It looked EXACTLY like a zipper being undone. The two sections of reality that were previously joined by the zipper began to spread apart. An infinite blackness was the only thing left between the sheets of reality."

Now this is interesting because of Master Li Hongzhi said in Zhuan Falun Volume 2. Check this out:

"Matter on an extremely microcosmic plane—in a state that is ultra-miniscule—constitutes an original matter that is in fact not alive. It is a form of original matter that can’t be conceived of using a normal human being’s way of thinking. This original matter is terrifying, for any object that fell into it would be dissolved and disintegrated. The original matter, strictly speaking, cannot be called matter. The universe has a special property, called Zhen Shan Ren (True, Good, Endure). Why is it that the minute particles of objects all contain Zhen Shan Ren?

As it turns out, Zhen Shan Ren is in fact able to assemble and hold together the most original matter—that most original entity that can’t quite be called matter—and thus assembles and holds together the most original thing, forming the tiniest type of primitive matter. After forming that, various kinds of extremely tiny particles of matter are assembled based on that, and these tiny particles are in turn regrouped to form the soil, stone, metal, light, and time found in different dimensions—the basic materials of the universe. These further give rise to and produce larger forms of matter, resulting in myriad objects. So, when all things and objects are created from this special property of the universe, they naturally have in them the restraining quality of the Fa (Law) of the universe. Thus, all matter has Buddha nature—that is, Zhen Shan Ren, the element that constitutes the universe. And this is Buddha Fa, also known as the Dao."

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Re: The Nothing

Postby Raa » Wed Jun 29, 2016 3:58 am

OK. The Abyss.

I'd argue but what's the point... Jesus... Jesus !??

And Ganesha.


Now it's getting exciting...
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Re: The Nothing

Postby Hyperion » Sun Jul 03, 2016 12:14 am

Raa I recommend reading this book, it has deep insights into these matters:
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Re: The Nothing

Postby peoploid » Mon Nov 14, 2016 5:21 pm

I saw the thread title and thought I would comment.
I've been interested in Mahayana (Madhyamika) Buddhism for a long time. I have a copy of Streng's "Emptiness" in my living room. Western philosophy reached the rational endpoint of existence/non existence and stopped. Maybe guys like Derrida were able to go forward. Mahayana Buddhism blew through the dualism of existence/non existence over a thousand years ago.

When you get right down to it (according to Madhyamika thought), 'The Nothing' is just a human generated concept like 'The Something'. Ultimately, neither The Nothing nor The Something really exists. Now that's all well and good if you are enlightened. Unfortunately, I'm not enlightened. I can't get beyond the limitations of duality, no matter how hard I try.

So I guess I'm at a dead end road, like all the early Western philosophers (pre Heidegger). I will probably die never having realized nirvana. Nirvana doesn't exist either, according to the Madhyamika guys. It's all frustrating. :roll:

Even the Buddha supposedly refused to discuss metaphysics because he thought it was irrelevant. To him, all viewpoints, all words, all sentences were to only be used conventionally. Ultimate truth was beyond all metaphysical elaborations.
But what do I know?
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Re: The Nothing

Postby Hyperion » Tue Nov 15, 2016 10:58 am

I agree Peoploid, we humans know very little about what is Truly going on in this vastly mysterious universe but I feel we can find glimmers of Truth from various places (Salvia being one of them) to put a few scant pieces of this puzzle together. The topic of nothingness is interesting especially in light of Buddhism (Zen Buddhism specifically). They believe that nothingness is the ultimate thing but Master Li Hongzhi has this to say about the matter:

There is also two interesting Lecture excerpts where he goes on to say this:

Excerpt 1:

“What is "nothingness"? I mentioned before that people thought "emptiness" meant that nothing exists. And some people have said that "nothingness" meant not having anything exist. If nothingness truly meant that nothing was there at all, then what is nothingness itself? And if "emptiness" meant everything was gone, then what would emptiness itself be? If nothing really were existent, then even the concept of a name would not be there. In other words, the cultivation of a Great Way without form is really a formless kind of form.

