This plant is my lifeblood, and I've hurt it so much

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Re: This plant is my lifeblood, and I've hurt it so much -

Post by Jupe » Fri Oct 15, 2010 11:40 pm

Daylength influences root formation, so timers should be set to 12 or above. I've had the best luck with cuttings by removing 75% of the leaves, 2 or 3 nodes in dirt or water, 2-5 nodes above the them outside, in a coolish bright area...(semi shaded) water once, then walk away, water depending on the weather (fog for weeks, then bone dry weather, so its a as needed protocol)..... .... temps are reasonable forgiving tho....I've done hundreds this way....Even leafless stems can root, as green stem photosynthesizes....too many leaves wilting and unwilted stresses plant.....(take all advice anyone gives you, mine included, with the caveat, that WHATEVER works for many dang variables... my advice could kill your plants too...)

Tents tend to limit airflow, and keep humidity so high, plant never needs to root, (IMHO). check out Salvia Source's growers forums,thats all they grow over there.
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Re: This plant is my lifeblood, and I've hurt it so much -

Post by Slinking_Ferret » Mon Nov 08, 2010 1:41 pm

No pictures but a large change. Because of some changing conditions with those who would take away my plant and lock me up, I have given the mother and the cutting away to my mother. She has it growing communally in a room with some other plants of hers and the mother seems to enjoy it a lot.

The transfer process hurt the cutting though, I had accidently knocked it over and loosened the already shallow plant from the soil.

All is not lost for the cutting, My mother has these weird fertlizer releasing silicone balls that you place in the water, it provides support for the cutting and theoretically could support it for months, though it will be planted once the roots that are still intact grow stronger. The cutting hasn't shown growth since the accident, but it looks happy, the drooping it got afterwards completely reversed, and I think it will be ok.

On another note I now have 2 cuttings, I had come to the house to check on the mother and one of the branches had fallen over. All the leaves were wilted and several of the top nodes were wilted, I stripped all the leaves and cut the wilted section off until I had just a green stick an placed it into a contained or Brita filtered water with some of those silicone balls and hopefully it will make roots and leaves soon, It's about 4-5 nodes tall and has a cut at both ends for obvious reasons.

I need to spray the mother will the light foliar spray again, some of the new growth is looking like a very lightgreen, I wonder if it has to do with compensation from the loss of one of the major branches, so I'll help it soon.

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