Salvia Lego Family

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Salvia Lego Family

Postby Hyperion » Wed Apr 29, 2015 2:55 am

I have found an interesting trip report. In this trip the person talks about meeting his family in another dimension/universe:

"Suddenly I found myself in a vastly different place than where Sally had just placed me. It had appeared to me that I was now a part of a different family than my 3D biological one. This family consisted of myself, a mother and a father. However, this was not some sort of past life remembrance, as the scenario which just took place before I ended up at this place. This was as if I was seeing who I really was in true reality. This family, which I was a part of, was from another galaxy altogether (whether it was in this dimension/universe or one parallel to it was not clear).

Every one of us looked kind of inorganic in nature. What I mean by this is that we all looked plastic to a certain extent. We looked more plastic than we did biological...more inorganic than organic. The colours were very pronounced, such as a blue was an extremely vibrant sort of blue, red was an extremely vivid red, and so on. My parents in this different reality explained that it was my actual life and family and that me, along with several others, have been given a mission to go to the planet earth, mix in between the humans and take up a human body wherein our consciousness would be, helping the humans in some way because they desperately needed it (I don't remember the details of this revelation).

There were several of us coming to earth and I had to reassure one of them who felt quite sad about leaving her home and family in this other galaxy/universe. Anyway, back to my parents over there. They exclaimed that it is my choice and I had chosen to do this. When I asked if I can tell others about this, my father was unsure in his answer, which was a 'yes'. I also asked quizzingly, if they were my real parents and that was my true life, what about the vision from my previous salvia trip when I thought it was a past life experience from the late 18th century (it appeared that I was about to duel somebody based on our differences in opinion about something in the articles of confederation if I remember correctly)?

The one who was supposedly my father asked "Don't you remember that you were an outside observer in that vision?" Indeed, as I recalled it, it did seem like I was an outside observer to the whole event. He them proceeded to tell me that it was not a past life memory of myself, but a look into a small part of history from a unique 3rd person perspective. I believe he was hinting that I was able to see this event that occurred over 200 years ago by accessing the what Ervin Laszlo calls the Akashic Field (A-Field for short).

My feelings of these lego people being more real and genuinely connected with me than my true parents (whom I have no bad terms with, ruling out the possibility of psychological dissociation of my parents based on whatever negative experiences would trigger such a subconscious concoction within my mind during this Salvia trip) indicates that thre is something worth looking into and so I wonder if anyone else may have anything they can share on these beings that we seem to be able to communicate with in the salvia space.

Perhaps after tackling this we can look into how Salvia unveils the 'mechanics' of Reality with the gears theme."

Now where it gets really interesting is what Master Li Hongzhi has said in some of his Buddha Law lectures. I have found some of these lecture excerpts to be strikingly similar in what this guy had encountered, check this out:

1) "Humans are all attached to ordinary people’s affection for family. But do you know how many times you have reincarnated amongst everyday people? How many parents, brothers, wives, children, and husbands have you had? While reincarnating amongst everyday people, you have in every life missed your family members like this. Can you think of all of them all the time? Which one is your true family member? Your true family is only in the place where your life was created; they are waiting for you to return, but you instead are lost here and attached to these temporary things."

2) “There are two ways for life to be created. One is to be produced through the motion of various substances at various levels in the cosmos. These lives are thus relatively primitive, but this form has continued to the present day. The motion of the cosmos can still produce lives and is still producing lives—that is why some people’s lives are not that long and some people’s histories are very short. Another form is to be born from those high level beings that appeared very early at various levels. I think these beings are quite fortunate, as they have mothers. Those beings born of nature are envious of those who have mothers, as they don’t have mothers.”

Now this is the one that struck me, poignant parts in bold:

"...What I have described is the historical process of the greater cosmos prior to the end, the process of the countless planes of lives within it, which resembles the metabolic process in the sense that it is a continual process of replacement. But, if the ultimate cosmos—that is, this entity as a whole—if it is doomed, to be dissolved, if it is done for as part of the process of formation, stasis, degeneration, destruction, then think about it: If each of the planes of lives contained in it could no longer reincarnate, their history would cease to exist, they would have no life, no nothing.

For the gods, however great their stature may be, that is something utterly terrifying! That is truly something terrifying to the extreme—it would be utter extinction! So many glorious things are in the cosmos as a result of the greater cosmos’s historical process! Look at how things are, even on this tiny little planet of humans. Then, consider all of the countless planets in the cosmos, comprised of particles of different sizes, that have boundless, measureless sentient beings on them—even gods can’t figure out how many lives are there or what glories have been created there! Each person is like a chronicle of history.

