The Salvia Gravity Phenomenon

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Re: The Salvia Gravity Phenomenon

Postby Metanoian » Sat Jan 02, 2016 12:04 am

Even if these experiences are hallucinations, does that make them any less 'real'? If you want to trivialize the experience so that it fits nice and neatly into your view of reality so that you can shrug it off as "all in my head" then I think you're missing the point. You can absolutely learn and grow from psychedelic experiences if you don't become too much of a reductionist and simply evaluate it for the experience it is. Personally, I've learned a lot about my psychological make-up, habits, fears, wants, needs, compulsions, aversions, etc. Belief in the experience isn't necessary as long as there is some meaning. It could be all an illusion, but who is to say that our everyday consensus reality is any less illusory than the realms Salvia brings us to? We put much credence in it, we can measure it, we attach our agreements to it. But does that make it real? What is real? :) I would say that we place the label of 'real' onto things that have some meaning to us.

That's true, it's not exclusively a cultigen but viable seeds are quite rare. I'm glad to see more people attempting to produce viable seeds and doing the research into the genetics of the plant so that we might gain more knowledge about it. More viable seeds which we can propagate means more genetic diversity, which is overall a good thing :)

As for the gravity/pulling sensation I've felt it in all directions. I don't know if the direction of the pull indicates any differences in the experience itself. I have noticed that the direction of the pull can be dependent on the position my body is in after ingesting. If I sit upright in a chair for example, I always feel pulled backward.
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Re: The Salvia Gravity Phenomenon

Postby Flapjack » Wed Jan 13, 2016 2:26 pm

I think both worlds have their place. I would put more believability in the waking world than the dream world. I've had a few strange experiences inside of my head that I can't explain as just a hallucination, although they could've been an elaborate hallucination. Saying that life itself and 'consensus reality' is a giant hallucination I don't think is justifiable. It's just a far out idea. I agree that there can be meaning in dreams and hallucinations.
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Re: The Salvia Gravity Phenomenon

Postby AkashicRecord » Fri Mar 04, 2016 8:39 pm

Salvia seems to frequently catapult partakers into a particular metaphysical "region" that actually has a "name" of sorts (although it isn't in English, nor is it a language that humans speak):


It seems that this wheel is being spun by a hand. Though the wheel fills the whole Aire, yet the hand is much bigger than the wheel. And though this vision is so great and splendid, yet there is no seriousness with it, or solemnity. It seems that the hand is spinning the wheel merely for pleasure, it would be better to say amusement.


Now I see the figures on the wheel, which have been interpreted as the sworded Sphinx, Hermanubis and Typhon. And that is wrong. The rim of the wheel is a vivid emerald snake; in the centre of the wheel is a scarlet heart; and, impossible to explain as it is, the scarlet of the heart and the green of the snake are yet more vivid than the blinding white brilliance of the wheel.

One user on this very forum translated a good picture of the area to canvas and made a thread about it years ago.
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