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Donna Anna report--better than you think!

Posted: Sat Apr 04, 2015 7:06 pm
by Coz the Shroom
knowing that it principally grows in the neighboring counrty, and knowing SWIM may have seen some in my own forest,SWIM ordered some Corypantha Macromeris ton study for identification purposes. SWIM confirmed sighting some not long afterwards, but was very reluctant to experiment with it due to reports of prolonged, intense nausea, and not too much psycho-activity. So it was during an episode where SWIM made a flight into the mountains in despair, wanting to find some solace in the forest that SWIM finally found some solace. SWIM ran into some while scaling a sheer mountain face and took it as a sign that the time was right. Having no knife or tools with SWIM, SWIM ate only a small amount, mostly from the center, which is not commonly understood to contain the highest concentration of alkaloids in most hallucinogenic cacti. The total amount consumed was one and a half teaspoons of pulp, at the most!

First surprise-- it didn't taste bad at all. Even when SWIM nibbled closer to the skin, the taste was not bitter, but more like metalic/medicinal, similar to morning glory seeds. Second surprise, SWIM felt it coming on within minutes, and assumed SWIM was imagining things. Third surprise-- and fortunatelty, SWIM had not eaten more than a grilled cheese sandwich all day, there was no nausea throughout the trip. Trip built in strength over a period of hours and gradually declined over more hours, but owing to SWIM's circumstances, was not too well observed.
Early effects: slight loss of coordination, good euphoria, body high, sensation of being able to run long distances without tiring and see in the dark
later effects: increased loss of coordination, best body high/euphoria SWIM ever felt from any psychedelic yet tried! introspection, lack of social filtering in conversation, tracers, incredibly vivid vision, stars seemed to move like tadpoles, clouds "breathed" body sensations continued after causation of said sensations ceased, colorful CEVs, that got more vivid.
Overall, an extremely powerful experience from a miniscule amount of material! marcromerine is assayed to be 1/5th as potent as mescaline so I'm guessing other alkaloids, or possibly an endophytic MAOI caused this strong effect. Also probably why the "effective dose" is said to be up to 12 cactus lobes, and causes illness-- there may be a connection with those two things!

Re: Donna Anna report--better than you think!

Posted: Sat Apr 04, 2015 7:10 pm
by Coz the Shroom
Also extremely weird thoughts and emotions