You know, historically, whether it was Shakyamuni, Laozi, Jesus, or the many other Enlightened Ones or saints who taught their Fa or Dao in pre-history, they invariably took one of two approaches. One was to leave the secular world and cultivate, and the other was to take the form that Christianity and Catholicism use. For this reason, and drawing from past experiences, people have formed narrow understandings of divine beings and formed a sort of culture.

That's why as soon as you mention things like a being elevating, rising, cultivating, and so on, the world's people think about the formats that religion has used in the past and present. But these religions' formats are not the only ones in the cosmos, and they can't represent the various Law’s that boundless numbers of divine beings each validated, or the formats that each of them used to accomplish that. The number of gods at even each tiny level is so large that it's innumerable, so how could those two formats represent everything? They definitely can't. Then, exactly how many formats for cultivation are there?

There are eighty-four thousand cultivation disciplines in the Buddhist System and thirty-six hundred cultivation disciplines in the Daoist System. In fact, that was said from the vantage point of a very small level, that is the understanding at a certain level, and it was taught only to the extent that human beings could comprehend. You know, there are Buddhas beyond Buddhas, there are Heavens beyond Heavens, and there are Gods beyond Gods. So how big is the cosmos? It is just boundlessly and endlessly immense.”

Excerpt 2:

“Daoists talk about Nothingness. If you go by Daoist theory, they believe that Non-Being (Wuji) generates the Supreme Ultimate (Taiji), the Supreme Ultimate generates the Two Polarities (Liangyi), the Two Polarities generate the Four Phases (Sixiang), and the Four Phases generate the Eight Trigrams (Bagua). They think that when it gets to Non-Being that’s the highest, that it’s in the state of Chaos (Hundun), and that in the state of Chaos nothing exists.

But Daoists with a higher understanding said that [at a certain point] even Chaos doesn’t exist, that it’s empty, that that is the highest, and that there’s nothing. Think about it, these words seem to have reached the end, right? But they haven’t. And why not? How can you speak of it when there’s nothing? So how about we call it “there’s nothing,” call it “Emptiness,” or call it Nothingness”? (People laugh) Isn’t that the idea?

So, when there’s nothing, if you trace further into the microcosm, into the infinite microcosm, you’ll see that something is there again. But those beings’ forms of existence are quite different from the existence of the elements of the matter in the cosmic bodies down below, and their truths are different, too, and it’s as if they’re totally different from each other. But there’s something there again.

Despite that, at a certain point there will be nothing again, and at a certain point, as you trace further you’ll discover that there’s something there again and that that’s even more microcosmic. So you can’t understand it if you use human language to describe or understand it. When it gets to a certain, larger range, the differences are even greater, and it’s even more of a different matter altogether. So what do you call that state? That really can’t be described by human language.”
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Re: The Nothing

Postby Hombre Pacífico » Fri Nov 18, 2016 2:38 pm

It takes a certain type of person to be able to endure the punishingly frightening and sometimes painful, both physically and cerebrally, painful, painful effects that salvia tends to dish out when one takes a breakthrough level dose. More people experience the nightmare unfortunately or so it seems.

As the old adage goes, DMT is kindly but salvia likes to torture minds more often than not even if insights into reality amd beyond are gained through such excrutiating mental trips. To soar in heaven or fall in hell, you need a pinch of psychedelic....preferably DMT over salvia hahahh,


Edit: I think I spoke ill of a lack of an edit feature in one of my recent posts elsewhere on this wonderful forum. I just discovered hovering over a post with my finger on the phone revealed the feature, how very intuitive!
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Re: The Nothing

Postby Hombre Pacífico » Fri Nov 18, 2016 2:41 pm

Lol. I wonder if its legality and ease of use makes salvia appealing.

My advice is go with DMT.

Salvia is a horrific nightmare IMO.
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Re: The Nothing

Postby cowfodder » Fri Nov 25, 2016 2:14 am

I disagree hombre (flappy). Sally has been rather kind to me. Terrifying at first, but always helpful in the end, and I'm never left scared. Sally and dimitri together....... Let's just say that those two combined is the fastest way I've found to defrag the ol' noodle.
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