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relationship issues -

Post by galactic cactus » Sun Jan 30, 2011 6:55 pm

Not sure where to start with this... I guess from the beginning.
A few months ago I received a salvia cutting via a trade on (check it out). She was a little tattered from the ride over to my place but She was alive. She was potted And did fine near the window until the temperature dropped, her leaves soon followed. I brought her to my so i could watch her better. She drooped and looked sick so I put her in a space bag with wet perlite for humidity. I thought that might be what she was after. The bag deflated and bent her stem over into an arc that's remained as such to this day. She has only put on 2 new leaf sets since I got her...

So the other day I bought some tuns for her, thinking she'd prefer them over a bag with little to no air circulation. She's been in there for two days now and looks no better or worse. The tubs are set uneven to allow air exchange. For the past week And a half I've had the light directly over her as I thought that might change things. It is a full spectrum cfl I got at Walgreens. Now placed on the top tub it seems like Its got full coverage on her but it looks like its coming through the clouds ie indirect light. It changed nothing so I suppose Its not a bad thing.

The point of all This? I don't know What she needs! She has barely grown in over two months. Her hunch remains And I'd like to correct it. And today I noticed a little pest critter on the underside of a few leaves. They were tiny cloudy grey little things. I saw one but assume there's more. Along with that was small brown things on the leaf. I wonder if they're pieces of soil from watering to high and it splashing upwards... regardless, I washed the leaves with warm soapy water a little bit ago.

I also noticed roots at the base, wondering if that's from excess water and should I cover them? And the last thing I saw, roots coming out of the pots drainage hole! Is this the sign that she wants to be transplanted? Is this why she's so dismal and refuses to grow? Or is It a culmination of all these things I just made you read? Please help us. We need to be able to have a healthy relationship. And I don't know why pictures are sideways sorry.
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Re: relationship issues -

Post by Jupe » Sun Jan 30, 2011 9:25 pm

go to salviasource for cultivation tips....(its just more active than here)

avoid soap, it just desicates the leaves, use oils and water sprays for pests, if possible ...sounds like you have both aphids (cloudy grey/green) and perhaps mites, little specks on bottom, leaving yellow dotted spots on leaves....

avoid hot lights, or putting them too close. 12 hrs is adequate..

avoid tubs, and bags, unless you live in the desert

roots out out the bottom is a good sign.

sink pot in water until no more bubbles as your soil make have dry spots, where roots pull out water, ,

Young plants should be treated like a cool weather fern, 50-70f older plants can handle more heat and stress


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