Each and every person is like a long, lively historical tale. It’s rather amazing to look at all the things that an individual has gone through over his many lifetimes. So, with the cosmos being so massive and its sentient beings numbering so vast, for all of this to be destroyed would be such a shame. Of course, be this cosmic law as it may, compassion is a trait of righteous gods. That is not to say that simply wishing to do some good counts as compassion. When someone is seized by a whim and acts on it, that doesn’t count as compassion. Rather, in that case it stems from the person’s likings. Or put more bluntly, it’s out of attachment. True compassion doesn’t have any selfishness mixed in, and one will, when dealing with anyone, or sentient beings in general, look at things with righteous thoughts and loving kindness.

It was thus that many gods, many kings of different planes of extraordinarily great heights in the cosmos, upon seeing the end of the universe, wanted to save the cosmos’s sentient beings. And how would they save them? Renewal via Fa-rectification must begin from the lowest plane of the cosmos and rectify from bottom to top. A great many representative lives in this cosmos were made to incarnate as human beings. But beings capable of playing a representative role are by no means average beings. They are definitely kings of different universes, who represent their worlds, universes, or cosmic bodies. But the universe that such a being represents belongs to a system.

A cosmic body has a circulation to it, which goes from its lower universes to its higher ones, with its system corresponding to the systems of those of even higher planes, with kings still greater than them residing above. And then above the systems at even higher planes there are still greater systems and kings. But no matter the height, they all belong to the same system. But he who is at the highest point might not come here. Then what’s to be done? A rather suitable representative, who will represent the countless sentient beings in that enormous system of theirs, is dispatched and incarnates as a human being.

As I’m describing this to you, you might be thinking, “Well, from what I see, there is nothing great about the people in this world. You see people of every form and description, with some even being slovenly. Some people in the countryside live really tough lives, while some city folk are quite snobbish and behave distastefully, and there are plenty of young folks who try to look ‘cool.’” That’s just the way of human society. Not everyone can work at some major corporation, or be a boss, so some people have to fill those other roles. Only a small number of people can become artists or stars.

It’s the same with everything else. Having different social classes is a form that human society takes, but these are not the ranks of those beings. So, no being is simple, despite their outward appearance. You might discover that a garbage collector, if you look back [at his previous lives], was formerly a massive god in the cosmos who, under the illusion here, and in the course of his reincarnations, has become completely lost—lost to the point that he remembers nothing. [The illusion] is such that many beings, in the course of reincarnating, are resentful about their lots in life, and know nothing about the mission that brought them here.

And that is but one illustration. The people in this world today, including most of those in the different social classes, don’t know what they came to this world for, and busy themselves striving to make a career. This is especially true for those who’ve had a taste of success. They are so pleased with themselves, forgetting who they are. And when they think that they’re really good at some things, they get completely carried away; and if they feel that their lives are not so great, they are filled with anger and resentment towards the world. But that is not what your being needs, in fact. You mustn’t get so caught up in such things. What is important, instead, is to recover your true self. In this time period, amidst the larger course of history, what takes place in one’s life has causal reasons behind it.

Strictly speaking, what manifests in your life today is the karmic returns of whatever wrongs or good things you did in your previous lives. As I just indicated, this is how the cosmos works. That’s the case, no matter what stratum of society you are in and no matter what your occupation may be—good is rewarded with good returns, and evil with bad returns. This law is present throughout the Three Realms, at whatever level it may be. So, having arrived at the final phase, at this time, man’s thinking—particularly when it is a human society at the final phase of the cosmos’s formation, stasis, degeneration, destruction cycle—has become more complicated. Thus, at this time it is Dafa disciples who are needed to awaken the world’s people and save them in this complex environment.”

I have found many more such comparison's about the different things people encounter under Salvia and what Buddha Master Li Hongzhi has spoken about and will be sharing them soon.
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Re: Salvia Lego Family

Postby Josarujung » Thu Jul 23, 2015 12:26 am

You have to charge for their content, however.
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Re: Salvia Lego Family

Postby AkashicRecord » Fri Jul 24, 2015 10:08 am


This trip report has a LOT of similarities to things I've picked up and experienced over the years, even to the mention of "Kings," and so on.

I've been debating sharing my findings after these last few years, as the content starts to leave the realms of salvia and "psychedelics," and into things quite different...

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Re: Salvia Lego Family

Postby Hyperion » Wed Sep 16, 2015 8:24 pm

I'd like to hear about your experiences and findings if you'd like to share them Akashic, they sound interesting. I still have quite a few things I'm going to share in connection with what Saliva is trying to show us.
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