please help a noob out!

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please help a noob out! -

Post by epicseeds » Tue Sep 06, 2011 3:26 am

i just recently acquired a rooted 8in bridgessi. here she is!

this is my first ever cactus and know complete jack about how to take proper care of it. with that said, i know extensively in the horticulture of mmj so with that said i may have some supplies already (nutrients, HPS, soil etc).

i got her 2 days ago and immediately watered and then put her about 15 feet away from a highly hung 1000w HPS. Just today I have noticed some discoloration and I suspect it may be either from too intense of light or too much water. It also was pretty damaged from shipping.

So I moved her much further away but getting residual light from the 1000w HPS.

My main concerns are lighting times. Will i be forcing her into flower if it only gets 12 hours of light per day?

Can I eventually get her to be accustomed to the full force of the 1000w bulb? How much faster would she grow compared to getting residual window light?

Also what's up with the wierd tip on the top?

And does cacti root like fungi such as Mycorrhiza?

All google searches I have done just lead me to general information. Anyone know good sources of info - specifically on bridgessi? I read this species likes water more than others, but how much water?
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Re: please help a noob out! -

Post by BeHereNow » Tue Sep 06, 2011 4:42 pm

google it man, there are so many websites on cactus care. The HPS will be most excellent. Slowly bring it closer and closer to the light so it can adapt. if it turns red, you know it is getting burned, so move it back. Discoloration is very normal. Don't water it until the soil is completely dry. Try a small amount of nutes every other watering. Good luck!

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Re: please help a noob out! -

Post by Kadakuda » Sun Sep 11, 2011 7:13 pm

like he said, strong light slowly. it jsut came from a dark box im guessing, so strong light will sunburn it. unlike MJ these things adjust slower.

over the course of around 1 month get it closer to under the light. also watering: once it is completely dry you can water again. these cacti are more tough than some others, but the wait til dry rule is a good safe gaurd against rot for people unsure of cactus care.

teh weird tip ontp is form dmaged tip below. so it grew funny. it will continue to grow normal and purdy from now on if the tip is kept undamaged.

you can fertilize about 1/4 strength of your MJ every month or 2 in active growing season.

nice tres in the back :) but remember, too much TLC is the biggest cactus killer. dont got water/fert happy like your "tree" instincts tell you to ;)

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Re: please help a noob out! -

Post by Captu4ik » Tue Sep 13, 2011 3:10 pm

Kadakuda wrote:you can fertilize about 1/4 strength of your MJ every month or 2 in active growing season.

If you use MJ nutes, watch the pH. PH less than 7 can be counter-productive to cacti. JME -- Capt. Ed.
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