Salvia flowers 2011

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Re: Salvia flowers 2011

Post by Jupe » Sun Jan 29, 2012 8:42 pm

Hi Salvainauts...(I've been reading all the otherthreads here too at the new edot....., just only have time to post in this

no seeds for me this year, flowers got a weird blight....I had about 30 flower stalks, i did a little bit of hand pollinating.....not sure what happened,,,,as the blight killed them....
.........maximum seeds i ever got was 30, minimum was maybe 3...or zero....

. The Jupiter strain is strong and appears identical to Bunnell (known incorrectly as Hoffman Wasson although I think H and W is a cooler name). I received a small cutting, from Siebert, as he has more experience starting strains it now flowers and grows like others. Many of the seeded strains are weak and hard to keep going. I lost 2 strains of Seamacs (san diego guy), the plants just fought each other for light, as SD24 said. My entire patch, about 20ft long by 2-4 ft wide, falls over at the end of the year. I cut it back to knee to waste high, and then put compost and ferts on the stems. Any young plant I leave alone, and they are next years flowering stalks. I cant spend as much time as I used to, pretty much just letting the plants do their thing. I've been trying to get the Lunas to be more predominate, they seem like the "indicas" of the strain...thicker, darker, flowers are richer and have more colorfull......they wont set any seeds least not for me. Just kinda letting them spread, and TRYING to whittle down the more aggressive other plants.

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