EXCELLENT detailed Salvia report, please read!

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EXCELLENT detailed Salvia report, please read!

Postby FrenchMachine » Mon Sep 14, 2015 7:12 pm

This is by far one of the best & most detailed experience reports I've read in a while. Please do take the time to read it all. Very interesting and if you are in the know about the true Salvinorin A experience then lots of the themes in this guy's report should be familiar to you. They are certainly familiar to me in more ways than one! ;)


"These 'pages' were being flipped by an enormous wheel, which was the source of the noise I heard earlier. I could feel this wheel pressing up against me threatening to destroy me to replace the current 'me' with the 'me' from the next moment. Naturally I was horrified, and for some reason filled with Deja Vu, I knew I’ve been here before (which was weird, because this was the first time I ‘really’ smoked salvia). I cannot stress how powerful and massive this wheel seemed. It was the source of reality as we knew it, it is responsible for creating the universe around us. And it was touching me."

I've been saying it for years...this stuff is something else, man...something else.
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Re: EXCELLENT detailed Salvia report, please read!

Postby Metanoian » Mon Sep 14, 2015 11:03 pm

Hey FrenchMachine, just the guy I was thinking about recently :D I can't PM you on here for some reason but I wanted to ask you some questions. Email me or something, will ya?

metanoian at outlook dot com

That was a fantastic trip report, btw. Thanks for sharing.
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Re: EXCELLENT detailed Salvia report, please read!

Postby unsigned_char72 » Wed Sep 16, 2015 12:24 pm

Amazing trip report, it leaves me speechless.

Oh, the Salvia wheel, the Salvia people (or gnomes how I call them), and even Salvia herself!

What really scares me out, is that we basically have the same experience, the difference is only how far one has gone.
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